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Quick Note Regarding Keyboard Only Controls

Before getting it the update proper we wanted to upfront and say we are removing keyboard only support for the time being. This has no impact on keyboard and mouse controls or controller support. This is being done as we currently in the process implementing the long demanded feature of Controls Remapping.

What’s New?

New Zones

After beating the final boss of the Coastal zones a new portal will activate in the boss room of the Tenebrous Glade. This portal will lead to our new mountain themed zones. Where new bosses, dangerous enemies, and more powerful weapons await.

New Bosses
  • The Frothing Lasher now resides in the Mangral Backwater as the alternate boss.
  • Mountain Track bosses include:Wintry Dredge, Shifting Bulwark, Revolving Overseer, Icebound Keeper, Freezing Ridgeback, Wasteland Dynamo.
Armor Bonuses
Since we introduced different armor sets/pieces that players could equip, many people seemed a little disappointed that they had no effect on gameplay. With this patch we are changing that. Now when equipping 2 pieces from the same armor set you will receive a stat bonus, equip 4 from the same set for another bonus!
Related: The player’s default armor when starting a new game is now the Commoner set. The Commoner set does not have an armor bonus. The Basic set is now obtained via drops from Armor Chests.

  • New music has been added to the Coastal zones and their boss fights.
  • Complete overhaul of UI sound effects.
  • New dash sound effect.
NPC Overhaul

We’ve been starting to give the townsfolk of Recluse some more attention by implementing new dialogue and animations.
  • Shopkeeper’s and several other NPC’s (Charley, Harris, Grady, Marson) now have new dialogue that will update as you progress through the game. Currently the plan is for these transitions is to occur each time you complete a dungeon track and unlock the next segment of the game. If you have completed the first couple of dungeons these conversations will have already progressed.
  • Many new npc’s have now been placed around town, their position in town and what they have to say will change each time you return to town.
  • All NPC’s have updated animations as well as talking animations.
  • Tutorial dialogue has been updated.
Wandering NPC’s

NPC’s will now appear in the dungeons in need of aid, received a reward by fulling their request! (Cores, Health, Shields, or Stat boosts)

New Building, The Lore Shop

The previously closed Lore Shop is now open! Meet a new NPC and learn more about the world. We are currently planning on adding more to this shop in the future.

  • Frank (the innkeeper) has new art (and a name now).
  • Additional particles when enemies are under a status effect (stuned, burning, slowed)
New Starting Trinket
  • Players will now receive the Guard Seal upon completing the tutorial.
  • Guard Seal - Proof of your cooperation with the Recluse guard. Traders will offer better prices in the dungeon.
  • The Pet Rock has been relocated, see if you can find it! :)
Bonus Loot

In the past players have seemed a bit underwhelmed with the rewards from Loot Chests, we want players to receive more cool gear, faster. Loot chests now have the chance at providing more than 1 item.
  • Dye Chests: Chance to receive 1 or 2 Armor Dyes.
  • Enchantment Chests: Chance to receive 1 or 2 Weapon Enchantments.
  • Armor Chests: Chance to receive 1 to 3 pieces of Armor.
  • Weapon Chests: Provides 1 weapon.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you could be pushed out of Walker’s (in the forest) conversation box, causing a soft lock.
  • Shrine and Merchant dialogue can now be skipped through like other NPC dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug causing Mortar Constructs to move without playing their walk animation.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to walk through walls while exiting the Inn and Dye Shop.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to walk through the patch notes board
  • Health and Shield sacrifice shrines now display how much health or how many shields they require
  • Boss name cards are now a standard size.
  • Lore for armor has been added to the armor equip UI.
  • Bonuses provided from armors are now displayed in the pause menu.
  • Icons have replaced text for displaying the amount of loot chests you have in the pause menu.
  • Location title cards are now displayed when enlarging the map.
  • Fast travel prompt has been added while in town.
As always thank you guys for your support and feedback! If you have any questions, concerns, or bugs to report, hop on the forums and tell us what’s up. Also, if you’ve been enjoying the game please consider giving us a positive review, they really help us!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Watch our Twitter today to 2:00 PM EST to see this week's trivia qustions go live, and with them, 3 more chances to win Rogues Like Us for free!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
The trivia questions for this week are now going live! Follow both our Twitter and ProjectMQ's, retweet, and answer the question for a chance to win Rogues Like Us for free!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Hey Everybody!

We hope you all had wonderful holidays! We're all settling back in and continuing work on our next big update (lot's of cool stuff coming but we'll talk about that more at its release)!

In lieu of Weapon Wednesday for today and the next few weeks we've partnered with the folks over at ProjectMQ to get the word out about Rogues and give out free copies of the game. So this is how it works, every Wednesday this month (and the first week of February) we will start tweeting 5 questions at 1:45 PM EST, each question will be tweeted 15 mins apart, so 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, etc. For a chance to win you must answer the question correctly, retweet the tweet, and follow both our Twitter and ProjectMQ's. This a great chance to pick up Rogues if you've had it wish listed for a while! If you already Rogues you're welcome to participate too! I don't think anyone's going to complain if the Season of Giving leaks a little into January ;)

As always, thank you all for all support, suggestions, and bug reports. If you've been really enjoying the game please consider writing a positive review of Rogues, they really help us out! Best of luck with the contest, we'll see you all over on Twitter!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Sometimes you just have to improvise...
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS

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