Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Time for another weapon!

Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
We're Heading to GDEX! + Weekly Weapon

Hey Everybody!

We're happy to announce that we will once again be heading to GDEX! GDEX is gaming convention that takes place in Columbus, Ohio on Sep. 30th - Oct 1st. If you're gonna be in the area be sure to stop by and say hi! For more info you can check out their official site here. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

So onto this week's weapon, it's an untraditional one to say the least!

Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Hey Everybody, today we got a patch that reimplements some of the missing audio along with improvements to the game's overall audio mixing!

Audio Bug Fixes

  • New audio mixing system in place
  • Fixed missing sounds on the following bosses: Borer ,Assembler, Combustor,
  • Machine (currently out of rotation), Fractured Guardian
  • Teleport sound will no longer play the second time when player enters the Abandoned Farmlands
  • All turret sounds will now play properly
  • Missing Abandoned Farmland ambience is now fixed

As always If you have any questions or have found any bugs, give us a head’s up on the forums! Also our weapon of the week and its lore will go up tomorrow along with a special announcement...
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
An oldie but a goodie for this week's Weapon Wednesday!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Content Update 3.9

Hey Everybody! We have a pretty big update for you all, so let’s get right into it!

What’s New?

Overcharged - New Enemy Modifier: Overcharged enemies move faster, and shoot faster projectiles. Overcharged enemies have electricity surrounding them

New Enemy: Stout walker golems that follow the player and do a spin attack when close

Enhanced Enemy tier update: The bombs enhanced enemies (the blue enemies) drop or shoot have been replaced with spike balls that can harm you on contact. Spike balls linger for a while before shrinking away.

Currency and Merchants: Enemies now drop currency (Cores) that can be spent at merchant rooms in dungeons.
Health merchant
Shield merchant
Cartographer, pay to reveal the map.
Tonic merchant, provides a random stat boost

New Weapons: 27 new weapons have been added

Improved weapon comparison and stats screens.
Stats are now more accurately represented and easier to understand at a glance. Player buffs can be viewed along with your current weapon’s stats in the pause menu

Weapon Viewer: You can now view all weapons up close by activating the rug at the entrance to the storeroom in the weapon building

New Armor: 2 new armor sets have been added, as well as a misc. Hat

Interacting with a few items in town can change the player character’s skin color

  • Increased base player movement speed
  • Increased base player damage
  • Increased base enemy movement speed
  • Increased base enemy bullet speed
  • Reduced chances of armor spawning from boss chests
  • Removed health/armor crates from weapon rooms
  • Only 1 health/armor crate will appear in hallways per dungeon
  • Improved dungeon generation, dungeons should have less long hallways and should be tighter overall
  • Weapons have been separated into ranks (D, C, B, A, S)
  • Weapon rebalancing
  • Roller Bomb enemies now damage other enemies when exploding
  • Health and Armor exchange shrines have been reduced to 3 uses per shrine
  • Updated weapon storage room
  • New building interior location to equip armor, works similar to the existing dyes building
  • Visual tweaks to the dyes building interior
  • Updated weapon icons seen when a new weapon is unlocked
  • Updated armor icons seen when equipping armor
  • Updates to the layout and design of some Hub buildings
  • Additional portal particle effects
  • Updated various equip stations tutorial text

We’ve recently been overhauling the systems behind how our audio works, in the future this will make audio work easier to do. But for now we have also lost some effects that we’ll need to reimplement in the future. This may also introduce some general audio quirks to the game. However we didn’t want a few small hiccups to delay what we think is a pretty substantial update that improves the game dramatically.
  • Improved weapon swing sounds and timing
  • Slimes now make a gooey sound when hit

Bug Fixes
  • Roller enemies no longer leave an invisible hitbox where they died
  • Some UI tweaks and fixes

If you’ve been enjoying the game please consider writing a positive review over on our store page, they really help us out. If you haven't been enjoying the game or think something in it could be better, tell us over on the forums, we’re always interested in what people have to say about the current state of the game and how it could be improved!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS

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