Feb 15
Racket: Nx - Mynd

Hey everyone!
Dave, from One Hamsa.

It's been a while since we've updated the build, so we thought we should reassure everyone that we have definitely not forgotten RNX!

We've been watching responses to Racket with pride and eagerness - everywhere it's mentioned it's been getting tons of much love.
We really want to finish implementing the things we've been working on, and launch the game officially!

It is taking some time, though :)

We need to split our attention between finishing Racket, working projects that bring us more business, and nurturing future business opportunities.
See, our partners and us aim at making more games. Lots more games. Bigger and better games. For VR, and then for AR.
And we need to work on all fronts to secure our way towards that.

Next time we talk, I'll have a date for you :)
Nov 22, 2017
Racket: Nx - Mynd
Hey guys!

Version 2.1.3 is live.

- 2 new (easy) sets (sets 1 and set 3)
- Support for MP with Viveport players (launch soon, mainly in asia)
- Support for Windows MR headsets
- Optimizations and minor bug fixes

Aug 7, 2017
Racket: Nx - Bisher
Hey all,

We just updated the game a bit, here's the shortlist of changes:

  • Multiplayer matchmaking and friend invite bugs fixed
  • Game stuck syncing in start room bug fixed
  • Entanglement counter fixed
  • Voice comm loss bug fixed
  • Added 'stream cams' feature (activated through settings) this feature enable auto-directed action cameras to be displayed on your monitor. This is aimed at streamers who want a cooler view of the game but is also useful for your friends while they're watching you play
  • Undersampling was added because stream cams can affect performance

Also, in a few hours we'll be updating our free demo, to reflect all of EA2 changes.

Do let us know if you run into any issues

The RNX Team
Jul 28, 2017
Racket: Nx - Mynd

We are happy, tired and proud to announce Racket: Nx, Early Access 2!

EA2 is a huge update; we've basically taken the game up a notch on every front:
    - A new Arena with dynamic topology makes the game more fluent and pinbally.
  • Competitive Multiplayer is now ranked!
  • We've added an original soundtrack with outstanding electronic music from the likes of Mr. Bill and Electrypnose.
  • Players now have career stats and ratings.
  • Tons of visual and auditory changes.
  • Tons of gameplay improvements.
  • Tons of tons!
We feel that the game is finally showing its mature form. Despite all the fatigue we've accumulated recently, we're already psyched about where it's going and are eager to continue developing more content, more features, and really let it shine.

A special shout out to all our beta testers and discord residents. You guys keep us motivated, and as always, you've been a tremendous help!

We hope you enjoy the new update!

Racket: Nx - Mynd

After a lot of work and recent beta testing, we're super happy to announce Early Access 2 will be released on July 27!

This huge update will be available here on Steam and on Oculus home.
Some of the new features include:
  • Open League - competitive multiplayer rating and ranking systems.
  • Music!
  • The New arena, featuring kickers, pulsating targets, and curved walls.
  • Player profile and rating.
  • Oculus SDK integration and cross platform support for multiplayer.
  • A tutorial, for the new guys.
  • A vast visual overhaul.
  • A new announcer.
  • More nice stuff.

On this note, I'd like to thank all our Beta testers on Discord. You guys were super helpful, honest and dedicated. Much love to you all!

See you on the 27th!
Racket: Nx - Mynd

Hey guys and gals.

We've been working long and hard on the next big update to RNX, and today we uploaded the beta version of Early Access 2 for you to try out!
We'd love to get your feedback.

If you're interested, please join our Discord server, and come to the Beta chat.

Link to our Discord server:

Racket: Nx - Mynd

Hey there, boys and girls!

The Free Weekend is about to come to a close, and I wanted to take the chance to tell you a bit about what's coming for RNX.

For over a month and half we've been working hard on our next big release, Early Access 2: Open League.
For those who don't already know us, we don't like releasing stuff before it's properly done and polished. Since EA2 touches on almost every aspect of the game, we can't really release it in bits and pieces without betraying our own standards. So it'll all come out when it's done :)

In the meantime, I'm glad to tell you about some of the major features you can expect from EA2:
  • Ranked Multiplayer - competitive multiplayer games will be ranked, players will be rated and fun will be had!

  • MUSIC! - we've collected some of the finest electronic musicians to produce music in 6 channels for RNX. Expect glitch, trance, IDM, DnB, and more.

  • Upgraded Arena - our arena is going through some deep renovations as we speak. More on that down the road.

  • New Content - we're gonna have more stuff to do, additional tricks to learn and new tactics to develop.
Thank you all for your patience, suggestions and feedback! I know we haven't made big updates in a few weeks, but it's going to pay back in dividends.

- Dave
Racket: Nx - Mynd

We're stoked to officially announce Racket:Nx OCULUS SUPPORT!
We welcome our Oculusian brothers and sisters with a FREE WEEKEND for all users!

From Thursday May 25th at 10am until Sunday May 28th at 1pm (Pacific) users can compete against each other at no cost — and for those who want to keep playing, Racket:Nx is 15% off until Monday!

FOR MATCHMAKING, make sure to join the official Racket:Nx Discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/mQsrRUr

On top of this, we've added some bonuses:

- A new Solo set - "Diagonals".
- Rotation counter to help unwind cables.
- A bunch of extra tweaks

See you in space!
Racket: Nx - Valve
Play Racket: Nx on the HTC Vive for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Racket: Nx at 15% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Racket: Nx. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Apr 12, 2017
Racket: Nx - Bisher
Hey all,

As previously announced we just updated the demo version. It now plays the same as the full game except it includes only the standard Arcade mode which is also limited for 4 minutes of playtime per attempt. Of course it doesn't include any of the solo and multiplayer modes.

We also released 1.5.4 patch release (for the full game) which addresses some scoring issues we've had with both single player and multiplayer modes. As always if you run into issues please let us know here in the forums or at our official discord channel.

Stay tuned for further updates on EA 2.0!

One Hamsa Team


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