Build 'n Bump - roppychop
  • Updated menu colors and graphics.
  • Added a "hats" folder in the install directory. Copy images to this folder, and they will appear in the game as hats!
Build 'n Bump - roppychop
I'm happy to announce that Build 'n Bump is finally running on Linux! Please note that it has only been tested on Ubuntu 16 and only supports 64-bit. Certain features like the Steam Overlay are also not working, but I will continue to look into it. Thank you for your patience; I know this was a long time coming.
Community Announcements - roppychop
Build 'n Bump now includes Steam trading cards! There are six cards in all with seven emoticons and three profile backgrounds.

Thank you for your patience while I put these together. I appreciate everyone's interest in making Build 'n Bump a better experience!
Community Announcements - roppychop
Super Markup Man improves on the Build 'n Bump engine by combining 2D platforming with code learning. Check it out on Steam Greenlight!
Apr 13, 2016
Community Announcements - roppychop
  • Fixed support for non-analog controllers
  • Improved button recognition in menus
Build 'n Bump - roppychop
  • Improved startup time
  • Added more helpful error messages
  • Fixed bug with online joining/leaving
Sep 19, 2015
Community Announcements - roppychop
  • Smoothed out vertical jumping animation
  • Improved window to bounce again after touching the ground
  • Added "spacebar to jump" if only one player is on the keyboard
Community Announcements - roppychop
  • Upgraded game engine to improve performance and compatibility
  • Fixed bug with online sound effects
  • Fixed bug with online controller input
  • Added mousewheel support for changing block type

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