Aug 9, 2015
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

After releasing Cursed Sight, I spotted a couple of folks talking about how this game drops cards at a surprisingly high rate. This means players can abuse the system by getting a bunch of cards, then refunding before hitting the two hour mark.

To be honest, I made this choice out of ignorance and not from the kindness of my heart! Before I started publishing games onto Steam, I knew nothing about this cards system, so I am still learning as I go.

Okay, so I thought maybe this will hurt my sales. In my position, one failed project (in terms of finances) can put me into serious trouble. With a nervous mind, I clicked on that stats button. Turned out less than 1% of you have refunded Cursed Sight. Really, thank you so much everyone. I feel bad for ever having doubts.

Just now, I have read through all of your reviews and took notes along the way. I hope to act on those comments and get better with every new project. Thank you everyone. I really do appreciate your taking the time to write those reviews.

Despite my greatest effort, a few typos still managed to slip through. Thank you to those who pointed them out to me. I have fixed them in the source code, but every patch release contains its risks, so I will try and release the update this weekend. That way, even if disaster strikes, at least I should be available to repair it (I work a 9 to 6 day job). I hope this will not deter new players from chiming in! There really are only around four issues spotted so far.

Maybe there is some small amount of expectations for me now. That does make me nervous, truth be told. My next project is far more light hearted than Cursed Sight, and it also features tourism elements as well as a story. The game will be announced soon, so I hope to have your support again when that time comes.

If you wish to stay up to date, please consider leaving a like on my Facebook page. This is where I post all of the official announcements:

I also wanted to mention that I will be hosting a booth at Animaga over in Melbourne this September. If you are going, please be sure to say hi!

Thank you again everyone! For real ːsasaː.
Aug 3, 2015
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for checking out this game ːsasaː.

Six months of working in private, then another six after announcing this project online. Cursed Sight is out now everyone. Whatever comes my way, I will accept without regret. Thank you so much for your support during development, and cheers for the times ahead, good or bad.

A Monday night release is scary, since I must tend to my day job until the weekend. I will do my best to check posts regularly, though. Any issues you want to raise, please feel free to do so. I will look into it as soon as possible. The community has always been so helpful with helping each other out as well. We got a great group going on here.

All right, thank you folks! I hope to catch you in East Taria ːmiyonː.

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