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You dream of a summer release. You aim your fingers at the keyboard and code. You fail to deliver a summer release.

You know, that's what has happened to me.
Like mentioned in earlier posts I dreamed of a summer release, and a proper long holiday afterwards. But...we're behind the schedule with several planned goals and just can't make it.
Deadlines and summer - I should have known they don't go together.

So, hopes to come up with a new patch is thus postponed after the summer.
I'll be entering summer vacation shortly, for the whole august.
This means I'll be more absent in regards to game related forums and e-mail activity.
Coding is to be continued in the autumn then, but some additional content is still to be expected sooner...

Steam Trading cards

Yeeees, the trading cards. That's what we will be releasing before I leave the development chambers. It's actually the trading cards (with emoticons, badges and all that extra) which have postponed my general working schedule more than expected. Ambitions can take time, you know, but we already love the outcome ever so much. So at least for Steam players there will be something new in UnReal World to browse during the summer.
A proper, loud and clear announcement of Trading Card release will be posted when the time is at hand.
You can still prepare yourselves, foreign and domestic card traders -- it's going to be beautiful!

Greetings from horseback

You aim your bow at a target from the horseback and shoot. You are doing horseback archery.

You know, and speaking of dreaming, that has also happened to me.

For as long as I've been doing primitive and traditional archer I've dreamed of one day going for horseback archery. Until this summer it's been horseback riding and archery separately, but this very year I've picked up and entered this form of archery and horsemanship I've always craved for. This is going to be a dedicated horseback archery year for me, and whether I'm on a vacation or not, we just might see the next video greetings consisting of horseback archery footage.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with these few still shots. First from the horseback, then by the tranquil summer lakes around my neighborhood.

Best wishes. We'll catch up with everything in the autumn. But I'm sure at some point I'll be tempted to post a few holiday greetings as well.
UnReal World - Enormous Elk
Summer it is, and we've been steadily trucking towards yet another version.
Once it's wrapped up it's gonna be summer holidays for me, and new features in UnReal World for you. Summer it is, despite of the current weather in Finland including little snow and sleet every now and then, chilly days and almost frosty nights. But the weather engine still isn't bugged ;)

What's cooking then -- and when the soup is ready?

I wouldn't want to speak of schedules but I put my hope in July. We'll have some fresh stuff out then...at the latest...I suppose. And this summer we don't release only yeat another new version of the game, but also our first Steam feature... ta-daa... Trading Cards!

UnReal World Trading Cards

Trading Cards for UnReal World are coming this summer. Yet again we like to do things with deep thought, love, ambition and talent and that's why the card artwork is drawn by Finnish comic artist Tuuli Hypén. (Some of you may remember her classic "conflict in the woods" drawing based on the old title screen.)
We've cherished and talked about the card themes and plots during the spring, the creation is in progress, and below you can find a sneak preview collage consisting of drafts, sketches and semi-finished artwork.

Trading Cards are likely to be launched even before the actual next version is finished. We'll start with six cards, and most likely expand the pack in the future. Prepare yourselves, foreign and domestic card traders!

Upcoming game content features

Then, a few words and screenies about the upcoming new game content -- to be expected this summer. Like always, we're adding new freatures on many different fronts but let's highlight some of the probably most widely interesting here:

* Bones and antlers

Antlers and bones can be now harvested from carcassess.
They have only little usage on their own but do serve as trophies and new raw materials to be utilized via modding if you like.

* Skulls and teeth

Skulls can be now harvested from a few species of dead animals whose skulls (or teeth) have meaningful ritual or magical usage. Skulls can be furthermore applied to pick teeth from them. Bear teeth for example are well-known for their magical powers.

Screenshot: By the sacred bear memorial rite tree Panu takes a look at the sturdy bones after hanging the bear skull in place.

* New spells, more spells, spells screen overhaul

We're giving up the old ritual system for good, and now focusing on the new kind of spells and spells system first showcased in version 3.40. This means removal of some of the old spells, but also featuring more and more new spells.

Ritual screen will be known as "Spells and magic means" screen and all the new spells are listed there as well. "New spells" refers to spells featured in version 3.40, which are learned within quests and performed by following the instructions given in spell description by using the common game mechanics and actions.

Currently you can view new spell descriptions only in the quest journal, but now it all will be available within the spells screen. Whenever a new spell is learned it will also appear in this new list of spells.

Bringing the selector on a any spell in the list displays its information dialog. If necessary, a selection is then made by mouse click or enter. In addition, there are also hotkeys for quick spell selection.
In case of the new manually and mechanically performed spells the spell selection merely shows the spell description and instructions to follow in order to perform the spell.
The old spells (eg. blood-stanching incantation) are colored differently and automatically put to action upon selection.

Screenshot: The new spells screen with quite a bit of spells known. Hovering the selector over the first spell shows the description.

* Cubs and calves - rise of the young animals

Cubs and calves have been added for relevant wild animal species eg. elks, bears, reindeer, hares etc.
In case of large species ie. elks and bears, the young ones usually follow their mothers in the wild for a full year after the birth. So, now you may occasionally encounter an elk mother wandering together with her calf, or a bear mother followed by her cub. Mother animals may act more unexpectedly or aggressively than usual when they're still taking care of their young ones -- and that's especially true in case of bears.

Few screenshots - the adventures of fghfg among cubs and calves :)
Bear mother with its cub. Careful now. You don't want to position yourself in between those two.

Ooo.. isn't that sweet... not a hunting day today.

* Ant nests

For some this is a mere curiosity, for some an absolute necessity. Anyhow, ant nests can be now found in the forest. They are needed in performing certain spells but have no other use to the player character currently.

Screenshot: It's raining - and it's ant nest!

Stay tuned... Deeper and deeper into the Far North we shall take you...
UnReal World - Enormous Elk
The spring is in the air.

Here's a squirrel in a big pine tree at my backyard. It said to me that today we should release a new patch.

So we did, and here's the changelog. With this last fistful of crucial fixes and a few additions we'll tag version 3.40 stable.


Version 3.40 stable changelog:

- added: trapped animals will eventually die

Depending on their nutrition and overall physical condition it usually takes from few days to a week
for a trapped animal to perish.

- added: when examining a single piece of clothing/armour the item name is shown in the armour coverage screen

- added [info]: character creation screen now notifies about wrong character names

Eg. if there's already a character folder with the same name you'll be informed about it and asked
to enter a different name. This clears occasional newcomer failures to proceed with character creation.

- adjusted: craft and task times calculated more independently to overcome time-related abuses

Previously you could predict quality of crafts and success of tasks from the time required to
complete them. A shorter time meant greater success for example in case of crafting, hideworking
or rod fishing.
Now the time taken is calculated independently although still naturally based on the applicable
skill. In general higher skill mastery level is still prone to get things done faster, but it's not
possible to predict the outcome from the required time anymore.

- adjusted: trident breakage values

Tridents were too fragile and breaking too easily. With their wear/break/fracture levels corrected
all three tridents are significantly more durable now.

- adjusted: attack and defense classes of some weapons

Weapons have been checked for their attack and defense class values. Some corrections and rethinking has been proceeded
as follows, with one item weight adjustment in there as well. Changes are represented in [old values] -> [new values] format.
The higher the number the better the attack/defense class.

* Broad axe

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 1/1
weight: 8.5 lbs -> 5.5 lbs

* Carving axe

attack/defense: 2/2 -> 2/1

* Woodsman's axe

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

* Stone axe

attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1

* Spear

attack/defense: 3/2 -> 4/2

* Kaumolais spear

attack/defense: 4/2 -> 5/2

* Small trident

attack/defense: 3/2 -> 3/1

* Wide trident

attack/defense: 4/4 -> 4/2

* Club

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

* Kaumolais knife & Northern knife

attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1

* Broad knife & Hunting knige

attack/defense: 1/1 -> 1/0

* Knife

attack/defense: 1/0 -> 0/0

* Grainflail

attack/defense: 4/1 -> 3/2

Weapons created or obtained in the previous version still carry their previous version values.

- added: default setup options file (defaults/urw_ini.def) to be copied in place if needed

There is a new defaults/ folder containing urw_ini.def file which is the original setup file.
Upon first starting the game this file is copied into game's installation folder as urw_ini.txt which
is then our editable setup file. (If urw_ini.txt already exists no copying occurs.)

- fixed [quest]: wounded adventurer occasionally generated out of village boundaries

The bug usually manifested with a false adventurer figure appearing on the overworld map far away from
the village.

- fixed: armour coverage screen showed bodyparts with zero protection value with the last displayed color

This was the case for example when checking out blunt or squeeze protection values for nettle and linen clothes.
Now zero protection value is shown with very dark (almost black) red color.

- fixed: dead NPC with seemingly zero weight in "Not all who wander are lost" start-up scenario

- fixed [modding]: {[TERRAIN:]} crafting requirement tag not properly recognizing "sea" terrain type

- fixed [quest]: escorting NPC to a village mistakenly accepted arriving at Njerpez villages

- fixed: "How is it going?" chat option occasionally missing from certain NPCs

- fixed: troubles of shooting arrows from frozen water puddles at mires

The arrows did prematurely hit the ground due to faulty terrain elevation calculations.

- fixed: withered mushrooms had no visible tile graphics

- fixed [rare condition]: buried treasures being generated on mire islands where it's impossible to dig them up

- fixed [rare condition]: all the start menu entries bringing up "About" screen


Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
For half a decade already we've had a habit of creating characteristic video greetings with varying themes to thank and delight UnReal World buyers and supporters. Six months ago we started bringing the video works on Steam as a free DLC for UnReal World Steam players.

A fresh video greeting "Sliding just fine" is now up in the video greetings DLC package.

Feel free to add Video Greetings to your cart if you like. The package now contains two videos to start with, and more will follow in time. As the Video Greetings package grows we'll find ways to keep the file sizes decent, but for now it's full HD work around 380 MB in size.


If you grab the Video Greetings DLC you'll find the videos within your local UnReal World files in BonusMaterial/ folder. And the game main menu also shows BONUS MATERIAL option which guides you to the right folder.

If you're curious about what the video greetings may be about you can browse the older stuff at:
Enormous Elk YouTube channel.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (RPS)

Game Swap is a new series in which one person recommends another a game they might like. This week, Adam suggests that Alec plays wilderness survival roguelike UnReal World [official site], still in active development after a quarter of a century.>

Adam: Everyone enjoys roguelikes these days, or at least they refer to some of the things they enjoy as roguelikes. There was a time when I felt protective of the term, initially not acknowledging anything as a roguelike unless it had ascii graphics, then allowing graphical tilesets but drawing the line at interfaces that didn t use every key on the board at least twice, and then, eventually, accepting that, hey, maybe Metroidvanias are roguelikes too.

I still go back to the first roguelikes I played though and they re still among my favourite games. Unreal World particularly is closest to my heart.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
Last Wednesday, 4th of January 2017, it was opening of The Finnish Museum of Games in Vapriikki museum centre at Tampere. And there we went. It was a pleasure to attend, to see the history being made with the museum opening, and of course to see UnReal World being part of the exhibition.

The Finnish Museum of Games tells the story of how digital gaming in Finland started, how it developed over the years and how it made it to where it is now. All the information there is available also in enlish. Many kind of great and crazy games to see and try, with video interviews and unique game related item collections to widen the experience. There are also theme rooms from different decades since 70's with not only the authentic gaming gear and games, but the authentic interior design as well. Want to enter a room of finnish youngster in 80's and play a little something with commodore 64? Or would you like to take a look of some handwritten game design notes from creators of say UnReal World?

Well, you better visit the Finnish Museum of Games then.

It's open now and it's a pure joyride! Whenever it's possible for you, go and see it for yourself!

Here are the links, and find some opening night joyride pics at the bottom.


For finns here's comprehensive article about the museum, and we are mentioned there as well:

The Finnish Museum of Games, we salute you! Cheers and thanks to the staff!

Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
Version 3.40 is now set as our default release branch. Though it's still tagged beta 3 we're proud and happy to set it live as official midwinter 2016 release for everyone. Those of you who aren't familiar with 3.40 already can take a look at beta release post about most important 3.40 additions - or view news.txt in your Steam UnReal World folder.

(For those who for some reason need to play previous stable version 3.32 instead you can use prevstable332 password to unlock branch to opt-into playing version 3.32.)

And yeah, Steam Winter sale is also going on. If you're celebrating a festivity where giving presents is a custom maybe you'd like to take advantage of the sale and give your friend a gift to bring them into the Far North.

Merry midwinter times to all of you! Thank you for 2016 - and let's continue..
Dec 18, 2016
Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
The third beta of version 3.40 is now live and released. It's mostly a bugfix patch, but one might find a few delighting additions in there as well.

The patch update is automatic for those who have opted into 3.40 beta-branch. And those who haven't may want to take a look at Version 3.40 beta release post and opt into manually at will.

This update is also our 3.40 release candidate patch. Things have been good and steady with the new version and if no showstoppers are found we'll be soon ending the beta period and tag this one stable. I'd like to see that happen before 24th.

Version 3.40 beta 3 changelog

- added: zoom option for map of known areas [F6]

You can adjust zoom level by mouse wheel, or with the following keys:
CTRL and + to zoom in
CTRL and - to zoom out
CTRL and 0 to toggle between normal and maxed out map view

- added: game encyclopedia [F1] entries of the new valuable items

Information about all the newly added valuables is now available in the game encyclopedia [F1].
Time to get to know those brooches, combs, bracelets, rings and pendants you may find.

- fixed: NPCs mistakenly speaking of a reward covering some of your trades in villages where no reward was given

- fixed: quest journal [F2] showing wrong details when selecting a quest on other than the first journal page

- fixed: map of known areas [F6] crash potential due to excess amount of custom map markers

Trying to view marker details with more than 10 custom map markers within the cursor radius caused a crash. The crash potential is fixed now and in case of spammed markers the information for only the first 10 markers within the cursors radius is shown. Be reasonable with your markers.

- fixed: inventory mess up potential if torch burnt out when certain inventory related activity eg. eating was going on

- fixed [rare condition]: false automatic player character attacks getting triggered at random targets at the area

You might see "You attacks [creature]!" messages, or even get prompted for attack maneuvers.

- fixed: feathers not burning in the fire

- fixed: torches burning out while idling

- fixed: burnt fire destroying dug holes in the ground

- fixed: undergarment coverage

Women's undergarment now covers also elbows, forearms, knees and calves. Coverage of these bodyparts was mistakenly
absent before.

- fixed: woollen leggings coverage

They now cover also the hips.

- corrected: bunch of linen, nettle adn woollen cloth weights and prices

There was some inconsistency and clear faults with weights and prices of clothes such as shirts, undershirts, tunics and undergarments. There are no radical changes, but the weights and prices have been checked and adjusted where applicable.

MIGRATION NOTICE: clothes obtained or generated in the previous version still carry the old values.

- fixed: some typos here and there


Nov 14, 2016
Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
The second beta of version 3.40 is now live and released. It's a bugfix patch and an automatic update for those who have opted into 3.40 beta-branch. And those who haven't may want to take a look at Version 3.40 beta release post and opt into manually at will.

Work with all the new goodies and features still continues.

Version 3.40 beta 2 changelog

- fixed: not always getting the stone back when deconstructing small deadfall trap

- fixed: credit reward not taken into account when forming a message where NPCs tell you how much of the trade the items you have offered covers

The credit worked as it should, but the message was broken in case of paying for picked village items. You might get messages such as "this is very marginal" even though the offered items with the credit counted in actually was close to asked price.

- fixed: quest related NPCs appearing in emptied/abandoned villages

- fixed: quest dialog typos

"About that %s..."

- fixed: learning old (before 3.40) rituals (was completely broken)

Characters never learned them during the gameplay.

- fixed: village data corruption potential when saving and loading different village located characters during one gaming session

This could result for example in [unpaid] tags persisting with items you tried to trade for.

- fixed: whole inventory stack always selected when using upper case letters to select things from inventory

This was due to addition of holding SHIFT down to select the whole item stack interfered with producing upper case letters.

- changed: Markers of completed quests are not displayed in Map of known areas [F6] anymore

Within Quest journal [F2] you can still display markers of any quest at will, including the completed ones.

Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
The time has come to release the first beta of UnReal World version 3.40. It's available as beta-branch you can opt into manually at will. And you should. Work with the new goodies and features continues, but things are nicely stable and good to go already.

The meat of version 3.40 are the quests and new kind of spells, but variety of tasty lesser cuts are to be found as well. For example treasure caches, meeting and seeing the spirits for real, and overhauled glossary of valuables. Some crucial bugfixes are in there as well, of course. Find the full changelog at the bottom of this post, but first...

Here's how to get your hands on 3.40 beta:

  • Close UnReal World if you happen to be playing it right now.
  • Right-click UnReal World in your Steam games library and select "Properties".
  • Select "Betas" tab.
  • Select "3.40 beta" in the dropdown box ('Select the beta you would like to opt into').
  • Close the dialog, the game updates, and you are now ready to get into UnReal World 3.40.

(Should you encounter some crazy problems with the beta, you can always switch back to current stable version by choosing "NONE" from the beta dropdown box)

Here comes the changelog. Let the adventures in the Far North continue. Cheers!

Version: 3.40 beta 1 changelog


This is a beta release. There are likely to be bugs and some of the listed improvements will be tweaked and polished further in patches to follow.

Your current Steam version characters are compatible with this version.

- added: Quests

There are quests - and that's big. We start with around 15 quests in this version, and more will follow in the future. It's quite impossible to pinpoint it all, but here's a few lines about the most important ideas,features and mechanics regarding the implementation of quests.

The quest system as a whole is an enormous (and laborous) addition. We haven't taken the easiest path, but use verbose dialogue, procedural generation and randomization to maintain replayability and immersion.
Quests don't come in your way in linear or fixed fashion. Not in the the same order, not from the same NPCs, not in the same locations, and so on. Some of the quests may appear several times, some only once.
The plots vary from everyday chores and problems to folklore and mythology based stories and incidents.
We've paid attention to making quests also to fill in the game world and the worldview of the player (character) to good and interesting extent. There are both mundane and otherworldly things to discover, solve and learn.

Quests bring a lot to the game, but open-ended and non-linear roaming, adventuring and surviving remains the essence. You are likely to get involved in quests relatively rarely. Perhaps only once or twice a month or so.
And in the end it's completely up to player characters as to what extent, if at all, they want to unfold the quests and stories there now exist.

* quest generation

Quests are generated on the fly during the gameplay depending on various factors, world events and pre-conditions.
Things like cultural area, season, nearby landscape, character's familiarity, reputation, carried equipment or skills may all affect to whether a certain quest will appear or not. For example, a certain quest might get generated only if the character is somewhat known, has flawless reputation, it's autumn and there's a big lake nearby. Another quest may require character to be a stranger but of the same culture as the quest giver.
However, if the world events and conditions are suitable the quest generation also keeps on trucking in the background regardless of player character's whereabouts, actions or status. So, there are quests and new kind of events in the world - and then there's the ordinary open-ended life of the character. These two just may occasionally meet.

* obtaining quests

Quests can be obtained by talking to people. This applies both to villagers and lone wandering NPCs, although villager given quests are more commonly met. Quests can be accepted or ignored at will, so you are free to decide in what to get involved. All the quests are told within the chat dialogue which is often versatile and not too straightforward. The dialogue proceeds based on the chat options, questions and answers, you choose. You don't always necessarily get to know all the details or tidbits. And sometimes you may learn seemingly trivial things about the UnReal World in general within the quest dialogue.

There are basically three ways to find out about a quest:

1. You talk to NPC and find out about a quest.
2. NPC comes talk to you and tells about a quest.
3. You talk to NPC, asking "How is it going?", and they tell you about a person/situation which can be investigated
further and may then lead to getting involved in a quest.

So the general "How is it going?" chat option now serves as a way to ask if somebody in the village has a known quest or problem of which the other NPCs are also aware of. If there is, NPCs will hint you about it and mention who you should talk to. This kind of hints about quests are often quite vague and call for asking the NPC in question for more information. Within this sort of quest hint dialogue you can pretty much always ask where to find the NPC in question.

Notice that NPCs may also rarely have personal problems or quests of which the other villagers are not aware of.

* quest journal [F2]

A new information page, quest journal, has been added. Quest journal is viewed with [F2] key command and it contains the list and details of quests the character is currently involved in, or has completed in the past.
Quest journal main page shows the list of quests along with their titles, quest giver information, assignment and expiration dates. You can then select a quest from the list to view it in detail.
Detailed quest information is provided by showing all the relevant talk lines you have heard from NPCs. We don't use ordinary "your goal is to..." quest summaries, but instead you'll see the exact information you've been told.
Should you discover new information from NPCs along the way the quest journal details will update accordingly. From the quest details page you can also view the quest related map markers. See below.

* quest related map markers

Quests also add markers on the map of known areas. Locations of the related NPCs you have met and talked to are always marked on the map, but there can be also markers of important quest related areas - if you have found about them.

There's "[F6] Map locations" option at the bottom of each quest details page. It shows the map of known areas with markers of the said quest. Like all the map markers also the quest related markers can be pointed and clicked, or selected by keyboard, to view the associated information.

There are two types of quest related markers: 'Quest location' and 'Quest related area'.

'Quest location' marker shows locations of NPCs you have obtained quest related information from. These are the locations where you originally heard NPCs talking about the quest. Clicking the marker shows the quest in question and the related NPC description. You often need to return back to the quest giver after completing the quest further away, and these markers help you to find your way at the important quest related people you have met.

'Quest related area' marker indicates a specific quest related area or location somebody has told you about. Quest related locations are always described also verbally within the quest dialog, but in some cases the area markers appear to indicate rough whereabouts of the place in question. Size of the quest related area markers can vary, and they foremostly give you an initial idea of the area where to head for further investigation. Clicking the marker shows the quest in question and what the marked area is about.

* quest rewards

You may get rewarded by NPCs for completing a quest. There are different types of reward, and here's briefing of the most important ones. In addition, completing quests also quite often increase your reputation in the eyes of the whole village, or the solitary NPC in question.

- items

NPCs can reward you with variety of items. Sometimes these are plain ordinary items, but there are also new items you can obtain only by completing quests. These new special items are often somehow magical or enchanted in nature. NPCs will describe you the properties and usage of the new special items within the quest dialog.

- get taught in skills

You can get rewarded with a lesson in certain skill which improves the said skill with 3-6 points the next time you use it in true situation. The lower the skill level is the greater skill improvement results from a given lesson. Having to actually use the skill after the lesson means that in case of a tracking lesson the improvent requires tracking skill to be used where there actually are tracks to spot. And in case of a sword lesson, the improvement requires a true sword combat maneuver to be executed. And so on.

- village goods of your choice for free

You can get village goods up to certain value for free. Upon getting this kind of reward NPCs usually tell you the value of the reward in squirrel hides which gives a rough idea about what you can expect to get.
The village goods you can get for free can be anything that villagers would also normally trade, and you can choose the goods from storehouses or individual NPCs. In practice this reward works like having a certain amount of trading credit.
After picking up your selections the items appear as 'unpaid' and you claim them to yourself through trading options the same way as you would normally trade for unpaid items. But now upon starting to trade, with the reward active, villagers tell you how much of the selected items your reward covers. If your reward doesn't cover all of the trade you need to pay for the remaining amount by normal means of trading. If the reward covers all of the trade you don't naturally have to pay anything, and the remaining value of the reward can be claimed later on. You can change your mind, decide whether to accept the deal or not and all that just like in normal trading.
It is the same with getting reward provided items from individual NPCs. Start trading, make your selections and they will tell you how much, if at all, you need to pay. Moreover, individual NPCs are usually more willing to give their goods as a reward as they would in normal trading situation.
You don't have to use the reward right away or at once, but can spend it at any time you desire. Everytime you claim some free goods NPCs will remind you about how much of the reward still remains.

- spells

You may learn new spells both as a quest reward and during the quest dialogue in general. These new spells vary from
hunting and fishing spells to interacting with the spirit world. Sometimes the spells itself or following the magical
means NPCs describe are required to complete certain quests. See separate spells section below for more information.

- treasure tales

NPCs who know about treasures may reveal the information about what is hidden and where as a reward. You'll usually
obtain enough verbal information to go search for the treasure, but the rough whereabouts of the treasure also gets
marked as quest related area on the map of known areas.

- added: new spells, in a new way

There are around 20 new spells and magical means to learn and perform. The new spells differ a great deal from the common rituals (F4) in their content and way of performance. We'll get into details below, but this all can be very well consideredthe start of the spell system and spirit world overhaul. The new spells are based on the worldview and beliefs of the ancient Finns - with a greatest ambition. All the new spells are based on the actual collected hunting and fishing spells.
We've pursued, in a lack of better words, for historical and mythological accuracy This comes down not only to spell backgrounds or verbal description but also to how the spells were actually performed. The new spells are not simply selected from the list for the magic to happen, but performed with the actual player character actions which vary for each spell.

* The new spells can be learned from NPCs within quests. Verbal information to perform these spells can be then found within quest dialog in the quest journal. (In the future versions we'll make the new spells appear in the ritual screen [F4] as well.)
As the spell descriptions are sometimes verbose and contain background information too they can also reveal you a little something about the people's worldview and beliefs in general.

* The new spells are often "do like this and that will happen" kind of things. To perform a spell in question you then need to follow the instructions by using the common game mechanics and actions.
For example, if the spell instructions would say "throw three rocks at a spruce tree before the sunrise and your loop snares will be favourable" the spell would be performed by throwing three rocks at a spruce tree before the sunrise.
That's just an example and not an actual magical mean there is in the game, but you get the picture.
When the spell required actions have been executed there's no notification of any kind about a succesfully performed spell.
If you did the right actions you've performed the spell right, and some magic did happen. If the spell actually worked in the game world or not, well, that is hopefully to be noticed at some point. That's how the spells work.

* Effects of the spells and magical means are vague and subtle as usual. Some spells are simple, some are more complex, but most often they consists of seemingly ordinary things that have magical meaning behind them once you know it. There are rarely evident results to be noticed, but nevertheless the magical, ritualistic and mythical actions you learn and perform have impact on the game world.

- added & improved: valuables

Dozen of new valuable items have been added with deep thought, based on archeological findings and inspired by historical references. The assortment of valuables now consist of brooches, combs, pendants, bracelets and rings made of bronze and silver.
All the valuables are now also culturally dependent. Valuables are still very rare and mostly carried by wealthy traders, or found in treasure caches.

- added: valuables for foreign traders

Foreign traders may now carry some valuables for trading.

- added: treasure caches

People may have hidden their wealth and valuables for variety of reasons at varying locations, and you may sometimes stumble upon these treasure caches. They can be found by mere accident, but far more likely after hearing treasure tales from NPCs within certain quests. The most common locations for treasure caches are caves, cliffs and islands. Treasures can be also buried in the ground and can't be easily found unless you have heard where to dig.
Different cultures have different opinions about what can be considered a treasure worth of hiding, so the items to be found in treasure caches are culturally dependent. Hiding the rare valuables is common for all the cultures, but treasures of UnReal World more often consist of everyday items such as tools, weapons, grains, clothes or furs.

- added: meeting and seeing the spirits for real

Many kind of spirits and otherworldly creatures have always existed in UnReal World, but they haven't appeared for player characters in visible form - until now. Now it's remotely possible for some player characters to actually see certain spirits in the game world.

- added: holding SHIFT down selects the whole stack when selecting items in inventory with ENTER or mouse click

- added: telling a difference between running and walking tracks

Upon examining tracks you can now distinguish animal running tracks from the regular walking tracks, depending on your tracking skill and strength of the tracks. When running tracks are spotted they are simply mentioned to be "running tracks" instead of just "tracks". For example: "You notice here [track and animal information] running tracks."

- changed: 'f'ire and 'b'utcher commands removed from [r]epeatable tasks[/b]

As these commands have hotkeys of their own it was in vain to have them occupy [r]epeat list.

- changed: dog skin is now classified as fur

- adjusted: forest reindeers are now a bit more timid than previously

- fixed: bug potential of domestic animals getting transported from their pen at overworld map

- fixed: rafting characters occasionally located on dry land when zooming in near certain terrain types

- fixed: occasional decent quality crafts from worse quality raw materials

- fixed: boil recipe requirements order

A cooking pot was asked before the water, which isn't preferred order. Now it's water first, then a cooking pot.

- fixed: wrong flatbread graphic tile

- fixed: containers disappearing when utilizing a stack of containers filled with required ingredients/raw materials

- optimized: hungry dog food searching routines

Having multiple leashed hungry dogs following you could cause slowdown on certain zoomed-in areas due to their
food searching routines. This has been optimized now for way faster performance now.

- fixed: [unpaid] tag persisting if unpaid items were offered back to NPCs during the trade

This occasionally resulted in items becoming impossible to trade for after NPCs had stocked them back to storehouses.

- fixed: all the village dogs wanting to follow you if you bought one of them

This resulted in irrelevant confirmation messages when zooming out nearby villages.

- fixed: village fields the player character had visited for the first time in early spring not always getting resown properly

- fixed [rare condition]: crashing on zoomed-in maps with lots of holes in the ice and creatures falling through the ice

- corrected: woollen dress weight,

It was 5 lbs, which was too low. Now woollen dress weighs 6.5 lbs.


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