Community Announcements - CaptainPilot

The dawn of All Hallows' Eve is almost upon us and the world of DiscStorm is getting spooky update!

Millie has passed on to the afterlife but is making her return in a much more... ethereal form. We've made some eerie alterations each of the arenas too, including a delightfully ghoulish candy bucket. Some of the enemies in single player are even donning their best, spine-chilling Halloween costumes!

Community Announcements - l.staddon

We've just added a huge new update with loads of deathmatch-related content to get your hands on!

Grab some friends now and start launching discs at each others' faces, or take on our totally overhauled AI opponents with their own unique personalities.

We've added complete deathmatch customisation, plus three hectic new deathmatch modes to try too: Capture The Flag, Zombies and Safeguard. Each one adds its own distinct tactical challenges to the line-up.

Our brand new combatant Ravi brings his fire-wielding, unhinged presence to the arena, along with his own set of flaming hot costumes.

For full patch notes, check out our blog here:
Community Announcements - CaptainPilot
We've got some exciting news to talk about today. DiscStorm is getting a major update! This should come as no surprise if you've followed our blog ove the last few months, however, after plenty of testing we're happy to announce that the DiscStorm Mulitplayer Update will be launching July 2016 on Steam. This update is packed full of features and we can't wait to get it into your hands. Here's what's in the patch:

New Game Modes

We're adding three new multiplayer modes, each introduces a new way to beat your friends. There's the strategic Safeguard where holding onto your disc is essential, the score based Capture the Flag mode where you need to be in the right place at the right time and the frantic Poison where you need to chase after the cure to the zombie outbreak.

Custom Multiplayer Matches

Fancy playing DiscStorm for more matches, want to only play a particular mode or on your favourite three arenas? The customisation menu lets your tweak all aspects of a multiplayer from how many rounds you need to win to whether voting or powerups are enabled.

Improved AI

We've vastly improved the AI in multiplayer, they have unique behaviours for each mode and they also have their own personalities. We feel this makes the AI mimic humans a lot better so they're not the superhumans that they currently are but still put up a challenge and can respond to different situations a lot better!

And much much more!

This isn't a comprehensive list of features and there's a whole bunch more content bundled away including:
  • Taunt animations to tease your friends
  • Voting menu in mutliplayer matches
  • Mouse support
  • A new system for unlocking character costumes
  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • One other little secret that you'll have to discover for yourselves

Community Announcements - l.staddon
Voting is closed and the new character to be added to DiscStorm's roster is...

Ravi - The Pyromanic!

There's a little more info over at our blog.

We'll also be posting an artwork walkthrough video there next week, showing how Ravi's in-game artwork is made, so stay tuned for updates!
Community Announcements - l.staddon
DiscStorm is getting a new character and YOU get to decide who it is!

Pick your favorite from the three below and leave a comment on our blog to let us know who - we'll even be giving away FREE copies of DiscStorm to a few lucky voters!

For higher resolution drawings and more info, check out our blog:

Option 1: A martial artist in training on a mission set by his grand master.

Option 2: An unhinged pyromaniac lured in by the prospect of flaming disc combat.

Option 3: An ex-cop turned criminal mastermind in search of revenge.
Community Announcements - l.staddon
It’s time to talk about the new things that we’ll be adding to DiscStorm over the coming months!

We’ve been keeping fairly quiet about it since the game’s release, but we’re now finally ready to reveal that online multiplayer support will be added to DiscStorm in 2016. We’re also working on more customisation options for deathmatches too!

The keen-eyed amongst you may have also noticed that we’re part of this year’s Yogscast Jingle Jam Humble Bundle. If you head over there now, you can pick up DiscStorm and a whole host of other awesome games for a great price, whilst helping out charity at the same time!

Find out more over at our blog...
Community Announcements - CaptainPilot
  • Added arrow prompts to wave selection frames.
  • Added punch effect to wave progress HUD.
  • Wave fail HUD now shows all deaths when skipping animation.
  • Added analytics hooks.

Bug Fixes
  • Molehills now disappear when restarting a wave round in the mines
  • Progress HUD now appears for the crate destruction tutorial
  • Minecart track warning lights now appear immediately before broken track sections instead of a random period before the break.
  • Minecart track warning lights now light the tracks correctly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented player from leaving multiplayer character select when no-one had joined.
Community Announcements - CaptainPilot
  • Discs thrown by burglars no longer hurt other minions.
  • AI players now qualify for the Trigger Happy multiplayer stat.
  • In AI only multiplayer matches, rounds will auto advance to the next.
  • Dojo Master will always face the player during the deflect tutorial

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the wave select screen would appear over the main menu if exited quickly.
  • Fixed issue where keyboard player couldn’t do anything other than join multiplayer as the preselected character when joining slots 2-4 nor could they quit
  • Fixed issue where game wouldn’t detect a winner of a DeathDisc match (most notable with AI players)
  • AI players no longer get stuck in the vents in the museum.
  • Players no longer get stuck in the bookcases in the mansion when deflecting.
  • Intro music no longer plays for half a second when starting the game if the music volume is set to 0%.
  • The Miner no longer throws dynamite when stunned in wave mode
  • Prevented ArrayOutOfBounds exception being thrown when AI players are dashing.
  • Prevented NullPointer exception being thrown when players are killed in the enchanted forest hedges (e.g. when in Reaper / Deathdisc modes)
  • Discs no longer appear underneath the back wall of the arenas when landing too close.
Community Announcements - CaptainPilot
  • Added option to configure SFX volume.
  • Added option to configure Music volume.

  • Space can now be used as an alternative to the Start button to begin any multiplayer game
  • Changed the arrangement of the language select screen to allow for easier navigation
  • Inverted wave progression HUD to count down from 100% rather than up from 0%
  • Changed the selected arena in the wave menu, the menu will center on the most recent played arena that session otherwise the last unlocked level or the Dojo if all have been completed.
  • Slight buff to Treant boss health on Enchanted Forest.
  • Dasher visual dashing cue is now clearer.
  • Volcano Fire Mage fireballs now have a brief period after spawning where they won’t deflect discs.
  • Made warning cue on Volcano lava pillars clearer, using particle effect.
  • Bomb enemies on Volcano arena now have particle effects.
  • RhinoBots on Factory Eye boss now only require one hit to kill, but spawn slightly more often.
  • Players no longer take damage during Eye boss spawning on Factory if standing on the central hatch.
  • Countering the gong will now trigger it.
  • Standard Ape banana projectiles on Temple now collide with pillars and walls.
  • Mine level waves made slightly shorter.
  • Dashing on the Space arena is now slightly more responsive when not on the platform.
  • Progress HUD appears immediately for each tutorial.

Bug Fixes
  • Wave menu no longer highlights the incorrect arena after playing multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where single player couldn’t be played after playing multiplayer with an AI in slot 1.
  • Prevented IndexOutOfBoundsException in Dojo related multiplayer stats
  • Prevented players getting stuck in the bottom of the vents when playing the deflect animation.
  • CPU player names no longer change immediately to the same name after starting a match.
  • Forest Treant boss hit box no longer stays around after he’s defeated.
  • Player is no longer able to walk inside Treant on Forest level.
  • Player is no longer able to damage Armadillo boss on Forest whilst he’s spawning.
  • Mummy boss on Mansion should no longer get stuck on middle walls.
  • Fixed visual glitch inside middle bookcases during Ghost Girl fight on Mansion.
  • Factory RhinoBots on Eye boss no longer attempt to move to waypoints that they can’t reach.
  • Projectiles from Eye boss on Factory are now correctly removed when wave is reset.
  • Factory RhinoBots can no longer be damaged whilst flashing from having been hit.
  • Electric beams on Factory level Eye boss can no longer damage the player whilst they’re invulnerable from being hit.
  • There are no longer “dead zones” on the Volcano and Mansion levels that AI can’t get to.
  • Flash effect when hit no longer gets stuck on after death.
  • Minions no longer get stuck at arena edge on Pirate level when jumping in.
  • Player 1/2/3/4 on the multiplayer menu is now immediately translated after switching language.
Community Announcements - CaptainPilot
  • Upgraded to InControl v1.5.10 for improved controller support
  • Screenshake is disabled on OSX by default due to potential performance issues (New saves only)
  • Adjusted gamepad support for single player:
    - Any controller can be used in wave mode.
    - Any controller can take over control by pressing start and selecting resume using the new controller.
  • Adjusted gamepad suport for multiplayer:
    - Controllers can join in any order including keyboard.
    - Keyboard versus single gamepad now supported.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where triggers would occasionally throw/dash/deflect other players.
  • Fixed issue where in game cursor wouldn't appear for keyboard player in multiplayer when gamepads are used.

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