Community Announcements - nick
The Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Soundtrack includes 8 atmospheric tracks from Massimiliano "Max" di Fraia.

Contents from this pack can be found in your Steam game directory under Soundtrack.

Tracks include:

Track 1 - Menu
Track 2 - Intro Part 1
Track 3 - Intro Part 2
Track 4 - Drama 1
Track 5 - Drama 2
Track 6 - Drama 3
Track 7 - Drama 4
Track 8 - End
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

There’s a great deal to admire in the trailer for soon-to-be-released pulp sci-fi puzzler Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space [official site]: wobbly flying saucers dangling against the backdrop of lurid skies, toxic death planets, ocular horrors. It’s an odd-looking thing, no doubt about it, and in the best possible way. Is it a horror game? A comedy game? A horror-comedy?

If there’s a disappointing aspect to the trailer it’s found in the player’s actions. There’s a tile-swapping puzzle at 2:44 and a shotgun to solve the alien problem, at least temporarily. A little bit of shooting and a little bit of puzzling then? I can live with that, particularly if the package it’s all contained in is as inventive as the trailer suggests.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - James
Hey everybody! It's incredible that I’m writing these words. The last dev diary post! Or better: the last dev diary posts until the full release! Anyway, this journey is now complete. Now there will be updates, porting, whatever… but ALBEDO IS OUT IN FULL RELEASE! I can’t believe it!

Changelog for full release:

  • Dubbing (U.S.A. Voice acting)
  • Inventory improved
  • Balancing tuning
  • Minor bug fixing

Thanks to all of you that played my game in early access (YES, Early Access was useful!), it helped me to make the game better, to better understand the perfect balance between my idea of the game and yours.

Thanks to Sam Sundholm for his US voice; and thanks to Jake Parr for his UK theatrical voice; thanks (infinitely) to James de Silva for his continuous technical/testing support; thanks to Caleb for helping us to translate in Espanol! Thanks to Smithfield for helping us to translate in Français! Thanks to Ivan for his production help; thanks to Max Di Fraia for his music; thanks to Luke and Joanne of Merge Games for publishing and scottish whisky! And Francesco Aloisi, Danilo Egizio and Gerardo Verna for graphics support!
I did it, incredible. I’m a different person now, really. Now I don’t salute you saying "back to the cave". Now I can say "Let’s go in via del Pratello to party with all my friends and drink tons of beer!" (tagliatelle al ragù. Not sushi, please)


See ya!

Be sure to check out the trailer :D
Community Announcements - James
The final levels have now been added!

Such an ominous room...

  • 3 new levels including ending!
  • Voice acting implemented
  • German language added (Game text)
  • Russian language added (Game text)
  • Portuguese language added (Game text)
  • Polish language added (Game text - work in progress)
  • Spanish language added (Game text - work in progress) by Tanausu Gomez (
  • More hints added
  • Minigame hints added and skip button (In easy mode)
  • Gamepad Support (Work in progress)
  • Level goals in the game menu
  • Added more settings (Vsync, voice over volume, and more)
  • Many Bug fixes.

A huge thanks to those who have assisted with the localisation! You guys rock!

Space and time warp around you...

The obligatory sneak peek:
Community Announcements - z4g0
Here it is!!

The voice acting comes from our friend Jake 'The Voice' Parr, a skillful actor! Soon we’ll tell you more...and soon you’ll be playing Albedo with the super-amazing voice of Longy!

And by the way; a postcard from a sweet place in Jupiter'll see a lot of funny friends to take a picnic with!

Ciao and HF!
Community Announcements - James
Yes, everybody! That’s it! I'm starting to see the light! A few weeks (no more than 99+! Joking :P ) and the full release will be published!

Down here in the cave, life is tough, believe me! I’m working hard (at the moment I’m creating the LAST level -freakin’ amazing honestly!) but in the last weeks, as some of you know, I also re-worked the GUI and learning curve.

The history of Albedo difficulty level: Easy to tell. I wanted to do an old-school game. A difficult game. Does anyone remember those games where you have to spend lots of time and make many attempts, trying to solve a puzzle or a level? I do. I loved these kinds of games. A real challenge for my brain. Honestly, I don’t like the drift of games to a super-easy level so much; where the player gets to win at any cost. I grew with video games that would punch me with their difficulty; and yes, I liked it.

Anyway: For this, me, Luke and Ivan decided to release on Early Access. To get thoughts on this thing. To understand which level of difficulty, you (my beloved players) prefer. How the game needs to be.
A game developer is nothing without players.

I admit: I wanted to develop a difficult game. But I didn’t think about how you nowadays players have a lot of things to do, games to play, billions of new ones every day (A rhyme! I have to write a song about it!). And I have to offer you the best game experience in the time you’ll spend playing my game. My aim is not to waste your time. My aim is to provide entertainment, and to create a wonderful new 60's Sci-Fi experience around you!

So, 3+1 words: surrender to reality, Z4G0.

YESTERDAY: The game was too difficult.
TODAY: Now it is less difficult, I hope.
I listened to a lot of you players, I read a lot of reviews. As you know we worked a lot with the community, on the Community Hub Especially James, thank you mate!
Now you have to choose the difficulty level before starting the game: Obviously, you’ll able to change it during the same game. If you play in HARD MODE, then you won’t find tips and suggestions and hint systems and help buttons and mummy cleaning your brain leaks :D If is too difficult, you should try easier levels.

Specifically, mini-games are/were honestly difficult. Ten thousand years ago, when I started developing Albedo; I decided to create special new mechanics. In my humble opinion quite original ones. NOW, you can decide (in EASY mode) to skip them. If you really are in crisis (or you don’t want to spend your time on it), you’ll be able to skip it. AS IVAN DOES (monkey player). Also, I’m adding hints directly from John T. Longy. “Maybe I’ve got to do this” “Perhaps I’ll do that” and so on.

As ALBEDO is an Adventure-Escape the Room-FPS crossover, it’s not easy to fit all players’ expectations and skills in one way. So the game lets you tune two difficulty levels (under OPTIONS/GAME): Adventure and Action.

What a pain, the first 3-4 negative reviews :( I was waiting for them, as it is impossible to have none, especially when player’s number grow. But my heart sunk, I cried a lot of tears from my lonely eye! No…that’s not true...I have 2 eyes.
Now I try to put my mind at ease, hoping that more people like ALBEDO :)

NOW: In the upcoming weeks I’ll update the game till the final release. In the current version, some of difficulty issues were fixed…In the coming update, lots of hints, texts and descriptions have been changed to smooth the learning curve. The first room should be a lot of easier to pass now.
BTW Let me know, specifically, what you think about difficult. Give me suggestions advice. Be part of development with me. The ancient meaning of ‘Early Access’ was this one. I believe in it.

Immediately after this DEV DIARY, I'll post to collect specific suggestions about difficulty level.
It is always difficult to close a post, I love to write for you and receive your feedback, but the cave is calling me. I have to finish ALBEDO.

Time is running out, but now I have a time machine!
Community Announcements - James
Hi Everyone, we really hope you're enjoying the game. Time for another update!

Screenshot from the latest update, he looks harmless....:

Some of you have expressed concerns that the game is still a little difficult. The game now comes with a multitude of features to allow easier navigation.

We are always open to your thoughts, please let us know what you think about the difficulty, controls, anything - in the community hub. :)

More cool, eerie sci-fi interiors to explore!:


- Cave level ending, meet a SILICON alien.
- New level: The Warehouse.
- New minigame: Circuit.
- Difficulty selection modal screen on new game.
- Direction arrow for hightlighted objects in easy mode.
- User defined shortcuts for action navigation ( Options/controls/shortcuts )
- Scroll handle in load game list
- Delete savegame function ( Right click or DEL on save game slot in load game list)
- Fix texts in 5:4 aspect ratio resolutions.
- No more flickering on temporal dilation tool.
- "Climb" action to go up on platform in Sewer level.
- Main goal text in pause menu.
- Fix clipping in Boiler room
- Fix white paper under torch light
- Fix bug of "turn off generators" goal.
- Other minor bug fixes

Thanks again everyone, here's some gifs of the game to whet your appetite!

Community Announcements - Duke
Albedo received an update today!

Please restart your client to begin the automatic update.

Included in the update:
  • Cave monster monologue cutscene
  • Improved GUI for the climbing scene
  • Clipping in first room fixed
  • Action difficulty re-tuned
  • Animated controls guide are now available in the main menu
  • Animated controls guide added as tutorial in the first room

Community Announcements - James
Happy Halloween!

We hope that you are enjoying Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space!

Today, we are releasing the next two levels for the game and these are two levels you’re definitely going to want to play for Halloween! The atmosphere gets more eerie and intense as the story unfolds a little more. :)

This update also addresses several bugs that all of you have helped identify in the Community Hub! Check out the notes below for a more comprehensive overview of changes.

Release Notes:
  • Two new work in progress levels! : "Oesophagus" and "The Cave"
  • The broken bulb bug is fixed
  • Clipping in the secret lab is fixed
  • The “jump on box bug” is fixed
  • The white screen bug is fixed
  • Missing text has now been filled in
  • Dodge movement added, quickly pressing the left or right key twice during combat will make the player dodge accordingly.
  • Kiwi apparition added as lighter position hint
  • Input key chart available in the main menu
  • Combining pipes now has visual feedback
  • Motion blur toggle option added
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
Community Announcements - James
Hey everybody!

Firstly, thank you ten thousand times over, for your support. Secondly, thanks again so much for your incredible support. Thirdly, last but not least: THANK YOU for your support!

It’s wonderful, working here in the Cave; giving substance to the visions in my head; thinking that all of you, clever playerz, will play the world I’m creating. Or should I say, a maze! A-A-A-mazing!

Well! Halloween is here! So, here are some SPECIAL BONUSES!
FIRST -> An idea to terrorize your neighbors: Take a pumpkin, paint it white (not black, as rolling stones said), cut out one hole (the pupil in the middle of the eye) and put it on your head! You’ll be an Albedo monster!

SECOND -> The main one: I FINISHED THE UPDATE!!! Two brand new levels for you!
I already suggested what they will include and added some spoiler pictures, so as to avoid revealing other things. I’ll give you this one: you will meet someone, or something… in the end.
So, be sure to have a rifle in your hand. It could be useful.

THIRD -> The second main one: For all the players who didn’t get the game yet on Early Access: It will be available during the Steam Halloween sale!

Let me know what you think of these new levels, so I’ll be able to fine tune ’em.

OK… back to work! The Cave is waiting for me! Next step: two new levels AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!


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