Community Announcements - Mixed In Key
Hey everyone, BIG news. Flow 2.0 is now available on Steam. It's not the "final" version yet, but this is what's new so far:

New features in version 2.0 (now available on Steam)
  • Official support for Pioneer, Native Instruments, Reloop and Numark controllers
  • Support for TouchOSC bridge, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to control the software
  • New effects: "Filter" and "Energy", both mappable to a hardware controller if you have one
  • Ability to use the Hot Cue buttons on your hardware controller to play "previous segment, restart segment, or play next segment". It's a quick way to navigate your song while it's already playing. Totally badass feature.
  • ... and obviously, a lot more. This software is evolving quickly.

It's a free upgrade, so grab your copy and enjoy :) More features are coming for the "final" 2.0 release.
Community Announcements - Mixed In Key
Flow has 3 screens: Preparation, Play and Export. Use the Preparation view to create playlists, and get everything ready. It's our "homework" screen, and we don't touch Preparation again when we're live on stage.

Here's how we use Preparation at home:

Discover all the advanced features of the "Play" screen:

Enjoy DJing, and ask us any questions in the comments.
Product Release - Valve
Flow DJ Software is Now Available on Steam!

Use it to play perfect DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts. Flow is a powerful digital DJ application for performing beautiful DJ mixes.

Flow analyzes your music and splits each song into smaller parts. You can play these parts separately and remix live. You have the power to change every track you play. Flow's goal is to make you stand out.


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