Community Announcements - Jugival
I am glad to inform all users of Comicado that its successor JugiPaint is finally available at the Steam store. All who own Comicado can "upgrade" to JugiPaint with a 60% discount which will be in place for one month.
Please pay attention that the system requirements for JugiPaint are different than for Comicado (64-bit WIndows is now required). There is a demo version available so anybody can try the software before purchase.

I hope you will like the new software and won't miss few missing features from Comicado. As a whole package JugiPaint is far more capable than Comicado.
Jul 3, 2016
Community Announcements - Jugival
As you may know, Comicado is no longer in development, but it has a successor called JugiPaint. The new application, while inheriting most comics oriented features of Comicado, is intended to be more a general painting software, but with some "specialization" features (not necessarily only for comics creation).

Some key features of JugiPaint compared to Comicado:
- new, prettier and more adjustable GUI
- improved layers system and panels
- new, heavily improved brush system with wider range of brushes
- new, heavily improved vector tools

The current, development beta version of JugiPaint is free for download at:

When JugiPaint get available on Steam store, Comicado will be removed from it! There will be a loyalty discount of 60% for owners of Comicado wanting to buy JugiPaint!

JugiPaint is now on Greenlight!
If you wish that JugiPaint reach the Steam store sooner rather than later, please give it a vote.
Product Release - Valve
Comicado is Now Available on Steam!

Comicado is an easy and lightweight graphic application for creating comics and other illustration works. It combines many standard elements of digital illustration (layers, editable brushes...) with some new concepts like panels based artwork composition, which allows creation of editable comic layouts. Comicado provides tools and artwork elements for various phases of comic creation, from sketching to inking and coloring. Its flexible brush engine is well suited for drawing and painting.


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