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UWP Exporter Released

Clickteam is excited to present the Universal Windows Platform exporter. Fusion users can now build 2D games and apps that can be deployed to the Windows 10 Eco-system. Using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard and Developer you can target Windows 10 PCs, Windows Phones, Tablets and even the Xbox One*. Join the growing Windows 10 market space with your existing titles or create new ones. The exporter includes powerful features like hardware acceleration, joystick powered virtual mouse and much more. Grab your copy and start creating awesome UWP content for Windows 10 and Xbox One today!

*Requires Clickteam Fusion Standard or Developer and the UWP Exporter. Additional Requirements for the UWP export module: To compile the final file you need Microsoft Visual Studio. To test or deploy on the XBOX One you will need to sign up for an XBOX One developer account and set your XBOX One to “Developer Console Mode" XBox One UWP is currently in developer preview. (More Info --

25% OFF of regular price for first week of release!

More Info at

Community Announcements - kisguri

The Annual summer sales event is here! To celebrate picnic style Clickteam has put on all the goodies on sale. Peek in our basket to see 25% to 80% off all our listed items! See below for more info!
20% to 25% off of DLC as well!
Community Announcements - kisguri
We wanted to pass on some exciting news about your favorite program authoring tool today!

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free Edition Released on Steam!

We have finally brought the free version of Fusion today to Steam. If you haven't tried Fusion yet and want to see what it's all about give it a try here. If you have Fusion already tell you friends who have yet to jump in about it. The free version has no time limits but is feature limited. For a complete comparision visit this page...

Steam Workshop Tool updated!

After a seriously ridiculous delay, We are very proud and excited to present to you a brand new Workshop tool. This one will auto download items you have subscribed to and give you access to them. It will also allow you to upload, simply click Windows/publish to access the interface.

The new tool is available in your Tools option inside of Fusion and is part of the new 285.8 update. We hope you guys like the new Workshop tool and we look forward to seeing some awesome content on our Workshop. Visit the forums if you have any questions!

UWP Exporter coming soon!

In conjunction with Microsoft we are proud to announce the forthcoming release of a new exporter. The Universal Windows Platform App exporter will allow users to build projects for Visual Studio that will compile apps for the Windows 10 Store Eco system and for Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more information on this exporter, release is coming REAL soon.

#IWantToCreate contest voting

The entry period for the #IWantToCreate contest is over and voting has begun. Visit to check out the 35 entries submitted by Fusion users and make your vote count.

Winner gets the new UWP exporter, Developer and a Xbox One!

#MadeWithFusion #IWantToCreate

Community Announcements - kisguri
Check out the #IWantToCreate contest over at, enter to win a free Xbox one and the new forthcoming UWP exporter!

Details here:

Contest Info
  • Theme: Create any kind of game in Fusion, where Conspiracy is part of the subject matter.
  • Contest Period: June 3rd thru Jun 16th 2016

  • Grand Prize: Xbox One, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and our brand new Windows UWP exporter for Windows 10 platforms
  • Runnerup: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and android exporter
  • 10 Honorable Mentions: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard
Community Announcements - kisguri

AVG Compatibility Issue

Several users have reported a crash recently. After some investgation it seems to be related to AVG antivirus and Steam Client.

We reached out to Valve to resolve the issue. In the mean time users are reporting success with these three solutions.

  • Add a exception for Fusion in AVG
  • Disable AVG antivirus, This solution is 100% successful
  • Run Fusion in Admin mode, This solution is currently reported about 80% successful

Will keep you advised once we hear back from AVG or Valve. Please feel free to post questions or concerns in the Steam community forums, in the sticky thread made for this issue.


Community Announcements - kisguri
Piotr's Oddplanet is now released on Steam. This excellent Limbo-like might be worth you taking a look at.

About the Game

OddPlanet is a side-scrolling adventure game inspired by Limbo and Oddworld. You will guide a lone little girl through the hostile environments of an alien planet and help her survive. She will share her feelings and thoughts. Prepare to experience atmospheric sounds, music in stereo and meet fascinating creatures in this beautiful, hand-painted world.

Community Announcements - kisguri

Check out this excellent article by PBarwick on suggestions on how to build a excellent Kickstarter campaign. Based on research done by Barwick in preperation for his own campaign.

Also if you a fan of bright and colorful shooters featuring cats, it might be worth you time to check out his game Super Mega Best Cat Adventures. Described as
"...a colourful, retro twin-stick shooter. Battle unusual enemies ranging from washing machines to feline ice lollies, exploring a randomly generated maze to hunt for power-ups and save your kittens!..."] WAT! Might be worth you time checking out, in age of internet cattery it could really be the next cat's meow! (sorry)
Community Announcements - kisguri
Several cool #MadewithFusion Games are part of the Humble Bundle Winter Sale!

Several cool games #MadewithFusion are part of the Humble Bundle Winter sale up to 75% off. Check the Humble Store for more. Bit Odyssey, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Fort Meow are heavily discounted for the next two weeks, visit the following links to learn more!

Bit Odyssey:

AVGN Adventures:

Fort Meow:
Community Announcements - kisguri
Community Announcements - kisguri
Rock Rock Rocket needs your help to get on Steam, Check it out below!

Open world first person shooter made in Fusion ?!

Clickteam is proud to partner with Fusion 2.5 user Ryan Stevens to bring you Rock Rock Rocket to Steam! The first "3d" open world game made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Adventure in this First Person Shooter awaits as a lone astronaut, an interstellar scientist and part of deep-space research team. When a routine job on an alien planet goes from bad to worse, players find themselves stranded in a world full of constant danger and endless discovery!

Features Include

• A gripping Sci-Fi Survival Storyline with events that unfold over days, and weeks in real time
• A heap of weapons and abilities to unlock
• Multiple areas and zones, and day/night cycle with weather that changes up gameplay
• Various Random Side events that pop up during each session.
• A repairable, upgradeable Rocket ship that functions as your base of operations
• Complete Research Sample Collections: discover and catalogue alien wildlife, plants and minerals
• A whole range of space creatures, and enemies, to find and fight.

Click the link below to read more, see a video and give us a vote!

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