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Community Announcements - kisguri
Freedom Planet is out now!


Long time Clickteam user, Strife, has just released his epic Sonic like "Freedom Planet" to Steam for PC!

The game is described as such, "We've mixed together dozens of the best gameplay elements of 90s-style Japanese platformers such as Sonic's speed, Mega Man's combat prowess and Gunstar Heroes' insane boss fights. We'd love it if you could help us battle the nefarious Lord Brevon and his army of shade troopers!"

Check out the game now! Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Community Announcements - kisguri
Vote for Fusion!

One of our users has kindly nominated us on this survey on Slant.com (thanks Matt Lucas!) If you are a Fusion fan then head on over and let the world know! With all of our fantastic dedicated users out there we should make the top spot in no time! We appreciate your incredible support!

Community Announcements - kisguri
Over the weekend we released to you our valued users a update to Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Build 282.00 ads some new features and provides a bunch of fixes, check them out below!

Build 282.0 - Change log
- Editor: fixed a crash on Steam when you select the Windows Explorer tool
- Editor: fixed a conversion issue for MMF 1 applications
- iOS: fixed a bug causing some objects to be deleted in the previous build - note: this might "unfix" a bug that was supposedly fixed, but I don't know which one.
- The Xbox Gamepad object is now included in the main product

Build 281.9 - Change log
- iOS Store object / Windows runtime: crash in comparisons with the LastErrorString and LastErrorNumber expressions
- iOS: Fixed crash in iOS store object

- iOS: Fixed “Destroy if too far from frame area” option kill-zone

- iOS: Fixed fast loops being triggered twice if the frame had a fade-in transition

- iOS: Fixed multiple touch crash if touching the screen many times during a transition
- iOS: Fixed backdrops on the bottom layer not showing up in a transition if a scroll event was used at the start of the frame

- iOS: Fixed compiler issues on pre-iOS7 SDK’s (GameController)

- iOS: Fixed crash in physics system

- iOS: Added missing numeric version of Easing object ‘Move object’ action

Build 281.8 - Change log
- Editor: when you create a new path movement, the initial speed was set to 0 (since the build 281.4)
- All runtimes: crash when you launch objects with a physical movement and you quit the frame or application before those objects are deleted
- Android: Fix in platform movement, moving to left was slower than moving to right.

Build 281.7 - Change log
- Editor: links in the welcome page are now opened in the default browser.
- Editor: Fix in new All Boxed Up tutorial
- Editor: FGL Html5 object didn't appear in the object list on some machines
- Editor: FGL Flash object caused compilation errors
- Editor / Android: an old version of the Android object was installed by the previous beta versions, causing crashes in the event editor
- Editor / SWF: Mochiads options have been removed and the 'Use Mochiads' option is automatically unchecked when you load a MFA.
- Android: new fix in accelerometer

Build 281.6 - Change log
- General UI: can't open help from the new startup screen
- Windows stand-alone apps: removed a debug message box forgotten in the build 281.5

Build 281.5 - Change log
- General UI: crash at start on some machines due to the welcome page
- Action list editor: you are no longer allowed to paste full events (conditions + actions) or groups
- Windows runtime: in frames with more than 8192 "real" event lines (other than comments) the first event lines were overwritten but the lines above 8191 at runtime
- Windows Runtime / Developer version: language not written to the EXE file properties when "Compress the runtime" is not selected
- Android: fix in accelerometer

See complete list here: http://www.clickteam.com/webftp/files/mmf2/ChangeLogs/282.0.txt
Jun 19, 2014
Community Announcements - kisguri
Summer Sale is here!

Have been waiting for a sale of Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 or the Developer upgrade? Or maybe you have been hoping that the exporters would go on sale? Well now is your chance. We have participated in the Steam summer sale with reduced prices on CF 2.5 and all DLC's between the 19th and 30th of Jun!

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 - 50% off/
Developer Upgrade - 33% off
Android Exporter - 33% off
iOS Exporter - 33% off
HTML5 Exporter - 33% off
Community Announcements - kisguri
Are you working on something interesting or cool in Clickteam Fusion. We want to hear about it. We love to showcase awesome projects made in the tool and help the author get some more attention to project. Fill out this form and we will do our best to spread the word!

Creations Form: http://www.clickteam.com/promote-creations
Community Announcements - kisguri
Clickteam is happy to announce full access to our community site for Steam users of our tool. We have leveraged the Steam API for our community site over at Clickteam.com. You can now enter your Steam ID on the following link...


And it will register your Clickteam products you have on Steam to you Clickteam.com account. This will allow you to have access to the owners areas of the forums for support reserved for product owners. It will also allow you access to the bugbox for bug reporting and tracking.

Please note you will need to register a account on community.clickteam.com before using the above link. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Community Announcements - kisguri
If you haven't tried Clickteam Fusion 2.5 yet now is your chance with our Free Weekend promotion on Steam! If you a Steam user who doesn't have CF2.5 yet you can download in your Steam Client and try it till sunday.

Visit CF2.5 on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/248170/
Community Announcements - kisguri
We have successfully launched out Workshop today. It is fully functional and is ready for you to grab tutorials, Open source files and other resources. And if you are brave perhaps post your own! More information below....

This tool linked below will allow you to access files in the workshop that you have subscribed to. Once a few users have checked it out and verified it works as expected it will be embeded under the tool tab in CF2.5. Note we are working on getting subscriptions to download automatically, currently you have to grab them manually though the tools Download section.

Community Announcements - kisguri
Our developer upgrade is now available on steam, enjoy new objects, added functions and a logo free runtime agreement. For more information visit the product page on steam: Developer on Steam


Additional information available at the sites


Please let me know in discussions if you have any questions.
Community Announcements - kisguri
Congratulations to CT usee DistantJ who's recent Greenlight project Manos: The Hand of Fate was just approved for inclusion on Steam. J is also the main man behind the excellent game, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. Make sure to send him a congratulations note on his Greenlight page!


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