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Community Announcements - EGSRantis
It's been one whole year... WOW. I honestly can't believe how fast that happened. Thank you guys so much for your support and making Guncraft a success. Without you, there'd be no future for us, so we're unbelievably grateful for each and every one of you :).

Now we know all of you have been wondering what we've been up to all this time. If you've been poking around our official forums, you've gotten hints that we've been working on a "big update." Well we are ready to announce when that big update is coming. We'd totally announce it today, but it's a Saturday and most people wouldn't even notice our announcement if we posted it today. SO IT'S HAPPENING TUESDAY!

Are you ready? I know we are. It's been a long time coming and we're so excited to finally tell you guys what it is.

Check back on Tuesday, August 12th for the big announcement!

Block and Load!


Update: Change of plans. Read about it here. We made a boo-boo >_<.
Community Announcements - Darknuke
Three new epic block packs have just been released to grow your ever expanding arsenal of creativity.

  • Wild West - Get ready gunslingers, your Wild West pack is here. Containing 54 new cowboy era blocks, you can create the most epic showdown of a map ever. Just be sure to create your own matching skin and gun to go with it!
  • Under the Sea - Create your perfect aquatic landscape with this premium block pack. Containing 45 brand new blocks and a new coral reef themed skybox, you can develop your own underwater paradise full of life and color.
  • Deep Cave - Get ready to spelunk in this premium deep cave block pack. Create the perfect cavern with 56 new blocks.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Block and Load!
May 25, 2014
Community Announcements - Rav3n
Hey guys! For today and tomorrow only, Guncraft is on sale for as little as $1 on HumbleBundle's daily bundles! Also available for today only is Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse if you beat the average payment and Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion for $9!

Purchase your Reverb Bundle today! https://www.humblebundle.com/
Community Announcements - Rav3n
Hey guys,

Guncraft has been voted GameHaunt's Indie Game of the Year! On behalf of the entire team, thank you so much for your votes! We couldn't have done this without you!
Link: http://gamehaunt.com/best-of-2013/
Dec 2, 2013
Community Announcements - Rav3n
Guncraft is a massive 75% off, but only until the end of the latest Steam Flash Sale! Click here to take advantage of this amazing discount while you can: http://store.steampowered.com/app/241720/
Community Announcements - BigMtnSkier(REVERB)
Want to test out the new Paranoia mode early before the big content update on Monday?

Follow the instructions below and have fun!

Just a reminder that this is only the new mode in the Beta, all the other features for the update will come on Monday.

The Beta Password is: ParanoiaBeta

And here’s how to activate your Beta access on steam: http://imgur.com/a/Sp3z6

Don't be scared! ;)
Community Announcements - Darknuke
Here it is, the big Halloween update. YOU wanted it, YOU got it! Paranoia mode is our answer to the overwhelming number of requests for a "zombie" mode, but like most of our modes, we'd never settle for an industry standard, boring ol' zombie mode. Paranoia Mode combines the "Zombies vs Humans" game theme with the tension of a spine-chilling, horror B-movie. At the beginning of the mode, one or two players are secretly selected as the "zombie queen." The zombie queen appears to be a normal Guncraft soldier model but they have the power to turn any human they kill into zombies with enhanced speed and jumping advantages. Humans must band together, survive the swift attacks of zombie hordes, and use special abilities, wits, and teamwork to figure out who the zombie queens are before all humans are converted into minions of the undead horde. Check the trailer for it here!

We weren't content with just giving you one thing this Halloween though. We're also giving you Melee Gunsmithing! Now you can create your own melee weapons under the archetypes of the hammer (faster prefab construction), drill (faster mining), sword (high damage), and pickax (all-around).

The Admin Controls Pack also makes its debut. Change gravity, force loadouts, increase player speed, remove hookshots, disable parachutes, disable vehicles, and plenty of other options. Like we've always promised, this is YOUR first person shooter and you should have as many controls as you want to make it exactly how you want.

There's also a slew of minor features that make big changes to your Guncraft play. We've added new customization options to gunsmithing, including duel wield (purely visual) and different attachment regions (left hand, chest, and head). We've also added voice options for the skin crafting, so you can have a male or female character. Secondary weapons have been removed in favor of choosing two primary weapons. You can now rock a shotty/sniper build or double hookshots. Achievement and Badge rewards are also in. Earn various achievements or unlock the trading card badges and you'll find yourself with new skins (for achievements) or new guns (for badge levels). Resolution changes also make there way in! This was the #1 request at Steam launch and we got a lot of flak for not having it, so now we do!

AND FINALLY, we have our first two DLC packs. The Sci-fi and Horror SFX packs. For 99 cents each, you'll unlock new sound effects for weapons, ambiance, and voices. The Sci-fi Pack comes with laser gun sounds, robot voices, and various spacey ambiance noises for maps. The Horror Pack (just in time for Halloween!) comes with several monster voices, a chainsaw melee weapon sound, and several spooky ambiance noises for maps. Again, we'll never release paid DLC for Guncraft that would segment the user base, so these customization features will be our form of DLC. Expect more epic stuff to come out in the near future. We're also working on something extra special that will hopefully come out towards the end of the year.

So, Happy Halloween! We hope it makes your Guncraft experience even better. We're super excited to hear what you have to say about it all.

Block and Load!

-Paranoia Game Mode
-Melee Gunsmithing
-Admin Controls Pack
-New gunsmithing customization options
-Voice effects for skins
-Two primary weapons over primary/secondary
-Achievement/Badge rewards
-Resolution Changing
-Sci-fi and Horror DLC Packs, 99 cents each USD.
Community Announcements - EGSRantis
1.77 Crashes, tweaks and ready for rebalance

[[Included in steam 1.76 patch but new for non steam people]]
* Fixed startup crashes when workshop files you are subscribed to are missing
* Fixed stencil file crash if you are in spanish language
* Light block outlines in gunsmithing now appear
* Full Screen mouse now works 100% of the time after you enter settings screen

[[New for 1.77]]
* NEW MAP: 2Fort from TF2 (yes with full permission)
* Officially licensed TF2 weapons to go with the TF2 skins
* Visual recoil - and its an option choice on custom guns DEFAULT=OFF
* Craftys in firing range now hold your gun and show the 4 main animations
(So you can see how stupid it looks when your truck gun 'reloads')
* Size of cursor and offset included in foundry
* New font
* Updates to enable gun rebalance
* Elevator blocks are not destroyable
* Several startup and other crashes.
Community Announcements - Darknuke
To celebrate our launch of Steam Workshop as well as our official Team Fortress 2 crossover skins, we're giving away Guncraft at 50% off. If you've been on the fence about buying, now's the time! So stretch those creative and twitch muscles and Block and Load!
Community Announcements - EGSRantis
1.76 - Steam Workshop
* Workshop/Inventory now available through Foundry
- Remove items you no longer want
- Rebalance custom guns
- Steam users only: Share items through Steam Workshop
* Toggle grid in gunsmithing using Ctrl+0
* Fixed tracer rounds not appearing
* Added RGB pickers to all color selectors
* Fixed Graboids flying into space in Onslaught on Random Terrain maps
* Two new block cursors: horizontal cylinders and ellipsoids
* "Randomize Teams" changed to "Auto-Balance Teams", actually auto-balances teams now
* Moved loading of custom content to speed up startup
* You can now use ironsights while jetpacking
* Fixed respawning in firing rang

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