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Community Announcements - arossa
From now until April 30th, if you buy a retail copy of SONAR X3 Studio you will receive the PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor for ProChannel (a $49 value) for free.

If you buy a retail copy of SONAR X3 Producer you will receive both the PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor AND the CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier (a $149 value) for free.
Community Announcements - Dan Gonzalez [Cakewalk]
Community Announcements - arossa
We've just added a ton of new sound packs as DLC for SONAR X3 on Steam!. These high quality sounds for Cakewalk Sound Center include Pianos, Organs, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Strings, Video Game Sound FX, & more. Pick and choose the right style for your music or get the entire bundle for a reduced price.
Community Announcements - Dan Gonzalez [Cakewalk]
TH2 is the guitar amp modeling software included in SONAR X3 and Music Creator 6 Touch, and while it deserves all the high praise it’s received as a guitar processor, one aspect that is often overlooked is its deep MIDI routing capability. More specifically, it’s possible to adjust the settings of TH2’s amps and effects pedals and even switch between separate banks, sounds and variations by using a hardware MIDI controller or a MIDI CC message in a track.

Community Announcements - Dan Gonzalez [Cakewalk]
MIDI is a great way to work with music and has powerful capabilities that appeal to users of all levels. There are a lot of unfamiliar terms and concepts in the MIDI world so we have compiled a short guide about some of the more basic concepts.
Community Announcements - Seth Kellogg [Cakewalk]
This update applies to:

  • SONAR X3 Producer
  • SONAR X3 Studio
  • SONAR X3

This patch focuses on user reported issues against X3d and features nearly 100 enhancements including improvements to the audio engine, loop recording, ARA (Audio Random Access), comping, and much more.

Fixes include:


  • Resolved an issue where the background VST Scanner would not scan all plug-ins when “Re-scan failed plug-ins” and “Re-scan existing plug-ins” were selected
  • Resolved an issue where moving a VST3 plug-in from one FX Bin to another on a saved project could result in lost plug-in settings
  • Support for UADs Chaining API has been removed from SONAR as it is no longer supported by UA. This corrects potential warning messages and unstable behavior when using UAD plug-ins in SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where the VST Scanner was hanging/crashing when scanning certain DMG Audio plugins (32-bit VST2 as well as VST3 versions)
  • Resolved an issue where FX Chain modules would reset input and output sliders to 0 upon reloading a preset or freezing a track (CWBRN-21885, 13200)
  • Resolved an issue where certain VST3 plug-ins (Waves, DMG) would not retain their settings when reopening a project (CWBRN-23699, 23932, 24472)
  • Resolved an issue where DMG VST2 plug-ins would expose the wrong interleave setting in SONAR
  • Resolved an error generated with Nomad Factory’s Magnetic II and Cosmos plug-ins when selecting items from dropdown menus
  • Resolved an issue where ProChannel EQ parameters could reset to default settings when reopening a document
    Melodyne ARA Integration:

  • Resolved an issue where copying and pasting Melodyne ARA clips would not retain changes made to the original clip (CWBRN-23095, 23145)
  • Resolved an issue where lowering the project tempo of Melodyne ARA clips that were set to “Follow Host Tempo” would not result in the Melodyne clips playing slower
  • Resolved an issue where Melodyne blobs in RegionFX clips were not lining up with the grid at certain tempos

  • Resolved an issue where moving clips in Take Lanes could result in corrupted clip previews.
  • Resolved an issue where automation would not display in Automation Lanes after restoring a screenset where the lanes were expanded (CWBRN-20226, 17385)
  • Resolved an issue where bouncing a clip in a Take Lane could shift it to another Take Lane instead of bouncing the clip in place
  • and much more! A complete listing of the patch release notes can be found here: http://www.cakewalk.com/support/kb/reader.aspx/2007013361

Note: STEAM users do not need to download the patch file at the link above. Your patch delivered automatically through the STEAM client.
Community Announcements - Seth Kellogg [Cakewalk]
Z3TA+ 2’s synth engine can generate sounds that stretch across multiple genres. By utilizing Z3TA+ 2’s advanced modulation matrix we can shape just about everything, even drums sounds.

Read More at the Cakewalk Blog

Buy Z3TA+2 today
Community Announcements - Seth Kellogg [Cakewalk]
In celebration of our latest release. Steam users can enjoy 25% off Cakewalk ProChannel Modules.

  • The CA-2A VST2/VST3 component can be used with any version of SONAR X3. It can also be used in other VST Hosts.
  • The CA-2A ProChannel Module can only be used in SONAR X3 Studio or Producer.
  • The Concrete Limiter, Channel Compress, and Expander/Gate can only be used in SONAR X3 Studio or Producer.

Discount offer only applies to Steam users. Sale runs 2/14/14 - 2/21/14.
Community Announcements - Seth Kellogg [Cakewalk]

  • Resolved an issue with Dreamstation not being installed
  • Resolved an issue where Sonitus:FX Surround Compressor was not being installed
  • Resolved an issue where Cakewalk Analyst was not being installed
  • Resolved an issue where Cakewalk Tempo Delay was not being installed


  • Dreamstation operates as a x86 synth only.
Community Announcements - Seth Kellogg [Cakewalk]
Save 15% off any SONAR X3 upgrade.

Plus you receive the Groove 3 SONAR X3 Explained video for free (a $40 value)
More info here: http://www.cakewalk.com/page.aspx/Free-Groove-3-SONAR-X3-Explained-Video-Giveaway


  • Sale runs 2/14/14 - 2/21/14
  • Groove 3 video will show in your Cakewalk.com store account.

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