Community Announcements - u2bleank
Hello everybody,

Following our latest update we announce you that Black Ink’s selling price will be raised to $59.99.
However, before this price raise we are offering a special discount from 9th to 19th February on steam and our website.
So if you want to have Black Ink, don’t hesitate now, you will benefit freely of all the subsequent updates.

See you soon
Bleank Team
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.301.2448 is now available

Hello everyone and happy new year!

We’re very glad to announce a new major update for Black Ink!
This update is very important as it offers brand new tools that will expand even more the field of brush creation.
It took a lot of time and effort to integrate these new powerful tools, while ensuring the continuity of performance and comfort you have always been used to experience with previous versions of Black Ink.
This is why we hope that you will like using it as much as we liked making it.

You can now apply any type of effect on your brush like smudge, blur, procedural shapes, textures, shadows, relief, gradients, etc.
These effects are fully editable within Black Ink thanks to a new dedicated language called BSL ( Brush Shader Language )

You can already access the video presentation for this update

We would also like to thank you for your patience, we didn’t want to release this version too early.
Keep in mind that we’re developing Black Ink with the intent of bringing you a complete and powerful generative art creation software/solution that will, hopefully, leave its mark in the future.

In the months to come, we will integrate UI scaling so Black Ink can be used on 4K screens. We will also add support for more layers and, of course, plenty of new brushes with even better effects.

See you soon !

Changes in motion :

List of changes :

New Use shaders on brushes
You can now select a Shader effect for a Brush

New BSL Editor

New Brush Preview Panel

New Brush Manager in an independent panel with search and filter options

New Brush Float parameter has been redesigned

New Brush Vector 2 parameter has been redesigned

New Brush Color parameter has been redesigned :
  • Solid color type now can be embedded in the Brush Parameter bar
  • You can now choose between 2 types of color picking interface ( normal or Wheel )
  • Gradient editor has been redesigned
  • New Autopicking color type is introduced. In this mode the color above the cursor when starting a Stroke is automatically returned ( like a EyeDropper )
  • New Raw color type was introduced. Here a color created entirely with the controller editor is returned.

New Brush texture parameter
New Brush gradient parameter
New Some default controllers have been added
New some default Brushes have been added
Shape step

Smudge blur

Canvas fill

  • Fixed Pink flashes on the User Interface on Intel GPU ( see issue, issue, issue )
  • Fixed Image saving issue on AMD GPU ( see issue, issue )
  • Fixed Flickering in the Brush Preview windows when moving Brush Parameters
  • Fixed crash when using the transform tool on tiny canvas resolution ( see issue )
  • Fixed crash when tried to crop with an active selection
  • Fixed Popup on child window transparency issue ( see issue, issue )
  • Fixed if a crash occurrs, the file is recovered with its orignal filename and directory ( see issue )
  • Fixed Incorrect Hue color in color picker ( see issue and issue )
  • Fixed Fill bug from the layer menu ( see issue )
  • Fixed Invalid Azimuth interpolation along a stroke
  • If an invalid stylus calibration is detected the error message will only be displayed one time per application launch.
  • The size of the drawing cursor is now clamped and can’t exceed 96 pixels
  • The fade in/out of the cursor when drawing has been changed.
  • The trial time for the demo version is now 4 Hours.
Community Announcements - Bonnimimi


We’d like to give a warm thank you to all of you for supporting Black Ink’s development and reassure you about our releases.

We had some negative comments recently and we’re very sorry about the next release taking that much time. We wanted to add a very ambitious and powerful feature to Black Ink and this was a colossal task. Please have a look here to see more about it!

We sometimes need to lay down important groundwork for future development. It may take some time on our side but it’s only to offer you more options and power. Once we’ve taken care of one of these huge tasks, we always take some time to release corrections and additions based on your feedbacks. The release after next one will be one of these and will come much faster.

Please be assured your patience will be well worth it!

One more word about pricing. Even though Black Ink is not listed as Early Access on Steam anymore, this is still how we work and that’s why we didn’t change the price yet. There are still a lot a features we want to add before calling Black Ink a final product and purchases made right now still represent a huge discount on the final price.

Thanks again for your patience and support!

Bleank team
Dec 30, 2015
Community Announcements - Bonnimimi


In this holiday season we’d like to keep you updated on Black Ink’s progress.
We’re working on a whole new system that will make our brushes way more powerful. This new development will allow us to add texture, blur, smudge and many other effects to the brushes while maintaining Black Ink’s speed. Stay tuned for further informations!

In the meantime we hope you had a great christmas and we wish you a very happy new year!

Bleank team

Doodles made by Bleank Team during the Talent days exhibition in Lyon

Sep 4, 2015
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.249.2089 is now available

Dear Black Ink users,

We hope you had a wonderful summer and we’re happy to present you a new version of Black Ink!

This update includes a lot of features you asked for as well as new innovative tools:

We now have an autosave feature, resize and crop functions for your document, new drawing helpers with interactive straight lines and angle snap, a very useful new type of brushes and more.

Please have a look at this video to discover all these new features and please let us know what you think!

[center][size=150]Download Video[/size][/center]

List of changes :

  • New Straight Line Draw mode( Shortcut: K )
  • New Pressing the Shift key when drawing now displays a Snap Angle Wheel. The angles can be edited in the Straight Line Parameters
  • New Angle snap parameters on the main Toolbar

  • New Simple line default brush.
  • New Pencil default brush.
  • New Free Fill default brush.
  • New Polygonal Fill default brush.
  • New PondPlant Fill default brush.
  • New Angle line Fill default brush.
  • New Ruins default brush.
  • Felt pen default brush has been updated (It now uses the tilt and the pressure of the stylus to adjust opacity).

  • New Crop Tool (shortcut: Shift+C)

  • New Image - Resize Dialog
  • New Auto Recover - Auto recover option can be accessed throught the Preference Panel in the General Tab section
  • The New.. Dialog has been redesigned. It has default and user presets and the ability to define a starting background color.
  • The Fill layer tool is now directly accessible in the Main toolbar. It comes with these associated shortcuts:
    • G - Fill the current layer or selection with the current fill color
    • Ctrl-G - Fill the current layer alpha with the current fill color
    • Ctrl+Alt+G - Fill the empty areas of the current layer with the fill color.
    • Alt+G - Switch the Eyedropper between the current brush color and the fill color
  • Fixded The time parameter wasn’t reinitialised between strokes ( issue )
  • Fixded When cancelling the transform operation of a selection the selected area was erased ( issue )
  • Fixded Using the “Del” shortcut when using the transformation tool clears the canvas instead of the currently transformed object
  • Fixded Problem occurred when using the stylus button when drawing ( issue )
  • Fixded Grayscale JPG can now be opened
  • Fixded Random crashes
  • Better Image sampling after a transformation ( less blur after a simple Transform -> Move operation ).
  • The shortcut for Flip Vertical has been changed ( previously G, now Shift+F )
  • Be carefull if using the Tilt stroke parameter in controller because now return a value between 0 and Half PI ( previously 0 to 1 )
May 13, 2015
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.225.1998 is now available

Dear Black Ink users,

We’re happy to announce a new release!

Following the introduction of floating windows in the last release, we added a new “Secondary Viewport” which provides a second, independent view of your document to save unnecessary navigation while you work. It has all the common navigation and drawing capabilities of the main view to give you as much freedom as possible and create your own workflow.

We also added a log window to follow what’s happening inside Black Ink and a Preference window. This first batch of options in the preferences will help you set-up and troubleshoot your tablet as well as adjust GPU options.

On the drawing side, you can now choose whether or not to have a constant screen brush size and flip your canvas horizontally or vertically with corresponding shortcuts. Very useful for sketches!

About future updates, we are still working on our fill tools which are shaping up to be a very interesting and complementary addition to Black Ink’s features.

As always thank you for your support and see you again soon for more news!

Bleank Team.


List of changes :

  • New Secondary Viewport. This panel displays another view of the canvas with the same drawing features and live editing.
  • New U shortcut: toggle Secondary Viewport
  • New Drawing view can be flipped horizontally(shortcut: F) or vertically (shortcut: G)
  • New The brush size can be made constant in view space or in canvas space (toggle with: Y)
  • New Preferences Panel ( can be accessed from Main Menu > Edit or Main Menu > Window)
    • Stylus Section : User can now monitor some parameters of their stylus.
      • A calibration process is accessible now if Black Ink doesn’t retrieve correct stylus position.
      • The Reset button sets the calibration values back to the driver’s default.
      • The Precise stylus calibration check box discards the tablet driver’s stylus position and relies on the system’s mouse position (less accurate)
    • GPU Section : User can choose a rendering API, a specific adapter and whether Black Ink should wait for the VSync of the monitor when rendering the user interface.

  • New Log View panel. This panel displays logged information of Black Ink activity (shortcut: I)

  • New Notification Bar : Warning and error messages are displayed on this bar if the Log panel isn’t visible.

  • Fixed Rendering artifacts on some brushes

  • Fixed Random crash when changing color after clicking the color button in parameter editor.
  • Fixed Crash when using the Transform tool on little canvas.
  • Fixed Crash when opening a grayscale JPEG image.
  • Fixed Using the second button on a stylus stops the stroke and the user can’t draw until he uses another tool
  • Fixed An error in color mode blending equation.
  • Fixed The lasso informations are now in canvas space. This enables the user to transform the view while retaining all lasso data.
  • Fixed Tool icons and brush favorites overlaps after a Black Ink Window resize

  • Color palette is now interpolated in gamma space instead of linear space for easier color picking.

  • The maximum zoom limit is now 6400% instead of 1600%
  • TestPanel 1 and TestPanel 2 have been removed.
Jan 28, 2015
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.205.1923 is now available

As promised in our last annonce, a new Black Ink release is out!

The most important new features are customizable layout, multi-monitor support and stroke smoothing.

List of changes :

  • New DirectX11 renderer when available
  • New Hold Z shortcut: set the drawing smoothness
  • New The Controller Editor can now be dragged out of Black Ink’s main window. More panels will have this behavior in future versions.
    This feature shows the new Stacking capacity for such windows in Black Ink. However, some controls/editors are fixed to their place to keep a consistent UI.
  • New Ctrl+← shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window left panel
  • New Ctrl+↓ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window bottom panel
  • New Ctrl+→ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window right panel
  • New M shortcut: Toggle Brush Manager panel ( for the moment this panel is fixed and can’t be dragged out )
  • New Ctrl+T shortcut: Transform current selection
  • Improved Framerate when drawing.
  • Black Ink window can be resized by the dragging the top border
  • In the transform tool, after clicking a command button (like “flip horizontally”) the focus is not tied to this button anymore, so that pressing Enter validates the current transform.
  • You can now click on the brush and eraser icon in the top right part of Black Ink to directly select the last brush or the eraser ( same as B and E shortcut )
  • An option have been added in the Zoom tool to enable/disable zooming at more than 100%.
  • When using the Save command on a document which isn’t a BKD, the program automatically transforms the command into a Save As.
  • Fixed Sometimes when doing Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on big images, the copied content isn’t polluted with some invalids squares anymore.
  • Fixed The Color Blending mode doesn’t output blocky results when using dark color
  • Fixed Crash in trial version when saving when the trial time has expired ( issue )
  • Fixed Random crash after loading a BKD
  • Fixed Crash when importing a grayscale JPG
  • Fixed Several ( all ? ) random crashes when using the program
  • Fixed If the Selection or Transform properties are opened in the sidebar panel, clicking the "Show Brush manager" has effect ( issue )
  • Fixed When hovering the Selection and Transform tools, the popups can disappear under the cursor, and you can only get them back by moving the cursor out of the panel and back into it. ( issue )
  • Fixed With multiple monitor, the Black Ink Window is moved to another monitor when activating the application.

This new version was a lot of work because we added some substantial internal features, which led to significant changes in the core - but it was well worth it because it will allow us to integrate powerful features more easily!

Black Ink’s OpenGL renderer is also underway, and will eventually lead to the Mac OS X version.

Anyway thank you for your support and patience.

See you soon

Bleank Team.
Community Announcements - Bonnimimi

Black Ink development is still going at a steady rate, and while it has been a few months since the last release, the next one is coming up next January.

We have been working on some substantial internal features that changed the core of the software and needed some time. These internal changes will allow us to add important features we have planned for the next few releases.

In the meantime, we have started to port Black Ink to Mac OS X - follow this link to see the upcoming features.

Last but not least, you have been quite a few to ask for Black Ink tutorials.
We began a Getting started series. Have a look and give us feedback!

TUTORIAL1 - First Step

TUTORIAL2 - Controllers

A very warm thank you for your support, your feedback and your patience!
We wish you all the best for the year to come.

Bleank Team
Aug 21, 2014
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.173.1777 is now available

List of changes :

  • N! Selection tools :
    • Create Polygonal Lasso.
    • Tip : When you Adjust a Polygonal Lasso primitive
      • Use Shift+Click to add a new control point
      • Use Alt+Click to remove a control point or an edge

    • Create Lasso.
  • New + shortcut ( Zoom step in )
  • New - shortcut ( Zoom step Out )
  • New We can now zoom more than 100%

  • Fixed Some random crash when using a Tablet and when a wrong auto calibration is computed ( issue )
  • Fixed Crash when loading an image when the Select & Transform toolbar is collapsed.
  • Fixed Some brush Shape type was not affected by the current selection ( issue )
  • Fixed Fill Layer was not affected by the current selection.
  • Fixed Crash when loading a grayscale PNG ( issue )
  • Fixed Sometimes brush preview is incorrect ( displaying the preview of another brush )
Jun 11, 2014
Community Announcements - u2bleank
The Version 0.161.1686 is now available

List of changes :

  • New Selection tools :
    • Create rectangle primitive.
    • Create ellipse primitive.
    • Tip : When you create a new primitive you can use shortcuts to choose an operation :
      • Use Shift+Click to add a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Alt+Click to subtract a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Shift+Alt+Click to keep only the intersection of the primitive with the selection.
    • Adjust last selection. Allows you to adjust the latest selection primitive to refine your selection instead of canceling and starting over.
  • New Ctrl+C shortcut (copy selection from the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut (copy selection from all visible layers)
  • New Ctrl+V shortcut (paste content of the Black Ink clipboard on the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+X shortcut (cut the current selection)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut (select current layer’s opacity)
  • New Ctrl+A shortcut (select all)
  • New Ctrl+I shortcut (invert selection)
  • New Ctrl+D shortcut (deselect all)
  • New Ctrl+F4 Exit Black Ink
  • Fixed Losing DynamicsTextures on the canvas when resizing the Black Ink window in Direct3D 9.
  • Fixed Edition of double slider sometimes buggy when a value is entered in a numeric box (see
  • Fixed The Eraser side of stylus didn’t work.
  • Fixed Crash when saving with the transform tool active.
  • Fixed Wrong window size when windows taskbar is not positionned at the bottom of the screen (issue
  • Fixed Overwrite message displayed in all situation when using the Save As command (issue
  • The brush cursor is thinner and uses an inverse color technique for better visualisation:

  • Transformation Editor update:
    • When transforming a layer the gizmo now surrounds only meaningful content and not necessarily the entire layer


    • It’s now possible to undo/redo with the transformation tool active (useful to compare original state and current transformation without exiting the mode).
    • You can now configure (in options) the alpha and the visibility of the handles and the frame of the transformation gizmo.
    • You can define a snap angle in the transformation parameters.
  • It’s now possible to open .BKD directly from the windows explorer if you assign Black Ink to this file format.


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