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Hi Folks, Alpha 10 is out now! It comes with many new features such as the new competition game mode that adds competing ai colonists. They are still behaving a bit experimental. There are different fossil resource deposits now which will run out over time. We started adding steam achievements - claim your victories by starting the game. A redesign of the info panel now keeps the ground conditions visible even with a building on top.

If you appreciate our work and like the game please consider writing a short review to push it on steam!

Competition Mode
The competition mode is available for all campaign planets and also for every planet you generate in the sandbox.

In this mode you have to reach a certain population goal and can choose up to 4 AI players. The screenshot above shows a game against 3 opponents. How fast they grow depends on the amount of resources available and the difficulty you choose. You can also steal their land and buildings with watchtowers. In this first version of the AI they wont defend themselves.

The navigation (space key) helps to maintain an overview and the stats menu allows you to compare in detail.

Fossil Resources & Info Panel
The info panel received a new look and some additional functionality:
  • The information of building and field are now separated, so it's always possible to see all details.
  • When focusing a building in the development menu or in the build ring you can now see the production range of the building.
    E.g. a fishery will produce between 8 and 20 food depending on where you place it. Putting it onto fishing ground is essential. In addition you should make sure to leave some free fields between fisheries.
  • For fossil fields the gray bar shows the amount of resource left in the field. The energy produced by fossil power plants will go down over time. This will make buildings like coal power plants much more powerful, but you will have to be careful to use them the right way. Fossil resources are limited…

We wish you a lot of fun with the new version and happy Easter days.
Jens & Martin
Nov 6, 2014
Community Announcements - martin
We have released a new demo that comes with many of the new features we have added to the early access version recently.

The most important update is that Tuto has been completely reworked and now comes with more buildings, new goals and a much better story presentation.

In addition we have unlocked the Free Play mode on Tuto so demo testers can play without time and growth limitations. In exchange we have taken the Joma mission ;-).

It would be really great if you could spread the word and let others know about the Imagine Earth Demo.

Jens & Martin

PS: The Early Access version has also been updated with these changes.

Oct 2, 2014
Community Announcements - martin

We have uploaded version 0.7.0 of the Imagine Earth Demo to Steam some minutes ago and hope you have a lot of fun with it!

This is what’s new:
  1. Enhanced research system
  2. New tools
    • Disable buildings (to save resources)
    • Relocate buildings
  3. Wildfires
  4. Gui enhancements
    • Options within main menu
    • New savegame menu (number of savegames is no longer limited)
    • Highlight player regions in navigation mode
  5. Fixed a lot of bugs
  6. #RL: Founded a company (previously we have been a partnership)

Time to play Imagine Earth now ;-)

Jens & Martin

PS: Two days ago we also released a new Early Access version of Imagine Earth.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Imagine Earth’s demo reminded me of Project Godus, which is a bit like having a face that reminds me of the kid who used to bully me at school and showed up a decade and a half later in the toilets of a dingy nightclub, horribly drunk and tearfully apologetic. In both situations, the unintended reminder inspires a mixture of anger and pity that I’m choosing to call ‘angety’. Initially, Imagine Earth was a catalyst for ‘angety’. I played on though, clicking and collecting resources through the tutorial, and soon enough I was enjoying myself. The playfields are smaller than those in Godus and rather than expanding simply for the sake of it, Imagine Earth’s colonies must be balanced and controlled. Take a look, or try the demo now.

… [visit site to read more]


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