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"When will they make a new System Shock?" you ask, sticky little hands tugging at my hem. "I want a new F-Zero. Where's my new No One Lives Forever? What happened to Desperados and Silver?" I stop you there, because curiously someone's showing interest in those last two.

Publisher Nordic Games today announced it has closed a deal with Atari to buy the rights to cowboy tactics 'em up series Desperados and action-RPG Silver.

As well as raking in the money from selling the existing games--they're all available on various digital distributors--Nordic says it'll work on "evaluation of sequels & new content".

Spellbound's Desperados games were respectable enough real-time tactical affairs set in the wild west, and while they may not be famous that probably meant they weren't too expensive, and the name does still carry a little weight. The first game hit PC in 2001, followed by sequel Cooper's Revenge in 2006 then Helldorado in 2009. The announcement only mentions the first two, so it seems Helldorado wasn't included.

Picking up Silver, however, is quite curious. It's a little-known RPG from 1999, released on PC and Dreamcast to middling reviews, and never even received a sequel. Puzzling.

Nordic has opened forums for people to, the press release says, "openly discuss on how these titles should move forward". Look, it's an Austrian company; cut it some slack.


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