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Evolve didn't go over as well as developer Turtle Rock Studios had hoped, but the Left 4 Dead developer is moving onward and upward. IGN noticed that Turtle Rock has posted a job notice for an animation programmer to help gear up on an as-yet-unannounced new intellectual property.

"We are searching for an exceptional programmer to help us in developing unique and stunning characters for an unannounced, cutting edge game targeting next generation hardware," according to the advertisement."

There are six job postings on Turtle Rock's website, three of which (including the one soliciting resumes from programmers versed in animation) explicitly reference the studio's new IP. Another, narrative director, will "work closely with our Creative Director and Head Writer to create and oversee compelling stories, characters, and content that form the backbone of the game’s story."

The third and final ad pertaining to Turtle Rock's new project calls for a senior rendering programmer to develop "new shaders and post-processing effects," among other duties.

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Take a break from playing the Overwatch Early Access Beta to watch Andrew chat it up with Aaron Keller of Blizzard. He breaks down Overwatch gameplay and gives us some guidance on what to expect on the DLC front.

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Shacknews spoke with Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games about their upcoming party-based role playing game. Please take a look.

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Shacknews talked with Torn Banner Studios at PAX East 2016 about Mirage: Arcane Warfare. The studio captured the interest of our community with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and we are excited to see how this title evolves up to its 2016 release. 

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After teasing DLC for season two of Rainbow Six: Siege earlier this month, Ubisoft announced a release date for Operation Dust Line on Twitter. "We’re proud to announce that our next DLC, Operation Dust Line, will be released on May 11th. More info soon."

Soon means soon: Ubisoft will be showing off Operation Dust Line during a livestream set for this Saturday, May 7. A brief teaser is also available

In the meantime, we can review what we already know about the forthcoming expansion pack. There will be two new characters: Valkyrie, a Defender who wields sticky cameras and a SPAS-12 shotgun; and Blackbeard, an Attacker type who mounts a shield to his weapon and packs a Desert Eagle.

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Respect your elders, Dark Souls: Shadow of the Beast, a tough-as-nails 2D platformer developed by Psygnosis Unlimited for Commodore's Amiga PC back in 1989, was one of the original standard bearers of the Hard Game Club. Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs is working on a remake published by Sony and due out later this month on PS4.

As a treat to fans of the original game, as well as new players interested in exploring Beast's roots, Heavy Spectrum has integrated the original game as an unlockable bonus.

"As fans of the original, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to give new players that same experience that inspired us," explained Matt Birch, CEO and founder of the studio, in a PlayStation blog.

Serving up the original wrapped in an emulator comes with a few advantages. As you now know, Shadow of the Beast was a difficult game, so Heavy Spectrum implemented an infinite-lives cheat code for players who need a helping hand.

Elements of the Amiga original tie into Heavy Spectrum's take on Shadow of the Beast in other ways. "We know music is incredibly important to the atmosphere of Shadow of the Beast," Birch said. "The incredibly talented Ian Livingstone has produced a fantastic dynamic soundtrack specifically to complement our take on this universe, with each level getting its own theme and the music escalating as the fighting increases in intensity."

Shadow of the Beast will be available on PS4 on May 17.

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Minecraft developer Mojang have spent months crunching sales numbers to determine which add-on packs for everyone's favorite pixelated sandbox game sell best on Xbox One. After tabulating the results, Mojang put together Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, a bundle of the base game and those seven top-selling expansions.

The pack, available in stores across Australia and New Zealand on June 7, and everywhere else on June 21, collects over 120 skins and five texture packs. You'll also get UI tweaks and new in-game music.

"That’s more than enough to spice up your Minecraft experience," wrote Mojang's Owen Hill in a blog announcement. "I recommend the Favorites Pack to anyone who enjoys playing excellent video games on the Xbox One."

As for which packs come bundled in Minecraft Xbox One Edition, those results can be found below—ranked, one presumes, in order of selling status.

• Minecraft: Xbox One Edition• Battle and Beasts Skin Pack• Battle and Beasts 2 Skin Pack• Natural Texture Pack• City Texture Pack• Fantasy Texture Pack• Festive Mash-up• Halo Mash-up

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Studio Wildcard has announced some new content has been added to the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved that includes three new dinosaurs, a new weapon, and something that may or may not be a giant Yeti.

ARK: Survival Evolved has received three new dinosaurs to its ever-expanding list of jurassic wildlife. The first is the Lystrosaurus, which is a dog-like creature that can be hugged and petted in order to earn a temporary boost in your character’s XP, as long as you’re staying close to it. The second is the Arthropluera a giant centipede that can be mounted and is capable of launching a devastating acid-spit attack which can be directed. The third is the Sabertooth Salmon, or the Oncorhynchus Grexlamia for those in the know. They’re generally a passive fish that swims in large schools for protection, but if you’re able to catch one, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious salmon-steak dinner.

The latest update to ARK: Survival Evolved also introduces a new boss fight against the mighty Megapithecus. The Megapithecus can be found in its snowy-mountain area, although players will most certainly have quite the boss fight to complete as not only is he difficult to take down, it also has an army of monkey minions at its disposal.

With all of these new creatures to hunt, tame, and pet, you’re going to need a new weapon. Today’s update introduces the Primitive Bola, which can be wound up and tossed at players and smaller creatures in order to temporarily trip and ensnare them. The Bola can also be used to knock enemy riders off their mounts and pull down flyers from the sky.

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Resident Evil has been on the outs lately. The sixth game was a mess of conflicting tones, a glut of minigames, and bombastic action that contrasted starkly to a franchise once rooted in tension and ambience, and multiplayer-focused efforts like Raccoon City festered at retail faster than the T-Virus takes to settle into hosts.

Still, there's a bright spot on the horizon. Capcom announced an official remake for fan-favorite Resident Evil 2—though mum's the word on a release date—and the company has released a series of video interviews with developers looking back on RE history in celebration of the first game's 20th anniversary this past March.

The latest video features Masachika Kawata, a developer who worked on Resident Evil 4, 5, Revelations, and Umbrella Chronicles. Kawata is surprisingly blunt when it comes to the wrong twists and turns the games have taken over the years. "The original Resident Evil games captured a feeling of fear and horror. I think those were the aspects those games put the most importance on. Starting from Resident Evil 4, however, the games started to put more emphasis on entertainment and the gameplay experience itself."

Despite a few missteps, Kawata is proud of Capcom's willingness to experiment, preventing the series from growing stale over 20 years. "In Resident Evil Revelations 2, we used the cliffhanger storytelling style to tell an episodic story."

Video interviews with Koji Oda, director of 2002's Resident Evil Zero, and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, has helped produced RE games since the very first game on PlayStation One.

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Naughty Dog revealed Uncharted 4's multiplayer DLC roadmap... in the form of a literal map.

As you can see, the map details what new content will be added to the game from this summer all the way through spring 2017. You won't be nickel-and-dimed for this content, though. Naughty Dog has embraced a free-to-play approach for Uncharted 4.

"Right off the bat, we want to highlight that all future maps and modes will be included with Uncharted 4 at no additional cost, and all vanity and gameplay in-game store items will be unlockable through gameplay," lead designer Robert Cogburn announced in a PlayStation blog published earlier this week.

The decision was made to avoid fragmenting the game's multiplayer community into haves and have-nots. By giving all players free access to modes and maps, no one will get left behind when the community migrates to new content.

As for gameplay- and vanity-oriented content, you'll unlock that the old-fashioned way: by putting in time. "We strongly believe that players must be on an even playing field. To do this, we made Relics, a currency that can only be earned through gameplay and will be able to unlock all DLC, present and future. We will be putting future gameplay items ranging from Mysticals to Boosters into DLC Gameplay Chests. Each Chest will contain new gameplay items."

Players earn Relics by competing in matches. Relics can be spent on Vanity Chests and Gameplay Chests—the former containing things like skins and hats, while the latter offers up weapons and boosters.

This way, Naughty Dog avoids luring players into pay-to-win traps so pervasive in premium and freemium titles: you'll earn new stuff by playing the game instead of buying your way to better gear.

Check out the full blog for more details, such as how points are awarded in multiplayer matches.


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