Shacknews - Asif Khan

Nintendo just dropped a massive update to the Switch. Please take a look at the patch notes.

Improvements Included in Version 4.0.0 (Distributed 10/18/2017)Added the following system functionality

Capture video on select game

  • To capture video, hold down the Capture Button during gameplay
  • Up to maximum of the previous 30 seconds will be saved in the Album. You can trim the beginning and end of each clip, and post to Facebook and Twitter.
  • As of October 18th, 2017, this feature is compatible with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon

Select from 12 new Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild icons for your user

  • To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Profile

Transfer user and save data to another system

  • To transfer, head to System Settings > Users > Transfer Your User and Save Data

Pre-purchase option on Nintendo eShop

  • A pre-purchase option will be available for certain games. This option allows pre-load of the game to your system for quicker play when the game is released.
  • This feature will be supported by future game releases

News channel updates

  • The news feed has been updated with a new look.
  • Unfollowing a channel will remove that channel's content from the news feed and following the channel again will make it reappear.

Match software version with a group of local users

  • To create a group, head to the software's Options > Software Update > Match Version with Local Users
  • Everyone's software will be updated to match the most recent version in the group
  • All users must be on system menu version 4.0.0 or later to view and join a group

General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience, including:

  • Changed the specification which hid wireless networks using TKIP security from the network search results. Wireless networks using TKIP security will now display in search results as a grayed-out selection instead of not being displayed
    • The Nintendo Switch console supports WEP, WPA-PSK(AES), and WPA2-PSK(AES). If your router is using a different security type (e.g. WPA-PSK(TKIP)), you will need to change this security type within your router's settings.

Rejoice Shacknews, now we can make thirty second videos of games! Well, a few games. Holding the share button briefly will now trigger a 30 second video clip being recorded. Data transfer between Switch consoles is also a welcome feature that should have been available months ago. Either way, now we're playing with power! Find out how to update your Switch at Nintendo's Switch Update Support webpage.

Shacknews - Greg Burke

This week on Shack's Arcade Corner we take a look at Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, an arcade game developed and published by Capcom in 1996 as a sequel to Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom. The game takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Mystara. The game had some intracies of a role-playing game that made it sort of difficult to grasp when I was shoving quarters into the cabinet back in the day. Check out the video for more information on the game.

For more videos, including gameplay and interviews, visit the Shacknews and YouTube channels.

If you have a suggestion for a future episode of Shack's Arcade Corner, please let us know in the comments section or tweet @shacknews & @GregBurke85 with #ArcadeCorner. 

In case you missed any of the over 100 episodes, check out our Shack's Arcade Corner YouTube Playlist.

Shacknews - Bill Lavoy

With the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige raid, Bungie introduced a bunch of mechanical changes, and made the enemies tougher to kill. I’ll look at what’s changed in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige raid.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige Raid Changes

The first big change that people should be aware of is the revive system. Previously, you could revive one teammate each. This meant that your entire fireteam had one revive each, and six total. I could die five times, but a different member of my fireteam would need to get me back up each time. On the other hand, if I revived a teammate, and then another one died, I would not personally be able to get the second player up. Someone else would have to do that.

The revive system is back, but with a change that is designed to kick you in the face right off the bat. If you die, you lose your revive token. This means that if I die, the player who gets me up must not have died during that section, and must not have revived anyone else. It’s designed to cause you problems, which it most certainly will do.

Gauntlet Prestige Changes

The Gauntlet was one of the easier portions of the raid if it didn’t Destiny you, but it’s about to get a bit tougher. The changes here are that the shielded Psions will spawn at the plate, only there are two. There will be one in front of the plate where it normally is, and another that’s close by. Both will need to be killed to avoid a wipe.

There is also the Proven Worth debuff that needs to be dealt with. Once a runner makes it through a round of the course, they get the Proven Worth debuff. This stops you from being able to run again. You will need two new players to navigate on the second round, and two more new players on the third. All players on your team need the Proven Worth buff.

Once all players enter the Gauntlet at the end, there will only be three orbs, not four. Three Guardians will have to skip getting orbs each run. This shouldn’t mess up your team much, as there were only four orbs previously. An additional player must skip each gate, that’s all.

Royal Pools Prestige Changes

Most of this section is the same, but enemies are a lot tougher and do a lot more damage. Beyond that, only two major changes are found in the Royal Pools.

First, when you kill a Ceremonial Bather, they will drop a pool on the ground. If you step in this pool it will decrease your Psionic Protection much faster. Avoid stepping in the pools of purple goo, obviously.

Beyond that, there is a change following the damage phase. After the damage phase ends, you’ll need to look at the center plate and take note of your symbol. As per usual, this will be Dog, Cup, Axes or Sun. You will then need to run to the plate that has that symbol on it to receive the Psionic Protection buff. If you do not do this, your team will wipe. Beyond that, the Royal Pools remain relatively the same.

Pleasure Gardens Prestige Changes

The Pleasure Gardens were probably the toughest part of the raid before, and that remains the case now. There are some minor changes that will cause players significant problems getting through this section.

First, there are now eight Royal Beasts instead of six. If you thought moving around the Pleasure Gardens sucked before, it’s worse now. This is amplified by the fact that the pathing for the original six Royal Beasts has also changed. This one is all about repetition and learning the new pathing for the Royal Beasts, but other than that there are no changes.

Emperor Calus Prestige Changes

There is only one change to the Emperor Calus boss fight in the Prestige raid, but it’s a big one. When a player kills a Psion in the throne room, they will be instantly teleported to the purple skull world, and a player from the purple skull world will be teleported back into the throne room. This will cause all kinds of chaos and communication challenges, and your weaker Guardians will be exposed here. Luckily, Calus can still be killed in one phase, so there’s that to look forward to.

For more, visit our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for everything you need to know about being the best Guardian you can be.

Shacknews - Charles Singletary

While Google's Deepmind is trying to find out if AI can navigate the complex RTS Starcraft 2, machine learning continues to leap over milestones for traditional strategy board games. AlphaGO is an AI that previously defeated masters of the Chinese game, but that version was given a silver platter of professional and amateur games to study. AlphaGO Zero has learned Go entirely from scratch.

This new version of AlphaGo learned the game via "reinforcement learning" or by playing games against itself. By combining the neural network with a powerful search algorithm, it tunes itself to predict moves and calculate who'll eventually win the match. The updated network is rematched with the algorithm and this rinse/repeat method results in steady improvements. With this process, AlphaGo Zero has defeated the world-champion AlphaGo 100 games to zero. The Deepmind blog listed a few specific ways Zero differs from its older brother:

  • AlphaGo Zero only uses the black and white stones from the Go board as its input, whereas previous versions of AlphaGo included a small number of hand-engineered features.
  • It uses one neural network rather than two. Earlier versions of AlphaGo used a “policy network” to select the next move to play and a ”value network” to predict the winner of the game from each position. These are combined in AlphaGo Zero, allowing it to be trained and evaluated more efficiently.
  • AlphaGo Zero does not use “rollouts” - fast, random games used by other Go programs to predict which player will win from the current board position. Instead, it relies on its high-quality neural networks to evaluate positions.

Google's Deepmind is a leader in AI research, regularly reaching milestones in the field they believe will be one of the most crucial in scientific advances. "AlphaGo Zero also discovered new knowledge, developing unconventional strategies and creative new moves that echoed and surpassed the novel techniques it played in the games against Lee Sedol and Ke Jie," the report reads. "These moments of creativity give us confidence that AI will be a multiplier for human ingenuity, helping us with our mission to solve some of the most important challenges humanity is facing."

Shacknews - Chris Jarrard

Back in late June of this year, I found myself needing a new mouse. My not-so-trusty incumbent mouse had developed clicking issues that were causing me to pull out my hair during PUBG sessions and day to day browsing. I prefer a simple mouse. I only use the basics, so why bother with or pay for all the extras?

My favorite mouse is probably the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. Released in 2003, it represented the culmination of refinements made to the Intellimouse brand since its introduction in 1996 and was a real fine piece of equipment. If I wanted it badly enough, I could track down some new Intellimice from eBay and be done with this ordeal, but I was interested in seeing how the market had progressed for the no-frills gaming mouse in the last decade. I began researching my options and narrowed down the field to 4 contenders, the Razer DeathAdder Elite, the Mionix Naos 7000, the Steelseries Rival 310, and the Logitech G403 Prodigy.

About the Naos 7000

PC peripheral maker Mionix is pretty new on the scene. Founded in Sweden around 2007, the company offers a variety of gaming-centric mice and have expanded into the keyboard and desk accessory market. The Naos 7000 mouse was originally released in late 2013 and sports an ergo-style design for right-handed users. It has 7 total buttons: left click, right click, mouse wheel, forward, back and two DPI selectors.

The mouse has a rubberized coating all around that feels very good in the hand. It feels more “expensive” than the other plastic shell mice I’ve used over the years and does not make my hand or fingers sweat during game play. The wheel also has a rubber ring for extra grip. Just below the wheel are the DPI selector buttons. You can go from 500DPI to 7000DPI in increments of 50. The main buttons use the ADNS-3310 sensor and the clicking action feels good.

The side-mounted forward and back buttons have perfect placement and a great feel. The inner mouse wheel and front palm area sport a set of LED lights that can be controlled with the Mionix Mouse Software and I was able to dial in an accurate shade of white that perfectly matched my keyboard and PC case lighting. In addition to a static light, you are given the option to have the lights blink, pulse, color shift, or be turned off entirely.

A Refreshingly Light Software Package

Software for gaming peripherals has become a wasteland of horrible design and internet-connected bloat (see our piece on NZXT's CAM fiasco). Mice that require software for configuration are often bogged down with needlessly resource intensive packages that no one asked for. Razer’s Synapse is one of the biggest offenders and often causes more problems than it fixes. I can gladly report that the Mionix Naos 7000 Software package is everything that you need with nothing you don’t. The download clocks in under 8MB and uses very little of your system’s resources. It does not set itself to run at Windows startup and doesn’t try and connect to the internet.

The visual layout could be considered rather spartan, but everything is easy to find and configure. It offers macro support and the ability to fine tune the sensor. The software offers something labeled S.Q.A.T, the Surface Quality Analyzer Tool to help tune the mouse to your specific pad, but was not needed in my case, where the mouse tracked like a dream out of the box on my Corsair MM300 desk mat.

Does it Make Me Good at PUBG?

I began using the mouse for browsing and work and everything worked as expected. I was eager to see how the thing would feel in hand as I have not used a mouse that had such aggressive supports for my ring and pinkie finger previously. I have some fairly large mitts and I found that once I was positioned in the way that the mouse design seemed to promote that my clicking finger were almost at a 25 degree angle from the normal position. Holding the mouse with the ergo-grip felt good, but made precise clicking less than optimal for my hand.

I was able to adjust my grip in a way that got my index and middle finger where they needed to be, but I felt like any benefits to be gained from the mouse’s shape have been wasted. Even with the adjusted grip style, I found using the Naos 7000 to be great for games. The tracking was excellent and the button clicks felt right. The mousewheel has a good feel and selecting weapons with the wheel in the heat of battle worked perfectly every time. For gaming uses, I felt like this wheel was superior to those I tried on the Logitech and Steelseries mice in the same category. The braided cord is light and never once got in my way.

Final Thoughts

Though it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, I feel like I should mention the packaging used for the Naos 7000. Rather than a simple cardboard box holding a plastic clamshell, Mionix has opted for the best packaging I’ve ever encountered on a mouse. The Naos 7000 comes in a blue and white box that opens like a hardcover book to reveal its plastic inner cradle for the mouse. A hole at the top of the cradle has the braided cable fed through. It was easy to open, feels sturdy as hell and made the perfect home for the stray Logitech G403 I had from the previous review.

While I could not personally make the ergo shape of the Naos 7000 work with my hands, the mouse performed more than admirably for me in gaming and day to day use. Good switches, a great wheel, light software, and the rubber coating work together to create a package that is very attractive for the $39 it cost me to acquire. Mionix has followed up the Naos 7000 with a new mouse called Castor. It has an ambidextrous design in a smaller mouse while retaining all the features from the Naos 7000. It could be the perfect choice for someone interested in Mionix gear who are unable to make use of the ergo design of the 7000. If the exaggerated ring and pinkie support are what you are looking for, I cannot recommend the Naos 7000 enough. This is a solid mouse that performs the job well. 8/10 Intellimouse Explorer 3.0s.

You can check out Part 1 of the gaming mouse review round up, featuring the Logitech G403 Prodigy, by clicking here.

Shacknews - Bill Lavoy

Well, Guardians, it was too good to be true. Yesterday I wrote a guide about the Nightfall this week, and just to mess with all our good moods, Bungie changed it due to a known glitch. The new Nightfall for this week is the Pyramidion, and I’d say it’s a bit tougher to complete than yesterday’s Exodus Crash with its very forgiving modifiers. Still, here’s a guide to help you through the Pyramidion Nightfall in Destiny 2 which, truthfully, isn’t as bad as I’m making it sound.

The new modifiers for the Nightfall this week are as follows:

  • Torrent - Boundless power erupts from within. Your abilities recharge much faster. Use them to shatter your foes.
  • Timewarp - Zero Hour: The mission timer CANNOT be extended. Choose your battle carefully.

The challenges, should you choose to accept them, are as follows:

  • Speed of Dark: Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.
  • Unbroken: Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.
  • Siege Engine: Do not allow Brakion to remain shielded for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.

Pyramidion Nightfall Guide

The mission timer will start with 22 minutes on the clock. Because of the Timewarp - Zero Hour modifier, this cannot be extended. You must complete the Nightfall in 22 minutes to be successful. If you’re trying for the challenges, you must complete the Nightfall in 17 minutes to check Speed of Dark off your list.

The Torrent modifier is a gift on the Pyramidion. You will face many enemies. You’ll want a great area of effect grenade, like the Vortex grenade from the Hunter’s Nightstalker subclass. You could also go with the Solar grenade from the Warlock’s Dawnblade subclass. Those things will eat enemies, and you can throw them about every five seconds.

As the Nightfall begins, speed forward on your Sparrow with your objective set to Approach the Pyramidion. As you get close, this will change to Fight into the Pyramidion. You must activate the two plates by standing on them, and then defeat the Vex in the area. Consider leaving at least one member of your three-person fireteam up top to rain destruction down on the Vex. Once the plates are activated and the Vex are dead, your objective will change to Enter the Pyramidion.

Hop on your Sparrow and speed through the corridors until you see enemies. You can now hop off. Your objective will be to Travel into the Depths. Run and jump past all the enemies on the various platforms as you descend into the Pyramidion. Navigate through the three laser-like doors and traps until you reach a room where you must Defeat the Taken.

Use your abilities here. Drop your grenade on the Taken almost non-stop, only firing your weapons when you are waiting for your grenade to charge. As a team of three, you should be able to blast through this room in less than two minutes, and that includes the next objective, Defeat the Vex. They should also be the targets of your many grenades and abilities so you can blast through this as quickly as possible.

Enter the Warp Gate and you will be immediately asked to Find the Next Warp Gate. You’ll have to run through a series of laser-like doors and traps. Do so, and enter a room where you’ll need to Activate the Alters. There are a lot of Taken in here, but you should be able to push through them. The alters that you need to activate are just more plates on the ground. Stand on the plates to activate them. When you’re done with all three, go through the Warp Gate.

You’ll need to navigate through several more of those laser-like doors and traps as you try to Locate the Last Warp Gate. When you reach a room with a few Taken, kill them and then proceed through the laser-like corridor with rotating bars. If someone on your fireteam should fall, and they likely will, don’t stop to revive them. Push forward in the interest of time.

As you pass through the next area your objective will be to Hack the Network Towers. These look like Vex pillars that you can approach and turn your Ghost loose on. The problem is all the Vex in the area. This is likely to be your toughest fight so far in the Nightfall, so make sure you’re clearing a path and doing things right. Do them quickly, of course, but also do them properly and eliminate some of your enemies.

With all the Network Towers hacked, you can proceed through the final Warp Gate. In front of you will be a giant hole in the ground and your instructions will be to Enter the Conduit. This is code for you to drop down the giant hole. Do so, then Summon the Genesis Mind by standing on, you guessed it, another plate.

Your final objective will be to Destroy the Genesis Mind. This Vex fool likes to lock itself behind a wall you can’t penetrate. To lower the wall and deal damage, you’ll first need to… stand on the plates. These will have handy little objective markers to make your life easier.

During the actual boss fight and damage phases against the Genesis Mind, it would be a great idea to have a Warlock with the Healing Rift. Things can get all kinds of squirrely in there, and being able to regain some health is essential to staying alive.

It’s also important to focus on the enemies that spawn in. Damage is good, but the more damage you do, the more enemies you get. At some point you’ll be taking so much incoming damage that outputting it will become nearly impossible. This isn’t a long boss fight, so don’t worry too much if you must take 30 seconds to clean up the area.

When the Genesis Mind falls you’ll have completed the Pyramidion Nightfall with the Torrent and Timewarp - Zero Hour modifiers. Grab your loot, and then head over to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to study up and be the most powerful Guardian you can be.

Shacknews - Asif Khan

Game developers can now register for GDC 2018. The conference will run from March 19-23 with the Expo taking place on March 21-23. Check out the a detailed GDC 2018 schedule here.

There are a ton of different passes to choose from. Prices range from $149 all the way to $1949 for folks who buy passes before January 31, 2018. They only go up from there, so act fast if you want to attend. Here is some more information on GDC 2018 pass pricing.

There is an option to add VRDC@GDC to a GDC Conference+Summits, GDC Conference, or GDC Summits pass for $400. Register 10 or more people at the same time for select GDC 2018 passes and save 10% on the current price of passes included in your group. Find out more about GDC 2018 pass pricing, dates, and the schedule at the official GDC website.

Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia

The Hearthstone Summer Championship having wrapped up over the weekend, with Kim 'Surrender' Jungsoo coming out the winner. The weekend was filled with thrilling moments and strong deck builds, but when the smoke cleared, Hearthstone players had a much clearer picture of the game's meta moving forward.

For today, Shacknews takes a look back at the weekend's Hearthstone action and looks at some of the biggest winners and losers of the HCT Summer Championship.

WINNER: Orange's Shaman Deck

Like a handful of other competitors, Jon "Orange" Westberg brought along an Evolve Shaman. But there was something different about Orange's deck. To mix things up, he sprinkled in an 8/8 Sea Giant.

The reasoning was that with part of the Shaman's win condition involving board presence, Orange figured that he'd find a spot for an 8/8 minion in the late game. During a post-game press conference on Saturday night, Orange had pointed out that even if the board was clear, there was still a good chance to toss down the Sea Giant, whereas a second Bloodlust would be a dead play on an empty board.

The gamble paid off throughout the weekend, giving Orange a powerful minion on-board that could remove large threats and help set up the Doppelgangster/Evolve combo. Few had answers for the hefty Sea Giant and it helped propel Orange all the way to the grand finals.

LOSER: OmegaZero's Hunter Deck

Zheng "OmegaZero" Lin zigged where everybody else zagged, bringing the sole Hunter deck in the HCT Summer Championship. The hope was that the Hunter would work quickly and prove to be a good matchup against Jade Druids, potentially ending the game before the Druid could ever get the game-swinging Ultimate Infestation. And the strategy did work... one time.

Unfortunately for OmegaZero, the Hunter came up empty the rest of the way, putting up a meek 1-5 record for the weekend. Even against the Jade Druid matchup, the Hunter started to run low on resources near the end. And without the Deathstalker Rexxar draw, the Hunter had no other counters for the opposition. Hunter has the potential to be a strong deck, but it wasn't meant to be this weekend. Without enough card-draw tools, the Hunter has far too little to work with in the current meta.


There weren't a lot of Mage decks present at the HCT Summer Championship, but the Mages that did show up did some serious work. The Mages carried a 62.5 percent win rate, mainly on the backs of Facundo "Nalguidan" Pruzzo and Chen "tom60229" Wei Lin.

On top of that, both of those Mages couldn't have been any more different, with tom60229 using a Highlander Mage and Nalguidan playing control with Giants. Both decks were able to keep the board under control with spells like Meteor, Blizzard, and Frost Nova. They were also to gain board presence by using Medivh, the Guardian and Alexstrasza, putting immense pressure on the opposition. Sure, Freeze Mage isn't what it used to be, but there are still enough Mage decks out there to do some serious damage against the dominant classes of the current meta.

LOSER: Warlock

Warlock looks strong on paper, especially when throwing Bloodreaver Gul'dan into the equation. The problem is, the Warlock had a tendency to run out of gas in the later stages of the game. It became so bad that by the end of the second day, OldBoy had lamented his Warlock choice, saying in a post-game press conference that in hindsight, he would have opted to leave Gul'dan at home.

Part of the reason for that is that Warlock has proven to be a flat-out bad matchup against the dominant Highlander Priest. Because Warlock is so dependent on siphoning its own Health for card draw, it becomes much more vulnerable to a Highlander Priest one-turn kill. It fares even worse against aggro decks, since part of the Warlock win condition involves reaching the Turn 10 Bloodreaver Gul'dan. While players like Japan's uya attempted to get creative by adding minions like Mindbreaker, Warlock players often had their backs against the wall and often found themselves playing from behind.

The couple of Warlock mirror matchups that came up during the weekend turned into ugly affairs, even if they did provide some of the most memorable moments of the weekend. Speaking of which...

WINNER: Dirty Rat

As noted, some of the wildest moments of the weekend involved critical Dirty Rat plays, mostly from OldBoy. OldBoy had some truly incredible Dirty Rat pulls, often pulling out opposing Doomsayers to clear the board and completely demoralize his opponent.

OldBoy's clutch Dirty Rat plays would continue through the final day. Playing against JasonZhou's Evolve Shaman, OldBoy rolled the dice with Dirty Rat again and pulled out JasonZhou's Doppelgangster, crippling his win condition and cinching a victory. Dirty Rat was one of the lone highlights of an otherwise terrible weekend for Warlock.

LOSER: Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Orange's Highlander Priest stood out with its use of Gadgetzan Auctioneer, a card typically seen in Miracle Rogue and occasional Jade Druid decks. The idea is for the Auctioneer to pick up some of the critical win condition cards, leaving Lyra the Sunshard and its random spells on the table. Why go with random spells when it's more crucial to get Prophet Velen, Shadowreaper Anduin, and Raza the Chained?

And while it's a solid strategy, for the purposes of the final game of the weekend, Gadgetzan Auctioneer wasn't able to get into its groove at all. It only got a single card draw, able to draw Prophet Velen. But since Priest doesn't carry as many cheap spells as the aforementioned Rogue and Druid, it couldn't do too much work and the Auctioneer wound up being somewhat of a dud.

Auctioneer in a Highlander Priest deck is a fine idea in theory, but by the end of Sunday, it was hard to buy into the idea of this minion in a Priest deck.

What were your big takeaways from the weekend? Give us your HCT Summer Championship highlights by joining the conversation in the comments.

Shacknews - Charles Singletary

Developed by The Molasses Flood and published by Curve Digital, The Flame In The Flood is a rogue-like survival adventure that has players traversing an apocalyptic flood with their pup companion. It's been released on Xbox One and PS4 but its recent release on Nintendo Switch has eclipsed them all with the best Day One sales performance on consoles thus far.

Simon Byron, the publishing director for Curve Digital, spoke with MCV about the release on Switch and shared that it beat Day One sales on all other platforms. As noted in the above tweet, it's also resulted in a lot of hype for their next game, Bomber Crew.

"It’s a real relief having our personal enthusiasm for the Switch being backed up with sales success," he says. "It’s been incredibly frustrating only having anecdotal evidence about the buzz for Switch titles, so we’ve been genuinely desperate to get a game out there so we could get some hard data ourselves."

Byron adds there was quite a buzz in the office as everyone waited to see the numbers. He had a figure in mind and it was a third over that. Fellow indie Stardew Valley is experiencing similar success, topping Nintendo's sales charts. With continued performances like this, Nintendo is headed to a software milestone and the incredible boost indies are witnessing will be explored throughout the life of the Switch for sure. Sony Music Entertainment has already witnessed the magic and is using their new publishing label to bring indie titles to PS4 and Nintendo Switch alike. It's wild that the Switch has ended up with such a dense software ecosystem but here we are.

Shacknews - Charles Singletary

Star Ocean has been sadly unavailable to PC-only gamers up until this point but Square Enix is reaching back to 2009 to deliver The Last Hope to Steam. Originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3, Star Ocean: The Last Hope will feature 4K support, Steam achievements, and support for controller input or keyboard and mouse.

The Last Hope wasn't the most well received in the series and isn't even the most recent title, so why did Square Enix go with this one? We don't have a definitive answer, but the game does stand as the very first when considering the series chronologically. Does this mean Square Enix will be eventually releasing all of the others in chronological order? We can only hope.

This 4K edition of The Last Hope will be coming to the PlayStation Store in addition to Steam for $20.99 on November 28, 2017. PlayStation Plus and Steam users will be able to grab it for 10% off up until December 12 and the PS4 version will include a system theme and 12 avatars if snatched up before January 8th. 


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