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If you use Google’s web browser Chrome, you might notice that Unity games embedded in web pages no longer work as of the latest update. As they’ve planned to since 2013, Google have disabled support for the way the Unity plugin works. Unity 5 does support WebGL, which works without plugins, but for now that’ll leave a whole load of browser games not working. You can re-enable support temporarily, if you don’t mind digging in settings, or simply use a different browser.

It’s been a while since I had to fire up another browser to visit certain websites that wouldn’t work properly in mine. It’s like the browser wars all over again!

… [visit site to read more]

Announcement - Valve
Save up 50-75% on new Week Long Deals on Steam, available now until September 2nd at 10AM Pacific time!

Announcement - Valve
Save up to 75% on this week's Week Long Deals on Steam, available now until April 22nd at 10AM Pacific time!


Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO Arcane Legends Launches on Android and ChromeSpacetime Studios' latest and greatest mobile/browser MMO Arcane Legends is now live on Android devices and the Google Chrome Web Store, giving fantasy fighters everywhere a chance to take on the forces of evil with their best pals by their side. Anyone keen on a Kotaku-exclusive in-game weapon?

Spacetime Studios applies lessons learned over the past few years of creating pocket-sized MMOs for mobile and web browsers to create its most impressive game yet. Arcane Legends sees players and their pets teaming up to take on all sorts of fantasy nasties, gathering powerful equipment, fighting PVP battles and learning a little something about friendship along the way.

Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO Arcane Legends Launches on Android and Chrome Players can choose between the beefy Warrior, nimble Rogue or oddly blue and squiggly Sorcerer. Kotaku readers can make that Sorcerer decidedly less squiggly with the Celestial Staff, an exclusive frost weapon just for you folks. Seriously, share this with anyone else and we'll find you.

Here's the code: kotaku111312

And here's how you use it:

New Players:
1. Start the app and play through the beginning of the game.

2. Be sure that you are on the correct class of character that matches the Promo Code item.

3. Once you enter Windmoore town, tap on the icon of your character in the upper left

4. In the menu that appears, tap on the button to Quit to Menu in the lower left.

5. Tap the STS Nexus button on the top menu bar

6. Tap the Enter Promo Code button in the lower right of the Offers tab

7. Enter the Promo Code

8. A message will appear stating that the item has been granted to your character

Current Players:
1. Start the app and log in.

2. At character select, make sure you are seeing the character you want the Promo Code item to go to (Axes or big swords for Warriors, daggers or dual blades for Rogues, staves or wands for the Sorcerer.)

3. Tap the STS Nexus button on the top menu bar

4. Tap the Enter Promo Code button in the lower right of the Offers tab

5. Enter the Promo Code

6. A message will appear stating that the item has been granted to your character

Have fun, kids!

Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO Arcane Legends Launches on Android and Chrome Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO Arcane Legends Launches on Android and Chrome Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO Arcane Legends Launches on Android and Chrome


Build Your Own Super-Ugly LEGO House In Google ChromeHey, look! There's this new thing on Google Chrome where you can build stuff with LEGO. It's part of a new partnership, and it's super cool. But don't judge by my horrendous creation that you see above.

You can build stuff right on the map of Australia or New Zealand in rotatable 3D, and share your (hopefully less ugly) houses and buildings and whatever else you come up with.

Coming from the daughter of two architects, I really should have done better. But in my excited haste to show you all Google's new partnership with LEGO Australia, my rushed house came out kind of crappy. It definitely won't pass inspection. Maybe I should consider turning it into a haunted house instead.


You might've seen those Google Chrome ads that feature Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber. Virtual idol Hatsune Miku also got a Chrome commercial, which Kotaku posted before.

That commercial recently won Bronze Lion Award in the Direct Lions category of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. That festival is in the same city that holds the famous Cannes Film Festival. So this is like the Cannes Film Festival of commercials!

Google Chrome's Hatsune Miku Ad Wins Bronze in Cannes Lions [ANN]


There's a prequel to the latest Battlestar Galactica series on the way, dealing with the adventures of a certain Bill Adama during the first Cylon War.

Here's the series' first trailer, which it appears somebody snuck out of last weekend's Wondercon. It looks exciting, and surprisingly expensive. Then again, it's a trailer. It's supposed to look good. Whether the actual show (filmed almost entirely on green screen) can live up to this is anyone's guess!

The series is called Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. It began filming last year, and while it was at one point mooted as a candidate for being an online-only affair, this looks too awesome to not get the big (well, bigger-than-a-monitor) screen treatment.

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Missed this somehow when it came it appeared a couple of days ago, but it’s worth a look for anyone using Chrome as their browser: Carbon Games have release AirMech for free, here. It’s sort of RTS/tower defence/shoot ‘em up with a transforming robot, and it can even be played co-operatively or competitively with others. It’s fast paced and looks lovely with its retro pixel art. Pretty impressive for a browser game, I would say.


The Stranger’s Dream $1 DLC for Bastion Sheds Light on the Narrator’s Past, Makes Things Easier or Harder It's been a day of surprises for fans of Bastion. First, they announce that you can play the gravel-voiced adventure in the Chrome browser. And now comes word that they'll be releasing DLC for the game next week. (This comes after saying that they'd never make any.)

The Stranger's Dream add-on hits on 12/14 for $1 and, as the title suggests, expands the backstory of the mysterious narrator. It also opens up two new modes. The customizable Score Attack lets you mix and match from the unlocked Spirits and Idols modifiers to rack up as many points as you can while the cakewalk No Sweat provides minimal challenge for those who just want to experience the story. This DLC will be available for Bastion for Chrome, too, in the next few weeks. The XBLA version will cost $1 and the Steam version comes as a free title update. More details can be found at Supergiant's website.

Announcing the Stranger's Dream DLC for Bastion! [Supergiant Games]

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OK, Google’s Chrome browser just officially became scary/magnificent. It’s been able to run a few games – like Plants vs Zombies – in a browser window for a while now, but the excellent Bastion has just been added, marking a serious step up in what’s technologically possible. The game starts playing in less than a minute of clicking the button to add it, it looks just like the standard version as far as I can tell, runs smoothly and scales to your screen/window size. Oh, and you can play a free demo then pay to unlock the full thing right away if you like. (more…)


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