Product Update - Valve
  • Gameplay: when no more zombie territories, humans win.
  • UI: merc control bar now accommodates any arbitrary amount.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip Territory Score screen.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip New Outbreaks screen.
  • UI: can press left/right to select upgradeable mercs.
  • UI: can press Enter for Yes/No popups.
  • UI: fixed Player 2 artillery cursor mixup.
  • UI: added loading animation to File Share menu.
  • UI: added URL tooltip in Behind the Scenes.
  • UI: vid. resolution menu now shows current resolution.
  • UI: helicopter name limited to 23 chars.
  • UI: add help message for bad profiles.
  • Mods: removed empty mods from database.
  • Fix: custom resolutions are now saved.
  • Fix: fix crash in Zed Bait.
  • Fix: fix crash in Twitter feed.
  • Debug: PAX Demo functionality.

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