Client Update - Valve
2003. dec. 17.
Steam was be updated this evening at approximately 7:00 PST. This update will not have any direct impact on any games. The next time you restart Steam you will automatically download this update.

  • Fixed bug in create account wizard where it would stall if a failure had previously occurred

  • Switch minidump generation back to small memory dumps, instead of full memory dumps

  • Localized content caches now mapped into app dependency list dynamically

  • Add progress bar for cache validation

  • Added history tab showing servers most recently connected to

  • Added ability to add/remove columns from server lists

  • Added secure server & ip address columns (off by default)

  • Set bots column to be hidden by default

  • Changed location filter control to appear on every page, but disabled when appropriate

  • Changed location filter to use '' instead of 'world', to match the other filters

  • Double-clicking between column headers in ListPanel now resizes the column to fit the widest text

  • Fixed HTML control not laying out properly the first time the scrollbar was made visible

  • Improved load balancing randomization

  • If InstallRecord.blob is not found, it will verify the current install instead of starting over from version zero

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