Announcement - Valve
Feb 29, 2016
HTC Vive is available for pre order now with first shipments targeted to begin on Tuesday, April 5th.

A complete VR solution, Vive includes two wireless VR controllers, room scale movement, a full 360° of tracking, and an HMD featuring a built-in camera to create what many critics are calling the most convincing VR experience launching this year.

In addition to the VR system, and for a limited time, those who pre order will also receive a free copy of three new VR titles: Tilt Brush from Google, Fantastic Contraption from Northway and Radial Games, and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives from Owlchemy Labs.

Vive is the first SteamVR system, giving it the backing of full integration with the leading online platform for PC games.

To help consumers prepare for the Vive launch, Valve has issued the SteamVR test application for free on Steam. It provides a fun and easy way to find out if your PC is ready for Vive.

For more information, including details on upcoming SteamVR titles, please visit

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