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Prime World: Defenders Update Released

Product Update - Valve
Jun 5, 2013
Major changes
- You can play Defenders offline now
- No statistics is gathered
- You can save your game in a cloud - it will be done automatically if you're online
- If local save is different from cloud save you'll be able to choose preferred save
- Demo version!

Minor changes
- Game now correctly remembers your resolution and full screen mode
- Changed camera behaviour
- Added voices volume settings
- You can now exit game session via settings menu
- Tuned daily prize - it is now gets progressively better if you play each day
- Tuned information window before fusing and evolving
- Steam achievements should work now

- Story difficulty changed (Boss 1 and level 15 are now easier, boss 5 and level 16 are harder)
- Minor drop changes for random missions for easy and medium levels
- Better drops in store bought chests
- Decreased difficulty of easy and medium random missions
- Fixed totem health bug on random missions
- Increased second and third level upgrades for some towers:
Slow Tower - effect now lasts longer (from 4/4.2/4,4 to 4/5/6 seconds).
Stun Tower - effect now lasts longer (from 3/3.1/3.2 to 3/4/5 seconds)
Сurse Tower - upgrade now increases stun chance to 25%/27%/30%

- Hopefully fixed crashes on later levels
- Hopefully fixed all known screen resolution bugs
- Fixed stuck story missions for some players
- Fixed difficulty bug for random missions
- Fixed bug with map on higher screen resolutions
- Fixed Lightning Tower bug
- Fixed bug when towers wouldn't shoot totems where there were two of those around
- Fixed Tower of the Sun plus Prime Injector combo where Tower of the Sun would heal creeps
- Fixed some spells descriptions
- Fixed bug with DOT effects after mission relaunch

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