Излязла на 5 януари 2012

Learn how to become a deadly helicopter pilot, witness reckless air stunts, and more.

Излязла на 15 ноември 2011

An episode dedicated entirely to everything we love about Mojang's revolutionary cube-based construction engine.

Излязла на 25 октомври 2011

Join us for a test-drive of every character class in the Diablo III beta.

Излязла на 18 октомври 2011

Join us as we test our classic-shooter skills against the developers of GoldenEye: Source.

Излязла на 11 октомври 2011

Explore the epic Left 4 Dead 2 map 'Helm's Deep Reborn' in our 360-degree GameView strategy guide & much more in PC Gamer Digital Episode 3!

Излязла на 4 октомври 2011

In PC Gamer Digital Episode 2, you'll explore the ethereal world of BioShock Infinite in an interactive 360-degree GameView, go behind the scenes of upcoming free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend, learn how to pull off a Baneling bust in StarCraft II, and much more!

Излязла на 27 септември 2011

Purchase Episode 1 and receive the "Killer Exclusive" hat in Team Fortress 2!