Downloadable Content for War of the Roses

Released: Mar 7, 2013

Warriors, gird your loins in preparation as a force stronger than nature itself has emerged to step onto the battlefields of War of the Roses. Let the earth tremble as the unmistakable voice of the acting legend that is BRIAN BLESSED commands you (yes, YOU!


Released: Jan 15, 2014

"The blade sheared through padding, collar bone, ribs, and came out the other side. Head, arm and shoulder thudded to the ground. The remainder of the corpse still stood, sheared torso like a bucket of steaming offal."England AD 1454, the chaotic eve of the Wars of the Roses.Jack Rose would rather be a scholar than a knight.


Released: Oct 2, 2014

The official game soundtrack for War of the Roses contains 10 unique songs from the trailers and the game. In-Game songs composed by Linus Söderlund. Trailer songs composed by Zorba and Kaz. Following songs are included: 1. War of the Roses Theme 2. Aftermath of the Battle 3. Metal Theme V1 4. And So it Begins.. 5. Blood of Bamburgh 6.