Megjelent: 2013. jún. 26.

Elemento School Graduation Pack Your Graduation day has finally arrived, and now you are setting off into the world to battle for Justice and earn a name for yourself in Midgard. Start off your journey with this starter pack of items giving you a month of Buffs to start your legend off in Style! 2900+ Points worth of Items!


Megjelent: 2013. júl. 1.

Trendsetter Fashionista's Pack The truly gifted fashionista strives to look their best always! This special set contains a package of random boxes containing such classy outfits as the Tuxedo and Wedding Dress and many others!The Trendsetter Fashionista Pack contains:3EA Accessory Random Box: Get one of the Random accessories below when opening.


Megjelent: 2013. aug. 15.

For the Bold and Wonderful PackAn assortment of potions, refinement items, buffs, vellums, and a costume to make sure that when you are leveled up you are ready to take on Baphomet and beyond! Of Special note is the Permanent 1 Slot Wonderland Costume!.


Megjelent: 2013. aug. 28.

Emperium Warrior PackageA warrior needs the right set of tools to make sure the job is done right, and this assortment of buffs, elixirs, potions, and even an accessory will make sure you stay on top of other players while doing battle!Package Contains:1ea Hero Cape [1 Slot] : Costume, dyeable with 1 Rune Hole Slot.


Megjelent: 2013. dec. 19.

The Santa Claus Essentials Pack includes everything you need to celebrate the holiday season!Package Contains:1ea Super Large Bag: The biggest bag available to hold all the presents you will receive and give out.1ea Santa outfit: Permanently celebrate the Holidays as everyone's favorite figure. Magically transforms for any gender and size.