Downloadable Content for Dragon's Prophet

Released Sep 23, 2013

Dragon's Prophet Adventure Bundle: 15x Transportation Rune 15x Catalyst 15x Phantom Doll 6x Dragon Drive Potion 2x Underworld Merchant Flute 1x Basic Experience Bauble The Dragon's Prophet Adventure Bundle gives you everything you need to get started right away!What Is Dragon's Prophet?


Released Dec 18, 2014

A great collection of items to help get you started capturing your very own Dragons and leveling up your character. Plus you will also receive a mini-Dragon companion who follows you everywhere and will auto loot for you.


Released Dec 18, 2014

Check out this bundle to delve into Dragon skill customization, , getting experience from your friends, cosmetic Armor and traveling quickly around the world. A must have for the mid level player.


Released Dec 18, 2014

The perfect set for the Veteran Dragon’s Prophet player; which includes a never before seen armor set. This set has a bit of everything from Dragon training, transportation, item repair, housing items, and two awesome Dragons.