Released: Mar 16, 2017

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Iron Fist, a Netflix Original Series, this pack includes Iron Fist, a new Iron Fist Costume inspired by the show, 2 Experience Boosts, and more!


Released: Mar 9, 2017

This pack includes playable Heroes Wolverine, X-23, additional costumes, and more!


Released: Sep 30, 2016

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Luke Cage, a Netflix Original Series, this pack includes Luke Cage, a new Luke Cage Costume inspired by the show, a new Jessica Jones Team-Up, inspired by Marvel's Jessica Jones, new Fortune Cards and more!


Released: Sep 22, 2016

Inspired by Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, this pack includes the Ghost Rider and Quake Team-Ups along with four 2-hour Team-Up Boosts which increases your rare Team-Up item drop rate and increases rare item find 100%, which will further increase your chances of finding Epic and Cosmic Team-Up items. Each additional boost extends the duration.


Released: Feb 12, 2016

As a test subject in the same Weapon X program that had previously given Wolverine his adamantium claws and skeleton, Wade Wilson received a healing factor that prevented his cancer from killing him. Wade soon escaped the program and became a freelance mercenary using the name Deadpool, working for various criminal organizations.


Released: Apr 30, 2015

In celebration of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, this Marvel Heroes 2016 pack features the 6 Avengers; Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye along with costumes for each inspired by the film including the incredible Hulkbuster Armor worn by Iron Man during his battle with the Hulk!


Released: Oct 9, 2015

The "All-New, All-Different" era of Marvel comics just began, and Marvel Heroes 2016 is right there along with it. Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen Team-Up, Thor (Jane Foster Enhanced Costume), and All-New All-Different versions of Scarlet Witch, and X-23 as the All-New Wolverine are all now available!


Released: Aug 29, 2014

Ooga Chaka, Ooga Chaka. The Guardians of the Galaxy Pack pack features all 5 of the Guardians from Marvel's most recent film including 2 playable heroes (Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon) and 3 Team-Ups (Groot, Drax, and Gamora) to fight by your side). Grab this pack and fight as and along side this intergalactic band of misfits today!


Released: Nov 3, 2016

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, this pack includes Doctor Strange, a new Doctor Strange Costume and Mordo Team-Up both inspired by the movie, a new Sorcerer Supreme Mystery Box, and more! This pack features over a 40% savings!


Released: Mar 18, 2016

Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 is available now only on NETFLIX, and to celebrate we’ve got an a brand new pack available! This pack includes Daredevil himself, Punisher, as well as a pre-order for Elektra as well as costumes inspired by Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 itself! This pack features a 50% discount!


Released: May 6, 2016

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War is now out in theaters, and to celebrate we’ve got an a brand new pack available! This pack includes Captain America, Iron Man, costumes inspired by the film for each Hero, a Hero ST.A.S.H. tab for each (extra hero specific inventory), and a couple boosts! This pack features over a 45% discount!