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Rilasciato Ott 2012

GameMaker:Studio STANDARD removes all the limits of Studio and lets your creative juices really flow!

Rilasciato 2 Ott 2012

GameMaker: Studio™ PROFESSIONAL unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio™.

Rilasciato 15 Mar 2013

Gamemaker: Studio™ Ubuntu Export GameMaker: Studio now supports publishing to Linux for the first time, with GameMaker: Studio Ubuntu Export. As the world’s third most popular desktop operating system, Ubuntu reaches 20 million users around the globe, providing a new marketplace for the GameMaker development community to distribute and monetize...

Rilasciato 2 Ott 2012

Share your project using GameMaker: Studio™ simply by embedding the generated HTML5 and JavaScript code on blogs, forums and websites - including Facebook.

Rilasciato 2 Ott 2012

GameMaker: Studio™ allows you to export your game as a native app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Rilasciato 2 Ott 2012

GameMaker: Studio™ makes it easy to develop for Android.

Rilasciato 10 Dic 2012

Bring your newly-created and pre-existing games to a flourishing new market with the Windows Phone 8 Export Module.

Rilasciato 28 Ago 2013

The YoYo Compiler Games written in Studio can now harness the full speed of the CPU with the new native YoYo Compiler (YYC), allowing projects to run up to 100x faster than before, across all native platforms supported by Studio.