Yayınlandı 19 Ara 2012

'Tis better to give than receive... a virus. It's starting to snow in the City of Tomorrow. Decorate TOM by helping him find his holiday spirit amongst the winter wonderland with a new clue each day. Our gift to you, happy holidays!


Yayınlandı 1 Ağu 2012

The soundtrack to a virus! This is the music to 'A Virus Named TOM'. Inspired by the feel-good grooves of Daft Punk, sweeping melodies of Nobuo Uematsu, and 8-bit-funk classic Toejam and Earl. Infiltrate Ghost Machine Norton Provirus Badvoca Facepalm 130 Little Viruses Mind Games Galaxy CollidesTracks in MP3 format will be located in the A Virus...