Released Oct 10, 2012

Want the ultimate Worms™ Revolution experience and the best value for money? Treat your self to the Worms™ Revolution Season Pass and get access to four downloadable content packs for Worms™ Revolution at one discounted price: Includes access to four brand new DLC Packs (Funfair Pack, Mars Pack, Medieval Tales and Customization Pack) for Worms™...


Released Nov 21, 2012

Tony Bluster-Comb is Don Keystone’s spineless assistant and with his boss in hiding he needs your help to further document the life of Wormius-Fistycuffius. Now’s your chance to do so and become a legendry hero! Storm a series of puzzle-laden castles in these 10 all-new medieval single-player quest missions.


Released Oct 24, 2012

Roll up, roll up. Enjoy all the fun of the fair with these 5 new puzzles and theme. Experience new puzzles, weapons, customization and more.Funfair Pack includes: New Puzzle Missions. 5 new single player puzzle missions set in the new Funfair theme. Funfair theme.


Released Nov 7, 2012

Extend your single player experience as you take on more missions in this one giant leap for wormkind. Experience new missions, weapons, customization and more.Mars Pack includes: New Campaign Missions. 5 new single player campaign missions set in the new Mars theme. Mars Theme.


Released Jun 18, 2013

Stand out from the crowd in Worms Revolution with the Customisation Pack.Customisation Pack Includes Exclusive new theme - The Junkyard. 5 new lethal physics objects - Car Battery, Pliers, Toxic Canister, Hot Air Gun & Anti-Freeze. 7 new hats - Bandana, Gear Stick, Tyre, Afro, Flat Cap, Rapper Hat & Backwards Baseball Hat.