“We will be posting recommendations of all the games we play. There is going to be no main theme to the list, just a collection of really well put together worth while games.”

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Empfohlen: 9. Februar
"Sometimes it's just fun yelling instructions at a friend. Which makes this free-to-play asymmetric co-op puzzle definitely worth the 1-2 hour investment, even if you can't play it in VR."
Empfohlen: 1. Januar
"Early Access will often times turn people away from games, but Slime Rancher is definitely worth keeping an eye on. And for some; even playing it now as is!"
Empfohlen: 24. April 2016
"Click, rotate, match - repeat. Easy to learn, still hard to master. Sometimes frustrating, Clickr! shows off how different a game can be in its genre."
Empfohlen: 17. April 2016
"Free, horrifying and story rich. There is nothing to sneeze at and for every horror enthusiast worth around 2 hours from his life. Recommended!"
Empfohlen: 15. April 2016
"A great adventure horror game with parts of the greek mythology in its story. Worth for everyone who likes games similar to Amnesia AND mythologies."
Empfohlen: 10. April 2016
"A gory zombie shooter in space with a special trash factor that contains akwardly a lot of fun. Recommended."
Empfohlen: 28. März 2016
"Not much in common with the previous games, F.E.A.R. 3 can be still recommended for its solid shooter elements and very well executed Co-Op mode."
Empfohlen: 27. März 2016
"Action-packed, disturbing horror-shooter that captures the player's imagination caused from its thrilling atmosphere. Recommended!"
Empfohlen: 13. März 2016
"A short neoretro game with flawless controls and adorable 8 bit graphics. Worth the two bucks for around 3 hours of gameplay. Recommended! "
Empfohlen: 5. März 2016
"A broken game, fixed by the community, starts out to be a great follow up. It does not try to be a classic but it is still worth to play!"