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Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience. Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges.
Release Date: Feb 2011
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About the Game

Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges. Players define their online persona through unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accoutrements of a luxurious international lifestyle. All-new race types, vehicle classes, environmental challenges, locations and much more push this epic franchise to new levels of performance.
Chase glory from behind the wheel of the most exclusive performance cars and take the race online to challenge rivals around the world. Customize your life as you tear through the streets and kick up dust off - road on the sun - kissed islands of Ibiza and Hawaii.

Key Features:

  • CONNECT: TDU2 is "always live" with automatic content updates and seamless online/offline integration. New content, challenges and features will integrate dynamically into the gameplay as the world evolves over time.
  • SOCIALIZE: A whole new, out of car mode, where you can walk around shared spaces and interact with other players. New player run clubs are now a huge part of the game. New co-op play; follow the leader, keep your distance and enhance the experience within the social networking world.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Unlock a huge range of options and show off your custom avatar to friends and rivals. Customize your car with custom paint jobs, decals, interiors and trims. Customize every aspect of your avatar –– hair, clothes, physique and attitude. Buy your dream house or yacht, decorate, furnish and invite your friends.
  • RACE!: Test Drive Unlimited 2 puts the world’s most desirable vehicles in the player’s hands. These ultra-limited edition masterpieces are flawlessly replicated with Eden’s finely tuned driving technology. Unlock vehicles from elite manufacturers such as Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Audi and more.
  • EXPERIENCE: An all-new single player story mode with compelling character progression. A dramatic narrative, unforgettable characters, and immersive cut scenes to draw you in to the vibrant world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Single player mode can be experienced offline or as part of the multiplayer experience. Create your custom avatar and build your fortune.
  • EXPLORE: Hit the streets on a whole new island: IBIZA. New terrain types, architecture and beautiful vistas bring this legendary location to life. Take on thousands of unique missions as you explore over two-thousand miles of back roads and black top in this Mediterranean paradise. Additionally, you can head to the Ibiza airport and take a flight to Oahu and experience the Hawaiian island as you never have before: with more than 600km of new asphalt and off-road network added as well as completely new missions and challenges.
  • M.O.O.R.™: Massively Open Online Racing is back! Level up your character based on your style of play, enjoy all co-op and competitive racing modes, and take on other racers that you encounter in our high-speed sandbox.
  • EVOLVE: Dozens of new enhancements, features and modes: dynamic weather, day/night, motion blur, car damage, a completely new handling model and more. New core driving modes and game-play: Championship, racing school, duels, cups. Off-road is now featured, with a whole new class of vehicle and hundreds of miles of off road tracks now in the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4400+
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870 or faster*
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 14 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
    • Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse or 10-button controller such as Xbox 360 or Logitech Dual-Action
    • Other Requirements: Internet Broadband Connection, Microsoft .NET 3.5 required
    • Note:* Integrated video cards, such as the ATI Radeon HD 3200 or Intel HD Graphics, are not supported.
    • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4400+
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 14 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
    • Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse or 10-button controller such as Xbox 360 or Logitech Dual-Action
    • Other Requirements: Internet Broadband Connection, Microsoft .NET 3.5 required
    • Note:* Integrated video cards, such as the ATI Radeon HD 3200 or Intel HD Graphics, are not supported.
Helpful customer reviews
51 of 60 people (85%) found this review helpful
27.6 hrs on record
Hello and welcome to my review of the relatively old game Test Drive Unlimited 2.
I am aware of the fact that the game was released in 2011, I've purchased it in 2013 and I will still review this title because the series are discontinued and I do still enjoy the game untill today.

Now something about me regarding the racing genre on PC.
I do not like racing games where you can race on a track, in a car which is almost unhandle-able ( in my opinion, ofcourse ).
With these games I mean Grid, and partially Dirt.

Okay, I did enjoy Dirt 3 and Dirt Showdown without a doubt but in the end, playing with a controller or a steering wheel, it didn't satisfy me enough to keep me playing these titles once in a week or more often.

So now back to what I do enjoy in a game of the racing genre.
I do really like the open-world idea, having a big map or several maps ( In Test Drive's case: Island ).
Driving around without anything forcing you do to anything, making speed and just drive all across the island on various landscapes with a nice sight does satisfiy me.

Buying a relaxing car, my Ferrari 458 Italia, Purple with black rims in this case: And just cruising around the island, on the roads with water to the right of me and the city to the left of me, hearing the engine doing it's work is what I like.

Not being forced to drive a track, do a race and aiming on finishing first without anything else you can do.
Just free-roaming in open worlds with customizable cars which you can upgrade and adjust to any specification you want.

And that's for the driving part, now for the experience in terms of sound.

The sound of the car, in various situations ( Driving in sand, dirt, or just a normal road ).
The sound is different every time, for every car in any situations ( weather too for example ) is just perfect in the game and these small things help me enjoy the game more than I already did.
Driving through a tunnel while It's raining in my custom white Nissan GT-R is what I can't do in any other game.
And these elements of Test Drive is what makes me want to play the game, the endless options to tune and adjust cars to exactly how I'd like to and then going on the road, hearing the right sound and feeling good when playing the game .. Yeah, that;

Now for the other part of the game:
Missions, Money, Houses and avatar.

Missions in Test Drive are tasks you have to complete which can be anything from getting a high adrenaline bar, but also could be driving above a certain speed and also opposite missions like driving really careful without the person next to you in the car getting sick.

These missions are pretty fun for the first few times but become boring quick, but they reward you with money to buy cars, houses and clothing.

Money in the game is pretty important ofcourse but I feel like you just have to keep grinding the repetitive missions to finally buy the car you have been wanting for a while.

So yeah, the method of money making within the game is something I don't like and that made me want to Cheatengine myself a couple houndred million instead of working for the money I want to buy the car I'd like.

Houses and Avatar: Besides the garage part to store your cars, I don't care about Houses or pimping your avatar ( Buying clothes, getting haircuts, etc ).

So yup, the car driving part is what I like the most of the game.

Okay, for some of you I might have not played the game in the right way, or not long enough but this was my final review of the game.

If I had to give the game a score from 0 to 100 I would give it a 85, some aspects could've been done way better ( Money making and missions ) but the driving itself is what makes the game a good open-world cruising game, and pretty unique in it's genre.
Okay okay, Grand Theft Auto is somewhat more bigger and to some also better but what I care about is the car driving.
In Grand Theft Auto the car driving is only fun when stunting and such with your friends.

So that's it for the review guys, I hope you have enjoyed reading my opinion about this game.
Posted: April 8
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48 of 66 people (73%) found this review helpful
50.5 hrs on record
there are turning signals 10/10
Posted: June 21
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25 of 31 people (81%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Great game! I love the free roaming!
Posted: July 20
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18 of 21 people (86%) found this review helpful
24.1 hrs on record
I wanna kill all the coaches in the driver's school for their useless tips and offensive jeers. : (
Posted: August 8
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
100.6 hrs on record
Great game, definitely fun and worth hours of exploration, sadly my file had a problem and deleted my save, lost 100% map unlock and lots of fun cars that were difficult to find, but It's about time I start fresh.
Posted: May 7
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606 of 677 people (90%) found this review helpful
4,303.0 hrs on record
I have played tdu2 every day since Feb 11th 2011 and 4,000 hours play done in Steam tdu2. So I know most things about Tdu2. If you need any helps post with plenty detail info to the Tdu2 Forum.
I am here every day I help when I can, just ask. --- May 12th 2014, update of my Tdu2 review..

Tdu2 is not easy... not easy to install either, in fact it can be very difficult.
But when [if] you do get in then Hurray! Welcome, be nice have fun. Tdu2 'a world in a game', a game that many people have called terrible, (maybe they need to try a bit more with happy face).
maybe try more, persist, and learn it) Or they say (terrible handling), it's not, it's excellent physics and handling, you gotta tweak your settings til it fits your liking, it takes some time, a week or 2, ok a month or 3, "The Struggle Is the Fun" and you get more achievement buzz. If u get it all easily you appreciate it less, (and that's where cheats lose out cos they are diluting their game, poor things..(lol xD meh).
It's best to be in no hurry to get there because you are already here, doing it. Have fun.

O.K. you got in!.. Meet Tess Wintory, your host, at The Party, dancing and Intro music; My Girl by Paul Oakenfold, DJ, Pacha Night Club Ibiza. see Jude at Used Cars, Buy a car. Drive Learn to 'Frim'. Buy a house, buy some clothes, pimp your avatar, meet Driving School trainers; Jane, Todd, Marco, meet Miami Harris, and her dog Michail. Drive fast, race other players, drive slow, explore all you see. Like the amazing graphic environment and cool graphic objects, bridges tunnels windmills, planes flying, and you go in the airport buy ticket, to get to other island. Take photos anywhere with Pause menu. Enjoy Sunny weather, or maybe cloudy, or rain storm thunder lightning, night and day, dance in the moonlight with your new friend. Find more graphic objects on Oahu island, gunships at Pearl harbour, Pagodas at Japanese war cemetery, exotic canyon bridge, pets in houses There's 3,000 miles of road to explore, environment not too repetitive and changes as u go other areas town county east west. You can drive really fast in Supercars, zonda, ferrari, bugatti, ariel atom. Fast is fun, and more fun in cruise drive with others. You gotta do the licence schools though, [they help you handle your ride better]. 100 single play challenges and solar crown campaign, and Copchase feature, win a copviper police car with sirens. Buy clothes, walk around in shops and car dealers, in houses etc, More rides.. vw beetle, citroen 2cv, motorbikes, Audi, Ruf, Merc. Classic, Muscle; Dodge Viper [my fav a2]. Do car art in StickerShop. Go offroad in Suv, Spyker D8 is a good one, there's dirt tracks, or.. i do this,, travel a-to-b overland, dodge trees and rocks drive to ocean onto beach and onto cliff tops, drive all the way round Ibiza like that, avoiding roads and dont Splosh or Fall off cliff, and that takes about 8 hours. You have also in Tdu2, stuff to find, requested photo locations and the hidden car wrecks x60, get 10 the same win a reward car. Go to your house, change clothes, put your photos in the frames. Go Freeride persistent multiplay, up to 8 players in your session, Friend other players, most are nice people, you may even become rare gold friends true. Make a club together and grow its respect and Xp by racing other clubs, Lose some, learn some, Win some, learn more Win more, learn the tracks, learn the ways of each car.. it's a long game, become expert. Invite friend to your house. Chat. Win races get cash, virtual dollars, no real cash needed in Tdu2, unless you decide to buy dlc cars. Tdu2 economy is very tight. Get extra cash with Community Races, Use the easy learn Challenge Editor, Create your own routes and tracks and post them with game cash reward to the Server for others to try. And if you are a goldfish, [like me] you can get round all of Tdu2 in about 6 months, then save your profile folder, make new one, and do it all again. Level 1 to level 60 (Legend).
Make new friends, keep the old. Much to discover on two islands. A very replayable game.
Casino dlc pretty cool too. I do hope you will get into Tdu2 and I am here every day Steam forum so all is not lost if you are stuck, post to forum ask for helps, and i will try not to shout if I can't see your prob till u state it clear accurate details cos i can't see in til u describe it, goodluck, enjoy, call me :)

The Tdu2 Creed. Learn it, sing it, share it. Write on your car.
[adapted from Max Ehrmann's original Desiderata.]
by Ellie.

Go Rapidly amid the roads and rain
And remember what thrill there may be in driving.
As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all players
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans and listen to others,
even the noobs and the wannabes; they too have their story.
Despite all its hackers and cheats it is still a beautiful place.
Strive to be happy.
You are a child of the TDUniverse,
No less than the trees and the cars
You have a right to be here
And whether or not it is clear to you,
No Doubt the TDUniverse is unfolding as it should.

Feb 2014 TDU2 Three years young! Hurray!
Atari broke my Steam Tdu2 last July 23rd 2013. no support atari said tell Steam, Steam said go tell Atari. So I had to buy it again, I now play in retail Tdu2, same game but play hours are not recorded.
Tdu2 single player is [imho] 95% at super excellent; more after my word on multiplayer.
TDU2 had its multiplayer peak in 2011 [2,000 average number of players online each day] and was excellent and seamless join from singleplay and support was good. Since then Atari went broke, sacked its Eden devs and try to maintain and code and 'update' it by themselves and they have failed breaking much of the multi and have even broken some of the login process and Uplauncher. Support is not much after 3 years. Many forum posts complain about not being able to get past the uplauncher into the multi game. If you do manage to set router firewall exceptions for port 8889 and 3478 [not so simple] then you will mostly get into multi ok and all will be good.

Thanks for reading. Have fun! Thanks Atari Eden for creating Tdu2.

Backup your Savegame every day.. that's Documents\Eden Games. Copy the whole folder, find a safe place on other drive, create a new folder, name it as e.g. 'May12-ellie-lev22' Open it, and Paste in there. Ok. Do that every day, make new folder each time with new name, e.g. 'May13-ellie....etc. after a week you have 7 backups of your Eden Games, you can delete the oldest one, you still got 6. My backup folder, if it gets more than 50 in it I delete a few, but I always keep the most recent 5. If your Tdu2 gives error or crashes, go Documents, Cut the Eden Games folder, Paste it to Desktop, Open the recent backup folder you made, Copy (not Cut) that Eden Games folder and Paste it in Documents. Run Uplauncher all good say Hurray for backup, delete that bad Eden from Desktop, go Play. If still fail ask for helps.
Posted: November 26, 2013
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