Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience. Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (2,626 reviews)
Release Date: Feb 2011

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About This Game

Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges. Players define their online persona through unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accoutrements of a luxurious international lifestyle. All-new race types, vehicle classes, environmental challenges, locations and much more push this epic franchise to new levels of performance.
Chase glory from behind the wheel of the most exclusive performance cars and take the race online to challenge rivals around the world. Customize your life as you tear through the streets and kick up dust off - road on the sun - kissed islands of Ibiza and Hawaii.

Key Features:

  • CONNECT: TDU2 is "always live" with automatic content updates and seamless online/offline integration. New content, challenges and features will integrate dynamically into the gameplay as the world evolves over time.
  • SOCIALIZE: A whole new, out of car mode, where you can walk around shared spaces and interact with other players. New player run clubs are now a huge part of the game. New co-op play; follow the leader, keep your distance and enhance the experience within the social networking world.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Unlock a huge range of options and show off your custom avatar to friends and rivals. Customize your car with custom paint jobs, decals, interiors and trims. Customize every aspect of your avatar –– hair, clothes, physique and attitude. Buy your dream house or yacht, decorate, furnish and invite your friends.
  • RACE!: Test Drive Unlimited 2 puts the world’s most desirable vehicles in the player’s hands. These ultra-limited edition masterpieces are flawlessly replicated with Eden’s finely tuned driving technology. Unlock vehicles from elite manufacturers such as Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Audi and more.
  • EXPERIENCE: An all-new single player story mode with compelling character progression. A dramatic narrative, unforgettable characters, and immersive cut scenes to draw you in to the vibrant world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Single player mode can be experienced offline or as part of the multiplayer experience. Create your custom avatar and build your fortune.
  • EXPLORE: Hit the streets on a whole new island: IBIZA. New terrain types, architecture and beautiful vistas bring this legendary location to life. Take on thousands of unique missions as you explore over two-thousand miles of back roads and black top in this Mediterranean paradise. Additionally, you can head to the Ibiza airport and take a flight to Oahu and experience the Hawaiian island as you never have before: with more than 600km of new asphalt and off-road network added as well as completely new missions and challenges.
  • M.O.O.R.™: Massively Open Online Racing is back! Level up your character based on your style of play, enjoy all co-op and competitive racing modes, and take on other racers that you encounter in our high-speed sandbox.
  • EVOLVE: Dozens of new enhancements, features and modes: dynamic weather, day/night, motion blur, car damage, a completely new handling model and more. New core driving modes and game-play: Championship, racing school, duels, cups. Off-road is now featured, with a whole new class of vehicle and hundreds of miles of off road tracks now in the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4400+
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870 or faster*
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 14 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
    • Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse or 10-button controller such as Xbox 360 or Logitech Dual-Action
    • Other Requirements: Internet Broadband Connection, Microsoft .NET 3.5 required
    • Note:* Integrated video cards, such as the ATI Radeon HD 3200 or Intel HD Graphics, are not supported.
    • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4400+
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 14 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
    • Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse or 10-button controller such as Xbox 360 or Logitech Dual-Action
    • Other Requirements: Internet Broadband Connection, Microsoft .NET 3.5 required
    • Note:* Integrated video cards, such as the ATI Radeon HD 3200 or Intel HD Graphics, are not supported.
Helpful customer reviews
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111.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 10
I have played this game back on the Xbox 360 in 2012 and I must say that I really loved the game. However, not all aspects of the game are lovely. So let me go straight to the point.

There are two islands; Ibiza and Hawaii. Ibiza is very nice and well done and almost flawless. I have never really had any bad experiences and the road are feeling pretty smooth to drive on. As for Hawaii, it is plain and full of bugs which could give you the urge to play frisbee if it was a physical disc. I feel that the developers have simply taken the island of the first game, polished it a little and put it in this one.

Review for Ibiza

Pros for Ibiza
  • The roads are pretty long and the scenery is well done pretty much everywhere I go. Driving at full speed is not a problem.

  • The single-player races are really fun, the challenges are not too bad either.

  • The houses you can own are very beautiful, the interior and exterior are very well done for every one of them and customizing the interior is a very nice touch.

Cons for Ibiza
  • None

Review for Hawaii

Pros for Hawaii
  • The roads are large and extremely long. So if you really want to test the limits of your favorite car(s), Hawaii is definitely the best place to go.

  • Single-player races got better rewards...

Cons for Hawaii
  • Some roads of Hawaii are not registered correctly in the GPS. You either have to drive again on the same road over 10 - 20 times to discover them which is extremely annoying, or if that still does not work after all this time, just restart the game and try again. That is pretty annoying when you try to level up.

  • Being randomly stopped by some invisible walls on various highways of Hawaii while driving at full speed is rather terrible. I believe that when you drive extremely fast, the roads just does not have enough time to render the physics, so you end-up sinking in the road until you hit the edge of the next piece of road who are linked together.

  • Traffic spawn randomly in front of you when there is too many players around you. Not very nice when you are driving at 280 miles per hour.

Review for the whole game

Pros for the whole game
  • Driving alone or with friends is rather fun, exploring every roads or completing challenges is the perfect way to kill some time.

  • A little treasure hunt challenge where you need to find some wrecked cars across Ibiza and Hawaii to unlock some special cars. But a little advice, do not go get the vehicles at the used car dealer if you want to save spaces in your garages. Once you get them, you can not sell them and some cars are honestly shameful...

Cons for the whole game
  • The voice actors are simply awful, except for one person which is Stuart Wintory in the story. Everyone else just sound stupid and smack-able, especially Tess Wintory which you will hear the whole time when you start or finish a race and so on. Luckily you can turn their voices down via the audio settings.

  • Being rich in this game without the Casino Online downloadable contents is totally impossible unless you depends on other players to help you out.

  • The Community Racing Center or CRC is down 24/7 with a message displaying "The Test Drive Unlimited 2 server is not available at this time. Please try again later." The CRC is usually where you create and share the race-tracks you can make and set a reward like example $100,000 for beating my lap-time or finishing first in the race against NPCs. It is a shame because this was really good in Test Drive Unlimited 1.

  • A few songs from Hariba Radio for example are just ridiculously awful. One I hate the most I believe is "Daddy Was A DJ by Lucy Love". But, each one their own I guess.

  • The reward for some crazy long convoys that make you drive 10 kilometers are really despicable.

  • The stickers shop is the worst thing I ever tried in my life. There is no layers, and you can only undo once. Also there is only 5 or 6 slots to save your colors. So do not expect to make an artwork without effort and going insane about it. I used to make some amazing paint jobs like my famous paint job of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in Forza Motorsport 2 and 3 under one or two hours, sometimes three depending on my project. But this game, I tried and this is driving me crazy. Also the stickers become blurry and change positions -or- axis a little bit when you use too many stickers.

  • Big disappointment for the car upgrades. It looks like the values has been made on a fly. I will talk about the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition I used for example. The top speed only increase by +5 MPH at every levels, acceleration by 0.03s at every levels, horse power by +10 every levels and braking by 4 at every levels. All that for a total of +15 MPH upgrade and 0.09s for acceleration for the price of about $1,200,000 hardly earned.

  • Everything you can purchase on Ibiza island, you will find them on Hawaii as well. Except for the European Tuner shop which is only on Hawaii. But not only that, you need to discover everything in different sectors of Hawaii to be able to unlock some products that you have probably already unlocked on Ibiza island. Car dealers does not have anything new on Hawaii, the shops are copied and pasted from Ibiza island, there is no new vehicles to purchase except the same cars you can find on Ibiza.

  • There is not enough cars in this game! All the developers did to cover-up the holes was adding the same design of vehicles with different names like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. An Audi RS6 Avant and an Audi Q7 V12 TDI Quattro is the same car with different specifications and one is for off-road. A Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia is also the same car, but one is convertible. An Aston Martin DB9 Coupe and an Aston Martin DB9 Volante is also the same car, got the exact same specifications but one is convertible. And a Chevrolet Camaro 1LT and a Chevrolet Camaro 2SS is the same thing as well! So where is the originality in this game?

  • Bikes are downloadable contents and must be purchased. None of them are free, such a rip-off.

  • The NPCs in this game are totally stupid and non-challenging at all unless you do not know how to drive. My best tip to actually drive faster is to release the accelerator and push on it again every time your gear shift by 1. So from the 1st to 3rd gear, tap the acceleration once, you will hear and feel your engine pushing further for more speed. That is also how you beat the licenses with ease. I did that since Test Drive Unlimited 1.

  • The cops are crazy, they are grassphobic and their chopper use some invisible UFO-beam capable of stopping you instantly at full speed.

My simple opinion on this game if you still want to play this game, stay away from Hawaii unless you do not own any downloadable contents and need money, then repeat the A1 Championship with the speed challenge at $9,000 to earn $135,000 in 15 minutes. There is the Ibiza 1 Cup with a reward of $1,000,000, but such amount of money can quickly be spent away and you can not participate to the cup if you do not have all the required classes of vehicles in your garages. So basically, you will earn what you just spent for your houses and cars required to participate. Pretty dumb if you ask me...

Oh! And another dumb thing, if you go to the used car dealer shop, look for a vehicle with an upgrade already applied. Buy the car which already has a +1 upgrade, then re-enter the shop and sell the car you have just purchased, you will make more money than the original price you just purchased it from the guy.
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Posted: October 25
TDU2 is extremely addictive if you love racing games with open world. I've played it alot and I have not gotten bored yet.
A downside is that the online part of it is a bit buggy, when I try to play with my brother on it we sometimes can't see eachother. But that don't put the fun down to much since there is so much to do to keep your mind occupied.

Hope this review helped and that you will have a fun time in-game :)
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Posted: November 20
TDU2. I'll Just get to the point and use the pro/con format. At the end I'll make observations and make an summation.

Pros. 1. Attention to detail was given to layout* and overall very detailed citys and villages including ancient ruins with no purpose but as a nice touch. 2. Behavior of npc opponents during races created challenge. 3. A large selection of vechicles was available. 4. RPG features such as clothing/car appearence and preformance/housing/player alteration was abundant. 5. Basic driving fundamentals (driving schools) available and mandatory to advance.

Cons. 1. Layout* and NPC behavior. While driving around "most" any curve while offroad at moderately high speed and you want to get sideways a bit? Rest assured that your entrance and exit of the curve has been carefully calculated and a tree has been placed at the exact center of your exit position and sometimes 2 to catch you just in case you swerve away from the first. Want to cut corners where you wish? No. You'll find carefully placed trees at most curves. Think you're clearing that tree? Nope. Suddenly you've rammed that tree head on exactly centered by your vechicle. You'll cut corners where you're allowed to and only in matches where they're obvious to the player. 2. NPC driving behavior. While driving an 4 lane highway your forced to drive on the shoulder because as you approach 2 npc vechicles one will speed to tandem with the other closing an opening that you saw from a distance. Also say you're in an eight lane highway and want to open up the throttle? No. If any vechicle exists in the road ahead it will change lanes to be in yours. Its 2 am in the middle of nowhere and you get a lead foot? Vechicles will pop into existence before your very eyes in both lanes.
Approaching an intersection at high speed? cars will race to block sometimes intersecting and crashing while you're attempting to navigate. Driving through the mountains? And approaching a curve? NPC vechicles will pop into existance race to the curve to beat you there then slow down to 20 mph entering the curve. You want to pass on a curve but dont want to use the shoulder? Consider that all curves are completely blind to you and that an NPC vechicle will pop into existance in the opposing lane as you pass. Want to get close to the vechicle in front of you to get a good passing position? It will slam on the brakes.

2. Graphics. Microstuttering, visible jerking, tearing of the world ahead. Also textures blinking in and out of existence on NPC vechicles. And no its not my computer. It can handle Planetside 2 at 60 fps no problem.

3. NPC while out of vechicles look worse than any in half-life 2 ever did.

4. Voice acting that that never varies and grates the nerves.

5. Want to use a keyboard to navigate? Hehe.

6. Getting some progress in the game? Nope your save game in corrupted.

7. Want to play online? Ha ha...

8. Need support? (see above)

9. Waiting for an update. (see above X2)

10. Want a certain car? Tough luck, its DLC.

While fun can be had it seems engineered to annoy the player enough to quit playing while making a DLC purchase at the same exact moment.
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Posted: November 16
Far from competitive with it's rivals, but great in it's own way

This game has suffered from generally bad reviews and in some cases it really deserves it.
Yet in other cases it is great.
In TDU2, you start off as an ordinary parking valet. But you fall asleep inside one of your customer's Ferrari, and she gets quite mad about it. She then tells you to drive her to a TV studio and introduces the player to a racing league called Solar Crown.
Right here you notice the story is not the best, indeed very generic and it doesn't appear like Eden took much time developing voice acting either, everyone speaks with such a generic tone to it.

From here you can freely explore the island of Ibiza, which is big. Really big. There is alot of different things to see in Ibiza, from deserts to villages to cities. There is always one road left to discover.
And then you can also unlock Hawaii, so there is quite alot of roads to drive on.
You can also go off-roading, which brings me to the car selection of the game.
If you compare to Gran Turismo, or Forza, you will quickly notice there are less cars here.
And if that was not enough, Atari put DLC cars that you have to buy with real money in regular dealerships, just to tease you.
Still, there is a reasonably good amount of cars in TDU2, and when you buy one from the factory you can change interior, colour and rims.

There is also another game mechanic, police chases. Behave badly, and Ibiza 5-0 will be after you.
Though police cars tend to simply ram you from the front, so it isn't much of a chase, more like a demolition derby funded by tax money. Patrol cars will be deployed a bit ahead of you, at corners and turns, which can be annoying in cities.
When chased, you can see all nearby units on your radar, which helps alot. You can even hear the police radio chatter, though it is nowhere near what you hear in GTA. Also police chases in a luxury simulator, it just feels out of place.

Winning championships gives you money, alot of it. Which you can spend on real estate, clothes for your character, cars (obviously) and upgrades for your car.

There is one huge issue with this, and will lower any score this game will ever get.
When you first run TDU2, you will get a prompt to create a profile. If you choose to make a multiplayer profile. you will need an Atari account. This is the worst part. TDU2's website is broken, so when you try to enter it, you will get a message about security issues. You may simply disregard these messages, there is no virus inside it. And creating an account can be tricky aswell (not confirmed by me). And if you forget your password, the "Reset password" button is broken aswell, it will give you a message saying "Couldn't send password reset email" meaning you have to directly contact Atari support for a password reset, which takes two days approx.

Not to mention that TDU2's servers are powered by a hamster running in a wheel, and it tends to be lazy on the job.
So you can count on servers being down quite often, and changing sessions without you knowing it. Playing with friends will be tricky.

Final verdict:
This game is great in it's own way, despite the problems it has. And some problems are difficult to disregard.
Voice acting is not good, not at all.
But Eden has spent more time on details, which is good. You can clearly see the stitches on your car's steering wheel, if it has a satnav it will show the minimap. When in third-person the cars Speedometer will have a different design depending on your car. And you can of course see the character change gears depending on the car. If it is manual, the player will lower his hand from the steering wheel and change gear, if it has pads the character will put three fingers behind the wheel and push the pads.
But it actually does feel more like an MMO with cars, so if you are looking for a real car simulator, I'd recommend picking up Forza.

Overall score: 6/10, could be alot better.
Thanks for reading my review, I hope it has helped you decide whether this game is worth it or not.
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Posted: October 25
I had alot of fun 2 years ago when i played it on the xbox for DAYZ, and bought it for PC now just to warm up for The Crew!
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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 22
pls help i cant freaking play the game i need to register and it doesn't work then also it wont start for some ♥♥♥♥ing reason pls help! this really ♥♥♥♥is me off
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Posted: November 13
Eh, Old days.. This game is soo much fun, If it didn't have the cheaters.
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Posted: November 21
Мне искренне жаль, что Atari закрылись. А ведь такой шедевр сделали.
Замечательная игра, открытый мир. Но есть и "потёртости". Такие, как: физика автомобилей (Утюгообразная); проблема с озвучкой двигателей, а конкретно на Ferrari; Мультиплеер... С ним отдельная история. Его просто взяли и сломали, просто из-за того, что сервера этой игры никак не контролировались, этим же объяснялось кол-во читеров в игре.
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Posted: November 2
Servers up servers down servers up servers down hihih :3
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Posted: October 25
Pros: Maps are huge, Honolulu should be unlocked from the start though.
Car customization is very good. It's not quite as good as in the Forza games.
Very good car selection, ranging from an Alfa MiTo to Bugatti Veyron to Koenigsegg CCXR

The way the cars handle makes me thing they weren't finished yet when they released the game.
You need to buy motorbikes with real money.
The story isn't that good.
It gets very repetitive very quickly.
The license system in the game doesn't make any sense.
Too much DRM
Steering wheel support is rubbish. It has it but you have to spend hours setting it up properly.

If you can get it working and you have some friends who have this, it can be very fun online. If you don't have friends who own this game, it's not worth buying unless it's 80% off or something.
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Posted: October 29
Love this game 10/10 <3
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 11
It's not worth it even on sale.
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Posted: November 3
♥♥♥♥ty ♥♥♥ handling and can't pass the C4 License Test because of this. Pretty much makes the game unplayable, especially the training course. Most of the time you're driving on ice and butter. I tried to like the game but the developers obviously didn't do their research on anything about car handling. Atleast I want to think that..
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 6
-Bought and installed this game
-Tried to buy my 1st car but the game freeze'd
-Tried again
-Tried ALSO again
-Uninstalled the game

1/10 waste of money
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 29
Just dont buy, total waste of money, this game dont work, dont update, the forums are down, total crap.
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 7
Game not opens crushes while loading noting more i did waste my money with this...
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Posted: October 29
i paid for this game and these theifs stole my money.IT WILL NOT WORK for the average person you need a computer engineer degree to figure out how to ♥♥♥♥ing run it. IM FURIOUS
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Posted: October 26
Game is fun, although I don't believe it has many players nowadays, so the multiplayer aspect is eh.
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Posted: November 2
My game doesn't get passed me starting it, it instantly crashes.
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Posted: November 2
One of the worst games i have ever played the handling for the all the cars is horrible and the game at the highest settings is much worse than xbox and most of the controls can't be changed so if your looking for a game that has horrible graphics even for it's time with no online multiplayer and crappy controls then get this game.
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