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Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Die Ghostbusters sind wieder da für ein ganz neues Abenteuer! Manhattan wurde wieder von übernatürlichen Kreaturen aller Art heimgesucht und Sie versuchen als Neuling im Ghostbusters Team dem Spuk zu begegnen.
Veröffentlichung: 16 Juni 2009

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Who ya gonna call?
GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Die Ghostbusters sind wieder da für ein ganz neues Abenteuer! Manhattan wurde wieder von übernatürlichen Kreaturen aller Art heimgesucht und Sie versuchen als Neuling im Ghostbusters Team dem Spuk zu begegnen. Ausgerüstet mit einer einzigartigen Sammlung an Werkzeugen und Gespensterjagdinstrumenten ringen und kämpfen Sie gegen haarsträubende Geister, um New York von dieser paranormalen Plage zu befreien.
  • AUTHENTISCHES GHOSTBUSTERS FEELING - Ghostbusters™: The Video Game bietet der weltweiten Fangemeinschaft ein einzigartiges Spielerlebnis mit den Charakteren des Originalfilms von Columbia Pictures inklusive Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis und Ernie Hudson - wieder vereint nach fast über 20 Jahren. Zusätzlich zu den Hauptrollen ergänzen Annie Potts, Brian Doyle Murray und William Atherton das Ghostbusters-Team.
  • EINZIGARTIGE 'GHOST BUSTING' ACTION - Wie im Film ist Ghostbusters™: The Video Game ein neues Abenteuer aus der Feder von Dan Aykroyd und Harold Ramis und bietet eine neue Geschichte, die den Spieler durch eine Reihe neuer Herausforderungen mit dem weltbesten Geisterjägerteam führen wird. Sie werden einigen neuen und fürchterlichen Geistern begegnen, sogar einigen, die von Aykroyd und Ramis für den Film gedacht waren, aber niemals umgesetzt wurden.
  • AUSRÜSTUNG, GADGETS & FEINDE - Ghostbusters™: The Video Game bietet so noch nie zuvor erlebte Geisterjagdaction und verbesserbare Ausrüstungen. Sie können die Geister schwächen und sie mit dem Protonenstrahl fangen und in die Geisterfalle befördern. Nutzen Sie unterschiedliche Fangstrategien mit den neuen Schleimfänger und dem Stasisstrahl und scannen und analysieren Sie Geister mit dem P.K.E. Meter und den Paragoggles.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 32-bit und 64-bit
    • Prozessor: Intel® Core™2 Duo E4300 oder AMD Athlon X2 +3800 *
    • Speicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: ATI Radeon X1800-Serien 512MB, Intel G45 Express Chipset, NVIDIA GeForce 8400 512MB **
    • DirectX®:
    • Festplatte: 9 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-kompatible Soundkarte

    • * Dual core Prozessoren wie z.B. die Intel Pentium D 805 Chips sind nicht unterstützt
    • ** Grafikkarten mit 256MB RAM sind nicht unterstützt
    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
    • Prozessor: Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400 oder vergleichbar
    • Speicher: 4 GB System RAM
    • Grafik: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Serien, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Serien oder bessere Grafikkarte
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game takes place in 1991, about two years after Ghostbusters II. The Ghostbusters are now funded by the city of New York and they are well respected in the community. In fact, they have started recruiting new Ghostbusters, which is where you come in. You play as Rookie, a trainee whose real name the other Ghostbusters refuse to learn because they do not want to get too attached. You do not get much time to learn the ropes before a pulse of energy flows through the city, igniting paranormal activity like a wildfire.
Catching ghosts is lots of fun. Most of the ghosts in the game are beaten by just damaging them until they run out of health, but there are still a lot that require ghost traps. The process of wearing down these larger ghosts and dragging them into traps is incredibly satisfying. There's a decent variety of weapons aside from the basic proton stream, including a slime thrower and the really fun slime tether. You also come equipped with a PKE meter, which lets you get information about your environment and ghosts, much like the Scan Visor in Metroid Prime. All this equipment can be upgrade with money earned by catching, defeating, and scanning ghosts, as well as by finding collectibles throughout the game.
The characters look like the actor's they are based on. The effects for the proton pack are spot-on. The ghosts look great,with some interesting designs. The level designs are varied, ranging from areas straight from the movies to completely new, almost Lovecraftian environments. Everything looks good and creepy, and there is a lot of attention paid to detail.
Everything about the sound in this game is nearly perfect. Clearly, the voice acting is fantastic because it is the actual actors who are doing the voice actors.
The music sounds just like the movie, everything sounds right.
Ghostbusters: The Video Game offers an excellent opportunity to relive one of the greatest franchises of the 80s. It stays true to the movies it was based on while providing a nice twist to a standard video game genre. Whether you are a fan of the Ghostbusters or not, you will probably have fun with the few hours you will spend on this game.

Sound 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 8/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Verfasst: 15 März 2014
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This game is amazing, from a story, to the graphics and the voice acting from the Ghostbusters crew to back it all up, this is one super sized Twinkie of a game. This game includes themes that wanted to be explored in further movies but those sadly never got made but this game got made and you can find them here like going to hell that alter universe kind of place. This game has proton packs, the traps, all that Ghostbusting goodness we have come to know and love from the movies. There are upgrades and the nostalgia runs wild through this, one of the best parts is in the GBHQ you can go upstairs and look at a computer screen that has the ending from the NES Ghostbusters game. This game is ten tons of awesomesauce. Even if the movies didnt exist and only this game, it would sit as a standalone slice of fried gold. In the movie they wreck this beautiful dining room in a fancy schmancy hotel, in this game you get to go to that hotel and smash up that room leaving not even the flowers still standing. The ghosts are clever and creative with the marshmallow man making the rounds. Get ready to hit the twelth floor and take down some cockroaches because YOU ARE A GHOSTBUSTER!!!

This is one of the greatest PC games out there, not only is it a GOOD game tied to a movie, but it also works without tons of bugs and glitches. All that hard work the awesome programmer people put in with their coffees going all night living off stale pizza ended with every studio involved in this game going out of business. Their legacy will not be forgotten...
(Bearly tears T_T)

To view some fun content that ISNT in the game but is in the game files check these out:
Thanksgiving Parade Cut Scene 1:
(This level the "Thanksgiving Parade" is NOT in the game, including being able to go in Ray's Occult Bookstore, the assets are around though. Hint, Hint, Hint....)

If this review is all TLDR terrifying your mind beyond the capacity for rational thought, check out what Dan Akroyd thinks about Ghostbusters the video game:
Ernie Hudson left out of most Ghostbusters video games from Nintendo to Sega is not left out of this game or review:
Those Ghostbuster guys are all science and not enough Swag, so if you want to hook them up with some Gold Proton packs for rolling in the hood as the OGB's they are here is the link to the mod:

Rating: 10/10 Value: $24.99
Verfasst: 7 August 2014
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Never mind that Hollywood has been unable to give us the long deserved third Ghostbusters film in years: this is the real deal!

Really! This is a damn fine video game! Everything you loved about Ghostbusters is in this game: your favourite ghost Slimer, top-notch voice acting provided by the actors (yes, even Bill Murray is in this game), jokes in-between and throughout the missions, encounter with Stay Puft and more! Even that annoying Peck returns to bother our favourite team.

I loved how they make you become the 5th Ghostbuster. Beside the usual laser stream you have 3 more ways to use your "backpack". And each beam has a secondary fire making the game more and more interesting along the way as ghosts can only be damaged by some of these beams. You have collectibles, countless references to the films, huge boss battles and a really good soundtrack!

Everything you need from an adaptation can be found in this game. I have not found a single mistake and did 3 walkthroughs so I can only recommend it wholeheartedly.
Verfasst: 7 März 2014
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The closest we will ever get to a Ghostbusters III.
Verfasst: 5 Juli 2014
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This is, essentially, Ghosbusters 3: The Interactive Movie.

Did you like Ghosbusters 1 and/or 2? Then get this. That's all you need to know.
Verfasst: 23 April 2014
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Ein wirklich sehr schönes Spiel. Die Grafik ist wirklich hochauflösen, klar und flüssig und das Spiel hat das "HD"-Tag nur zu Recht verdient.
Die Story wirkt am Anfang wie eine Paralell-Story, aber es wird schnell klar das sich das ganze nach den Filmen abspielt, auch wenn es an einigen Stellen doch eher zum Fantasy übergeht. Aber nur kurz. Ansonsten ist es aber eine sehr gelungene Weiterführung und die meistens Fans dürften lachen oder zumindest schmunzeln wenn alte, wohlbekannte und beliebte Feinde wiederkommen. :)
Was mich besonders faziniert hat ist, dass in dem Spiel keine billigen Syncronsprecher genommen wurden, sondern die originalen aus den Filmen, was dem ganzen noch zusätzlich die richtige GhostBusters-Atmosphäre gibt.
Am Anfang vielleicht etwas ungewohnte Steuerung. Man könnte es auch so sagen: Man merkt jetzt mal wie schwer es ist sich mit so einer schweren Geister-Jäger-Ausrüstung rumzuplagen. ;)
Leider etwas kurz, aber alles in Allem ein wunderbarer Spielspaß
Verfasst: 13 April 2011
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