Arm yourself for the greatest conflict of modern times! STORM – Frontline Nation revolutionizes the turn-based strategy genre with unbelievable strategic depth and a cinematic scenario. Scarce resources and a prolonged economic crisis plunges half the world into strife, which can only be resolved by a force of arms.
Data de lançamento: 10 Jun 2011
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Arm yourself for the greatest conflict of modern times!

STORM – Frontline Nation revolutionizes the turn-based strategy genre with unbelievable strategic depth and a cinematic scenario. Scarce resources and a prolonged economic crisis plunges half the world into strife, which can only be resolved by a force of arms. The tension laden mood has a host of nations mobilizing troops and researching advanced warfare technologies. New groups are created, accords are signed and alliances turn to face war. The player has myriad of possibilities available to them in terms of resource and troop management. Enormous freedom of action in the areas of combat, research and diplomacy allows the player to secure world domination for one of the nations. The perfect mix of strategy and turn-based combat makes STORM – Frontline Nation unique in its genre.

STORM - Frontline Nation includes two different game modes: Campaign and Skirmish

  • Campaign - Two strategic campaigns are available; one where you can choose to play as one of Germany, France, Russia, United Kingdom or United States in a story driven experience, and one where you can play as one out of 45 countries.
  • Skirmish - In this game mode a single combat is played. Several parameters for the combat can be customized, including money, light-cycle, weather and technology level.

    Key features:

    • 45 nations, more than 500 regions and more than 100 cities offer an unbelievable scope for the game
    • Modern warfare on water, land and in the air, in a classic hexfield style
    • Depending on the situation new challenges arise and units can be supplied individually with weapons and commands
    • Spies and special forces can infiltrate enemy lines in secret-ops carrying out sabotage and decoy activities
    • Research, development and deployment of powerful weapon systems
    • Different game modes such as Campaign or Skirmish
    • Comprehensive multiplayer mode ensures long-lasting gaming enjoyment

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 or 100% compatible
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2GB
    • Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible with min. 128MB video memory
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Sound: DirectX 9 compatible
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This is a great strategy game for folks that want more than just another x4 with new skin. Pretty much every choice you make has future consequences and that causes you to plan out your immediate decisions based on goals you need to reach MANY years / turns later. This is not a game that you can just make a ton of troops / WMDs and win without a thought or brute force. If you go solo and try to take on the world by yourself, just like in the real world...the rest of the world will respond and come back at you in mass. I found that the game was pretty balanced in that EVERYTHIING has a counter. Folks mentioned the helicopters are over powered, but then many have you lost due to being careless with them? You can only make so many. You can only have so many troops on the battle map at once. And if you make helo strong armies the AI enemies respond with Anti-Air strong armies to counter. There are a few annoying things that the game doesnt explain well that you pretty much have to just figure out or seems like programming bugs. Like using biological warfare on someone can effect your troops as well in same areas they were used until side effects wear off. This can lead to their movement points are restricted to the point that now your troops are locked into only the easiest terrain on battle maps. This means that part of your army can be cut off on the battle maps by hills and mountains and effectively isolated from rest of your troops / enemy. There's nothing to tell you it will happen until in the battle AND you cant do anything about it when it happens except finish the battle. It seems like a bug because the game doesnt explain what's going on, but once you figure it out the end result is you end up fighting more tactically / conventionally vs just bombing the crap out of every territory with WMDs and then just walking in w/o a fight. Just like in the real world you dont crap on a territory you want then expect to not get some poo on your boots when you get there!

The global campaign is a game of weeks, not hours or even days. If you dont have the patience for that level of planning or strategy, then you should pass this one by. To actually get the most enjoyment out of this game there is a VERY steep self-teaching learning curve but once you do spend the time I found myself lost in the planning and strategy for days at a time. There are a few mild bugs with the game / AI, but nothing that stopped me from conquering the world. But in the campaign mode the campaign missions are not optional. If you do not finish them, you dont "win" even if you outright conquer everyone else w/o them. I also found finishing them early / indirectly at times causes game to get stuck on needing to fill them later. This game pretty much demands Save, Learn, and Reload! But can be very rewarding and great distraction.
Publicada: 17 fevereiro 2014
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Excellent Game! A lot like Hearts of Iron with some oldschool Panzer General thrown in. Great game for someone looking for something more complicated than Risk or Axis and Allies but not overly complicated where you have to juggle economy and a bunch of other trivial metrics. Simple research system, and enough unit variation to keep it interesting. It does the genre justice.
Publicada: 28 janeiro 2014
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As a big infantry player of all strategy games its nice to see my infantry customizable to be able to take on any task. From Infantry to Tanks to Helicopters to even fighting in a "dirty" zone in hazmat suits. But its not just the infantry that are customizable, your Tanks can be given reactive amour to deflect rounds to a realistic extend, you can load your bombers with with bio-weapons and drop them on your enemy (if you're feeling rather evil, try dropping them on his/her major cities to kill his/her civilans just because you can) and the sneaky players are not to be dispointed either. You can create your spec ops squads and they can go around causing strife such as blowing up a structer of importance and blaming it on another country to start a fight between the two. Or have spys can gain intel on surrounding areas before you invade/bomb. Overall one of the best games I have played, esspically for a turnbased game. 10/10
Publicada: 2 fevereiro 2014
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Jean Kirstein approves of this game.
Publicada: 30 junho 2014
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Just bought the game for $1.00 and i highly recommend this game to any one who can get it
Publicada: 28 abril 2014
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Limited Recommendation

turnbased "Grand" Strategy in European Theatre, Modern Setting (Tanks,Jets,Nukes, etc.),simple Diplomacy System, Covert Ops and Espionage Units.

+++ Tactical turnbased Battles where both opponents go at the same time.Welldone and original Concept.

+ Modern Setting with Unit Customization,

+ Special "Ecm Warfare" Abilities in Battles,depending on Research.

+ Terrain/DayNightcycle/Morale affect Battles.

+ Good Interface.


--- Ai is a generally weak/stupid.Could be a Challenge for strategic Beginners.
An Example: I conquered a Region with a Helicopter Unit,Ai counterattacks with an Mobile Artillery,which had *zero* Anti-Air Capability.

- Some minor Bugs.Nothing Gamebreaking.

- Techtrees are to 80% pointless (A B C Weapon Techtrees are kind of unnecessary and bland,Units upgradetree is useful)

- Diplomacy has been done better in other Games.

I played it for a few Hours as i found the Battlesystem und Unit Customization quite enjoyable.
But steamrolling the Ai Nations gets tedious/grindy after a while,
and the Objectives/Events were not interesting enough to keep me playing.
If you like turnbased Strategy and its not too expensive, try it.
Publicada: 26 novembro 2013
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