Tempelhof, Berlin, dawn of 8th April 1949. A major armed conflict is brewing between the Western powers and the Soviet bloc. The Red Army has been growing ever stronger since the end of World War II. With the growth of their army the Soviets realize that they hold the advantage, and are only waiting for the right moment to attack.
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发行日期: 2009年3月10日


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"Might need a workaround to set-up and play, however good blend of world war 2 and III. Good level design and interesting units. Story is a toss. Try it."


“A sophisticated, well-paced and remarkably different entry into the RTS genre.”
8/10 – Total PC Gaming


Tempelhof, Berlin, dawn of 8th April 1949.

A major armed conflict is brewing between the Western powers and the Soviet bloc. The Red Army has been growing ever stronger since the end of World War II. With the growth of their army the Soviets realize that they hold the advantage, and are only waiting for the right moment to attack. That moment arrives with the Tempelhof Incident: the near-fatal collision of a US cargo plane and a Soviet fighter over Berlin's main airfield. A fatal combination of coincidence and human error, there is no point in arguing what went wrong, no point in asking who pulled the trigger first and who fired on whom in return. The Incident went down in history as fatal.

Within 12 hours of the crash the ground beneath the German capital is shaking with the salvoes of a war never meant to be: a conflict between former allies over Europe and global supremacy.

In this game the worst comes true, and it may just change the fate of the "free world" forever! WWII is now just a memory - but the Cold War has just begun...

Key features

  • Authentic "Cold War" era
  • Variable squads with powerful squad leaders, capable of easily taking on any kind of enemy, providing a gameplay more balanced and fun than ever!
  • Personalizable units with visible function upgrades
  • Unique building combat system - buildings can be destroyed or occupied to gain an advantage
  • Fascinating storyline which follows the personal fates of both familiar Codename Panzers heroes and brand new ones alike
  • Detailed "movie-like" world simulation: a truly "alive" world in which each and every single unit possesses its own AI and reacts to the player's actions accordingly
  • Single player campaign with 18 exciting missions. Your goal is to save the world and help NATO to stop the Soviets, yet occasionally you will end up changing sides to find yourself in Russia, helping out the KGB.
  • Scenario Mode: replay missions already won/unlocked in order to increase your overall score
  • 25 multiplayer maps and 3 modes: Domination, Multiplayer-Mission and Team Match
  • Physics-based building destruction. Each building will collapse in its own unique manner, using real-time physics simulation: pieces falling from houses are assigned to various categories according to their size and mass
  • Full simulation of the effects of light and terrain conditions on unit behavior
  • Weather changes affect gameplay and visual effects: reducing sight, movement speed, range of fire and every parameter imaginable
  • Dual display support with strategic map for making strategic decisions
  • Brand new Gepard 3 graphics engine with full vertex and pixel shader 3.0 support


    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2/Vista®
    • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon™ X2 +4400 or faster
    • Memory: XP 1 GB RAM - Vista 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5GB Available
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon X800 or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or faster
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • DirectX® Version: 9.0c compatible, 32 bits, multi-core
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CPCW is an acceptable good Tactic-Strategy game. In my Opinion a good game to play on rainy weekends with a nice cup of coffee. Details:

Graphics - 8/10
The ingame graphic is awesome detailed. Enviroment looks close steps to realistic, nicely done with much love to detalis. Also the realistic reactions are nice to look at (example: Weather / grenade in forest burns trees down / ramming electricity pylons make'em flash and fall / after some gaming time the night comes and the tanks use activate headlights,....)

Sound - 7/10
Sound is okay. The music is a bit monotone but fits in. Talking/responding of the soldiers is clear and good. War-Sounds are very good. You feel like inside the game.

AI - 7/10
The Computer-Inteligence is also okay. Sometimes, your tanks or troopers dont go the way they should (example: tank turns cicles before driving ahead). It happens acceptable rare, but happens. Enemys react good. with nice tactic that gives you the "wow, could be human" effect.

Ingame functions - 9/10
There are quite a lot of functions, and I still keep finding out more. You can rotate your view from upper view to diagoal. You can tell the tanks where to aim at when they change position. You can group teams, individually. You have Maps to draw in for making plans with Multiplayer friends..... and so on.

complexity - 7/10
Well as someone who doesn't like the HUD filled up to much and stuff I gotta say: you should definetly take a look at the manual. Fly over it for about 10mins, make the Tutorial and I think you got it. Some things could have been easier, like Keyboard-Settings but its okay.

Single Player - 6/10
Story is easy to follow, but could be a bit more motivating to play. Seems a bit "loveless". Campaign could be a bit longer or DLCs could have been released. Anyway its fun to play through.

Multiplayer / Coop 4/10
Multiplayer is a bit frustrating. If you wanna go "online" then you need to activate an account wich is (meanwhile?) impossible, so no online servers possible to play with. It works if you use programs like tunngle and connect via LAN function to friends. There it is easy and with no problems to connect fast and fun to play. But sadly very less maps.

Price 3/10
Well, the game is worth buying it, but not worth the actual 20 EUR it costs. This was maybe realistic when it was released but nowadays a bit to expensive for this kind of game.

Ending words
You should definetly give it a try when its on sale. for a max Price of 10 EUR its okay to buy and you wont regret it.
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装甲-冷战这个游戏09年的时候玩过,当时感觉只是英雄连的一个冷战的MOD,画面还可以。刚才玩了下,发现有TAGES DRIVERS ERROR 1275这个问题,咨询了好友“412thcadian”,得知需要装个小文件“http://www.tagesprotection.com/5.5/TagesSetup_x64.exe”
然后再输入CDKEY后才能运行游戏,多谢“412thcadian”。 Codename: Panzers - Cold War 当年喜欢这个游戏的玩家现在可以买来收藏,因为画面和现在主流画面完全不能比,还是收藏用吧。
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Sort of like Dawn of War II Retribution, a sort of tactical RPG / RTS hybrid, but this has M48 Patton tanks instead of orks.
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I initially gave this a negative review because it crashes on launch. The (new?) developers of the game are clearly trying to update the game and have removed the TAGES copy protection. Hopefully they'll resolve the crash issue. Until they do, the game will lauch if the computer is offline. To my mind this is better than a game that insists on being online all the time.

Codename Panzers is a great series of tactical RTSs with the focus on action rather than base building. "Cold War" introduced some elements of reinforcements (similar to Ground Control/World in Conflict) but the main focus remains on tactical action. The graphics are good (for a 2009 game) and I enjoyed it as a slightly more relaxed alternative to Company of Heroes or Men of War. Unfortunately the game was largely overlooked on release (as per another Atari classic RTS, Act of War) and recieved little suppport. It's good to see that this game is now getting some developer support - and well worth picking up , especially if on sale.
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I looked at the forum for help in stopping the program crashes, and set an outbound rule to block cpcw.exe(located in steam apps), on my firewall settings, and I got the game to work. I'm running W7 64, by the way.

Not a bad game, and well worth the knockdown price.
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Panzers is a classic series of games.

If you liked this one, i definatly suggest trying the older ones
Panzers I and Panzers II
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Atari is very good at creating great RTS games. This is one of them.
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Good RTS game. Not much to say. Would recommend.
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Awesome RTS with dawn of war 2 style very good graphics and fast paced gameplay two factions soviets and allies go to third war world in 1949
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y i realy want to say to thos ppl who are give bad recomendation about lets say this game,just because they face problems with launching game.always check official game developer websites so you can read if they still working on some improvments on this particular issue.and specialy in this case y they working on that problem to solve .mean no need to say i like this game somuch so i cant start i wont play and thoms down.
So just who want to start play "Panzers - Cold War"you can start play from game folder on your steam .just if you still cant start the game and you got it from steam .so till they fix this problem go to "my-computer/C or D disc/program files/steam/SteamApps/common/codename:panzer-cold war folder and launch through the administrator game applocation.and you'll see it works perfect i just tryed and it dint freez dint need go anithing around so you can enjoy single player mosions till they fix normal shortcuts with steam console and launching apps.and they woking on that i red that in 2014.april.28th.
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Playing on an xp computer. 18 missions. Finished on normal about 10+ hours game time with no deaths but that took some reloading to achieve. Scripted events so the AI usually didn't do much. I basically have my little zerg go from one section to the next. Got from gem auction so paid less than $2. I consider this Company of Heroes lite, basically a tactical RTS, where you a have a limited amount of units that can be gotten with limited prestige points. Also has a skirmish mode. Since multi-player was based on game spy and it's an old game I doubt anyone is playing. Still on the border if I am having fun or if I consider this a time killer. Basically an average RTS for me. Not a bad game but considering the normal price is greater than CoH, can't recommend.
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I really love this game as I love all the old Panzers...BUT. This game won't run for most people even with the "patch" developers released. "Patch" was actually Tages removal. Well, the game doesn't work, same as it did not work before the patch. So don't throw away your money on a name to fill out your library.
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this is the perfect game. .. like it ! :)
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Cant get the damn thing to run.
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