E tartalomhoz szükség van a(z) Frozen Synapse alapjáték Steames változatára.

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E tartalomhoz szükség van a(z) Frozen Synapse alapjáték Steames változatára.

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A fusion of lo-fi electronica and highly-polished dance music, the score by nervous_testpilot aka Paul Taylor has drawn widespread acclaim and available for purchase if you own non-soundtrack edition of Frozen Synapse.


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    • Memória: 512 MB
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    • Merevlemez: 220 MB
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Közzétéve: 2014. október 2.
Easily one of my favorite soundtracks from Indie games. The artist behind the soundtrack is "nervous_testpilot" (name Paul Kilduff-Taylor) and also the co-founder of Mode7, the developers of Frozen Synapse. Interestingly enough, I have found that when the artist in question is closely attached to the game itself - the soundtracks are usually of sublime quality. It does make sense I guess, getting to make the music for your own or your teams project is much more rewarding than just a signed contract with strangers. Although my musical experience is of thin caliber it's obvious that a musician need to devote themselves if they want their music to be on par with the game. Having an "in-house" musician is very important for this reason especially as Indie developers.

Frozen Synapse has a very interesting art design, very simplistic and focuses a lot on... blue. The game therefore depends a lot on the music and gameplay to make it shine, and Boy does it shine! Every track are quite similar but still keep interesting without throwing themselves too far away from the theme, very good balance. Probably solely made out from one keyboard with electronic samples; bass heavy (wub wub sounds), vocal samples (woman), solo piano, ambient noises and sometimes flute or violin samples of some kind. Put some sweet post-processing effects on that and it's all set. Sounds easy, It's not.

Not a single track throws this game off, everything fits with the art-style and aesthetics of the game to no doubt enhance the experience. Here are some favorite tracks:

Artist: Paul Kilduff-Taylor

Original Soundtrack.
2. "Focus"
3. "The Plan"
7. "Concentrate"
8. "Triumph"
10. "Deeper"

Red Soundtrack.
1. "All the Lost"
4. "Parting Shots"
6. "The Fix"
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