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Eine durchdachte Puzzelherausforderung kombiniert mit einer ungewöhnlichen Story.
Veröffentlichung: 8 Aug. 2011
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Über das Spiel

TRAUMA erzählt die Geschichte einer jungen Frau, die einen Autounfall überlebt. Während sie im Krankenhaus genest, hat Sie Träume, die die Erinnerungen an verschiedene Teile ihrer Vergangenheit zerstören, wie etwa die Art mit dem Verlust ihrer Eltern fertig zu werden. TRAUMA lässt Sie diese Träume in einem interaktiven Abenteuer miterleben und erinnert an alte Point-and-Click-Abenteuer. So wird eine bewährte Spielmechanik um ein gestengesteuertes Interface, Echtzeit-3D-Technologie für dynamischen Levelaufbau, einzigartige fotorealistische Grafik und ein exzellenten Leveldesign erweitert, das eine nachhaltiges Spielerlebnis bietet, anstatt nur eine komplizierte Puzzle-Herausforderung zu offerieren. Zusammen mit einer außergewöhnlichen Geschichte zielt TRAUMA darauf ab, ein dichtes und tiefgründiges Spiel für ein kundiges und Spiel-erfahrenes Publikum zu sein.

Systemvoraussetzungen (PC)

    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prozessor:2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Speicher:2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:5.0
    • Festplatte:200 MB HD frei

Systemvoraussetzungen (Mac)

    • Betriebssystem: OS X Version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 oder besser.
    • Prozessor:2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Speicher:2 GB RAM
    • Festplatte:200 MB HD frei
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After 30 min, you finish this game. For 100%, you may need a hour or two.
But thats it - old click and point for too much money.
Verfasst: 3 Februar 2014
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Ein ser guttes spil das seer vill spssa macth
Verfasst: 9 Juli 2014
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I don't know why I keep on coming back to this rather short game. With four levels, each with four endings - one official and three alternative - and a set of 'colectables' (read: photos) to find, TRAUMA is short. So what is it about it which makes me come back? Is it the mechanics of actions which you can use to clear the levels? Or is it the story of someone who was caught in a car crash, and how the levels help explore her mind's state as she recovers?
Verfasst: 1 März 2014
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This isn't so much a game as it is an interactive story, but what an enthralling story it is. The main protagonist--lets be honest, she is basically the only real character in this story--has just survived a traumatic accident. Now bedridden for an unknown period of time, she finds herself dreaming the same dreams over and over. The hospital psychiatrist gently yet indifferently prods her on as she is tested on her ability to recover, both physically and mentally.

"Do you think that I can be back home this month?"
"Maybe. It depends on your progress."
"There is an exam in three weeks. I've been preparing for quite some time."
"There will always be another exam. I believe you should focus on your well-being first."
"Am I not doing that?"

The game itself focuses on these recurring dreams as you navigate through photographs representing her descriptions as she narrates your actions. I found the dreams to be varied and quite interesting, with plenty to explore and some truly gorgeous shots. Yet even with multiple endings available for each dream, they go by rather quickly. It took me about an hour to beat the game, with only a few alternate endings not found. And yet this doesn't detract my overall opinion of the game. Something about the German narrator (voiced beautifully by Anja Jazeschann) really struck me as detached, hopeless, confused--it really gave me a sense of urgency as I tried to piece together the photographs and search for clues on how to end this infinite loop of depression. If you are curious as to the insight dreams give to outsiders, especially those of a trauma victim, I do not think you will be disappointed with this inexpensive indie gem.
Verfasst: 21 Januar 2014
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Good for a point click Flash Based adventure game, Like the Photography and FMV, you don't see that too much anymore, but in all I would expect more.
Verfasst: 16 Juni 2014
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