Introducing the Master Levels for DOOM II. Twenty never-before-seen levels all with the same acid drenched, hell spawned horror of the originals. Each was created by independent designers and supervised by the demented minds of id Software. You might as well forget about seeing the light of day ever again.
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Data de lançamento: 1/jun/1995

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Inclui 4 itens: DOOM II, Final DOOM, Master Levels for Doom II, Ultimate Doom


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Introducing the Master Levels for DOOM II. Twenty never-before-seen levels all with the same acid drenched, hell spawned horror of the originals. Each was created by independent designers and supervised by the demented minds of id Software. You might as well forget about seeing the light of day ever again.

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    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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Publicada: 17 de dezembro de 2015
Basically some of the hardest levels you'll ever play. The title is not misleading at all. Even though some of the levels are no different than your run-of-the-mill Doom 2 levels, this map pack has its fair share of tricky dicky moments. The map Teeth is extremely difficult. Not for the noobs, that's for sure. ;)
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Publicada: 3 de janeiro
I pretty recommend the game for those who would remember old-school FPS classics, but I am not close to suggesting the product being sold in Steam as much as that. The product being sold in Steam should be something like Doom95 or the adapted ones within Doom 3 BFG, not the MS-DOS version that you are able to play through DOSBox on today's modern computers on which Windows 7/8/8.1/10 runs. This case moves the game away from smoothly playable conditions. Also, a product like Doom95 would have served the feature of setting an external WAD file in an easier way. My review about this product is also true for the other earliest Doom games that can be found under the package called Doom Classic Complete.

Anyway, let me repeat the introduction of my comment: I do recommend the game.
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Publicada: 2 de fevereiro
Master Levels For DooM II On Steam * 0/10

I already didn't recommend Any other DooM release on Steam with the same review Copy-pasted because of the same problems. But this one deserves its own review.
A little statement first. As already mentioned in my other DooM reviews the 0/10 rate is related to the Steam Release. Consider that I grew up with doom, I was 6 years old when the shareware was being widespread all over the world, and still nowadays I own The original DooM, DooM II and The Ultimate Collection DooM 95 (With Ultimate DooM, DooM II And Final DooM). All of this to state I know and Love the game I grew up with. Despite all this I regret to NOT Recommend this RELEASE (Not THE GAME, mind you). On a Side note: all the DooM chapters have been released on Steam like this, so I'm not recommending Any other chapter, specifically The Ultimate DooM, Final DooM And DooM II: Hell On Earth. My same Review will be posted in all those releases because of the same flaws.

This Master Levels For DooM II release is supposed to have a total of 21 maps (including the "Teeth" Secret level) AND 1830 amateur custom levels. What does this release have? 21 Maps... Don't tell me the 1830 maps would weight too much, wad files have a ridiculous size. Anyways, to play the 21 maps you'll have to stick with an outdated and sometimes stuttering version of dosbox running the game with the already mentioned and useless "modern controls". Too bad that now you can't select a classic control system. Top of the Tops you still have to use that outdated, NON-user friendly ridiculous text-interface to select the map to play with. Meaning you don't get to play the 21 maps one after the other, but you have to select which map replace the original DooM II map. So this means you will get to play again some DooM II levels (21, replacing 32). And that's not the worst part. The maps have the "replacing slot locked" and most of them replace the same slot... BUT WHY?!?!? And if this wasn't enough You are FORCED to use the "Modern Interface" set as default in the other DooM Steam releases. But here you can't revert to the Classic interface. Definitley the worst release Ever. Fortunately this is a bonus pack for those brave or squanderer enough to buy these horrible releases. I'll just copy-paste the cons of the other releases, which still apply on this one. It's not worth a total rewrite...

    The following points are the reason I will NEVER recommend this release on Steam.
  • THE PORT. Actually this release has no ports... It's the usual game that runs on DosBox... Which is not the best solution because it's just an emulation of a DOS Environment which means that you can easily experience some minor Lags, both on video and audio. Not to mention the inferior Midi quality. On top of that The other DooM Releases have 2 options, the classic input and the DEFAULT "Modern input" with WASD Movement AND Mouse MOVEMENT...Not Mouselook, MOVEMENT. So obviously you can't use the mouse because it goes in conflict with the WASD keys... And you can't use the arrows because ONLY Left and Right are Binded... WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!? WHO THE HELL IS THE INCOMPETENT THAT WORKED ON THIS $H17 AND APPROVED IT?!?!?!?!? AND THIS C**P IS THE DEFAULT SETTING!!!! I know there are solutions inside steam's community discussions and guides, but I don't care, releasing a product of the importance as DooM in this state is SIMPLY RIDICULOUS. But Guess What? Here in Master Levels for doom you can't choose From Modern To classic, so you're forced to play with the useless modern input... And you want to know something? Do you remember the Excellent DooM 95 Port where you have a simple window with tidy options and settings? You even have settings to add Mods. Do you know who worked on that project in his Microsoft's days? GABE NEWELL. And here on Steam I have to find this Garbage on DosBox... I could have Downloaded from google in 2 minutes both the WADs AND a DECENT Port IF (i repeat) IF MY ORIGINAL COPIES Of DooM, DooM II And "Ultimate Doom, DooM II And Final With DooM 95" (Yes I DO OWN ALL OF THEM) were somehow misteriously Burnt out... Steam doesn't consider profitable to ask microsoft a deal to use the best BASIC port for DooM? Fine, Use another one, or make something decent yourself, it's really ridiculous to get such a great game released in such a bad and approximate way... And maybe I'm mistaken, Steam is just a digital distribution platform and the quality of the product released relies on the Developer. It doesn't change anything. The fact that Whoever worked on this release setted the game to play by default with a SELF-CONTRADICTORY INPUT SYSTEM is still RIDICUOUS ... And a reason BIG ENOUGH to AVOID this release LIKE A DISEASE... (Ho-ho-ho, I'm a poet... XD... But seriously, don't waste here your money...)
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Publicada: 31 de maio de 2015
Apesar de ter jogado muito pouco, já posso dizer uma grande decepção com esse lançamento aqui: o jogo original continha cerca de 21 fases que foram aprovadas pela id Software pela sua dificuldade e como bônus eles incluíram outros 1830 pWADs que não foram aprovadas para aparecer no Final Doom e nada disso pode ser encontrado aqui. O jogo contém basicamente 21 fases que são jogadas separadamente e os mesmos problemas pela falta de suporte da empresa fazendo com que seja necessário uma pré-configuração para jogar.

Mesmo algumas fases sendo realmente boas, eles deveriam ter organizado o jogo como um pacote de fases do Doom II e não deixar as fases soltas à esmo. Algum mal informado vai acabar jogando as fases subsequentes achando que vai encontrar outras fases novas e não é bem assim que funciona. Eles deveriam ter lançado o Maximum Doom no lugar desse aqui.
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Publicada: 16 de fevereiro de 2014
I died. Fast. Great job to the mappers out there that took their time to make these awesome maps!

Sadly, this, as far as I know, doesn't work with DOOM Source Ports.
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