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Ce contenu nécessite le jeu de base Iron Front: Digital War Edition sur Steam pour fonctionner.

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Ce contenu nécessite le jeu de base Iron Front: Digital War Edition sur Steam pour fonctionner.

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À propos du jeu

Summer 1944. Europe is at war. The Allies are about to attack...

"D-Day" adds the famous landing on the coast of Normandy by the Allied Forces to the tactical World War II shooter "Iron Front – Liberation 1944". Merciless gun battles for each centimeter of the beaches await brave soldiers on the side of the Allies and the Wehrmacht alike in this extensive expansion. Brutal combat unfolds on the storm-lashed shores of France, as the future of the world is about to be decided at the Atlantic Wall... and you are in the thick of it! Fight with the Allied Forces against the dogged Wehrmacht defenders, or join the battle on the side of Germany and use any means to stop the Allies' advance.

"D-Day" introduces a whole new scenario with new weapons, military equipment and missions in both single-player and multiplayer modes (incl. co-op), as well as the Allies as a new faction. In the expansion, players can take on the roles of American soldiers, pilots and tank crews to fight for the freedom of France. The famous landing craft which carried the US soldiers to the bloody battle of liberation at Omaha Beach are of course also included in D-Day. Air support is provided by the P-47 Thunderbolt, while Sherman tanks support the advance of the ground forces.

Following the successful landing of the Allied Forces, the battles in Normandy continue with new missions featuring authentic re-creations of the military equipment of the age, including the Garand M1 rifle and the Browning automatic rifle. Players can also, for the first time, enter the war on the American side and use the new troops in multiplayer mode as well. However, the German troops are also well-prepared for D-Day: In response to frequent requests from the community, the Tiger I panzer is ready to deploy in the expansion.

Note: To install the D-Day 1944 DLC go to "expansions" and click the DLC 1 and choose "install."

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation :Windows XP, Windows Vista ou Windows 7
    • Processeur :Dual-core Intel Core 2.4 GHz ou AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz
    • Mémoire vive :1 Go de mémoire vive (RAM)
    • Affichage : Nvidia Geforce 8600GT ou ATI Radeon 3650 ou plus rapide avec Shader Model 3 et 512 Mo VRAM
    • Disque dur :10 Go HD space
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By history buffs, for history buffs. This is a DLC that's much about quality over quantity. Much like the base game, it's lovingly crafted and detailed. All the troops and equiment look fantastic. This is the Real Virtuality 3 engine at it's finest. Expect fantastically modeled US Army troops and a really nice new battlefield.

If you liked Ironfront, get this. If you didn't it won't change your mind. You're a plebe, anyways.
Posté le : 25 mai 2013
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8 personne(s) sur 48 (17%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
Low quality crap. Uniforms, equipment and helmets do a bad job at representing the actual ones, the snorkel Shermans can't traverse any water that other tanks can't, the Normandie map looks identical to the A2 I44 one, and the weapons are badly made in regards to sounds.
Posté le : 11 octobre 2013
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