Ein Tower-Defense-Spiel der nächsten Generation, welches in der prächtigen Fantasiewelt von Majesty spielt, aber auch eine Besonderheit mit sich bringt.
Größtenteils negativ (84 Reviews) - 30 % der 84 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 14. März 2012

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Über dieses Spiel

Defenders of Ardania (DoA) ist ein Tower Defense-Spiel der nächsten Generation, das in der Fantasy-Welt Majesty angesiedelt ist. Seine Besonderheit ist dabei die Möglichkeit, die Rollen zu tauschen, so bietet DoA neben der süchtig machenden Spielmechanik, bei der es anwachsende Gegnerhorden mit Türmen zu bekämpfen gilt, auch die Option, als Angreifer die gegnerische Basis zu erobern.

Dieses innovative Konzept mit seinen Ansätzen aus dem Genre der Echtzeitstrategie hebt das populäre Spielprinzip auf die nächste Stufe. Während sie die Einheitenproduktion und Aufwertung im Auge behalten, müssen die Spieler zeitgleich eine schlagkräftige Armee aufstellen. Jeder der drei spielbaren Rassen offeriert dabei eine Auswahl einzigartiger Orte, Türme und Einheiten, wobei auch die Magie nicht zu kurz kommt, denn was ist schon ein Löwe (oder in diesem Fall ein Drache) ohne seine Zähne? Den Spielern steht ein umfangreiches Repertoire an Zaubersprüchen zur Verfügung, um die eigenen Einheiten zu schützen und die des Gegners zu dezimieren.

Obwohl DoA auch alleine gespielt werden kann, steht der Mehrspieler-Modus klar im Mittelpunkt des Spiels. In drei unterschiedlichen Modi können zwei bis vier Spieler via Internet, LAN oder PSN gegeneinander oder gegen die KI antreten und sich dabei auf die defensive, die offensive oder beide Seiten stellen!


  • Ein verblüffendes, neues Konzept des hoch populären Tower Defense-Prinzips: Die Spieler können sowohl die offensive als auch die defensive Seite spielen.
  • Ardania: Die Welt von Majesty mit drei spielbare Rassen in jeweils eigenen Umgebungen
  • Verteidigung: 24 aufrüstbare Türme, die Sie den Invasoren entgegenstellen können
  • Angriff: 24 Einheiten mit unterschiedlichen Attributen, die Sie zu einem Heer zusammenstellen können
  • Starke Mehrspieler-Komponente für bis zu vier Spieler mit einer Auswahl verschiedener Modi
  • Dynamisches Umfeld, das den Spielablauf beeinflusst
  • Ein umfangreiches Repertoire an Angriffs- und Verteidigungszaubern


    • Betriebssystem: Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7
    • Prozessor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ, AMD Athlon 3500+
    • Speicher:1 GB (Windows® XP), 1,5 GB (Windows® Vista)
    • Festplatte: 1 GB
    • Grafikkarte: 1 GB, ATI HD3870, Shadermodel, 512 MB (nicht unterstützt: integrierte Grafikkarte)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound:DirectX9 kompatibel
    • Weitere Anforderungen: Internet oder LAN für Mehrspielermodus
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Größtenteils negativ (84 Reviews)
Kürzlich verfasst
( 12.5 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 2. April
This game seems like they set out to make a really good TD, got about 80% of the way through, and just said "good enough" and launched. Constant bugs, such as the requirement that you disable all secondary monitors and video cards. Missing features, even simple ones like windowed mode and a range of resolutions. Horrible UI. Unskippable, extended dialogue at the beggining and end of chapters. Unexplained, but crucial, game mechanics. And an unsurprising complete lack of multiplayer presence.

Honestly, buy Defence Grid or something along those lines. Even with it's lack of offence, it's objectively a better game. Or just play "Use Map Settings" on Starcraft 2, or even Warcraft 3. Gem TD on WC3, and other maps like it, are better than this game.

But that's just my oppinion, others may feel differently.
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( 13.9 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 20. Januar
It's actually a really fun game. My biggest gripe, in single player you can't pick your race. There should be at least 3 seperate campaign modes. One for each race. The controls are no different than any other tower defence game. The concept is no different than any other tower defence. Campaign mode is short and multiplayer is hit or miss. Goes on sale and you like tower defense games, it's worth the sale price. I got my fun out of it.
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( 0.6 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 14. Januar
Poor tower building interface made this game unplayable - after that I couldn't care less about the rest of the game
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( 13.0 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 14. November 2015
Ok, I see a lot of bad reviews about the game and wanted to clarify some things some people have said, as well as provide my own views. This review may contain spoilers, so don't hover over spoiler areas if you don't want the game to be spoiled. I hope the devs are reading this, because this game could be great if they'd just make a few changes.

First thing I want to say, some people claim that there is terrible voice acting. I hear nothing wrong with the voices you twit! Stop coming up with things to whine about.

As for someone saying "The game runs like ♥♥♥♥"? Maybe you should check your machine specs because it runs 60FPS or better at 1080p on my machine, no issues whatsoever, everything's smooth and fast. The controls are a little odd though but it doesn't "run like ♥♥♥♥".

I think the game has too few levels in it to be worth $10. Maybe if multiplayer and skirmish had some different maps, but this game does not. It limits you on the amount of towers you are allowed to place even so it isn't worth replaying the same old maps over and over again. The best you can do is place 20 towers, and that's in the final mission. Also in the final mission, tower placement seems to be bugged because I can't place them in some places if it might block where the enemy castle MIGHT appear even if I've blocked his ability to go to those places. What the game SHOULD do in this case, is have the enemy walk through the tower with the shortest path to your base, until you unblock the path, if his castle should teleport to one of those places that you already towered up.

If the game devs had released some DLC with new maps, that might have been nice. But this doesn't appear to be happening, and the DLC is too costly to be worth it for what they give you. $3 for a new tower, spell, and unit for each race? Really? Come on. We don't even play as any other race because replaying the game sucks and as far as I saw, I couldn't even change my race. $2 for 1 new spell for all races, and 1 new spell for each race? That's just plain greedy. From what I read, the spells aren't even that great.

Really though, it's a tower defense game. It can't be that hard making a new map every once in a while for it. Hell, to make the game really worth it, you could release a map editor/creator, and add workshop support, and let players add their own maps in. This would be well worth the time then because I'd be playing this game all the time with custom maps and the such like that. Right now, Defense Grid is so much more better because of the large large volume of maps you get.

Spoiler related to two missions:
In the last two missions, you find out that you need to use an exploit of removing a tower and placing one to change the entire wave path forcing the end game bosses to go back and forth infinitely just so you have time to kill them.

In the last mission, you can't even kill him with spells. He has 1000 HP according to the info. I hit him with lightning 8 times, and he didn't die, and I lost to the onslaught of enemies. So the third time I played, I rushed him, placed towers at the entrance once I stopped the castle from moving, high level mirror towers (not their name but it's how they work, just can't quite recall the name off the top of my head :P), then hit him with lightning and kept placing new mirror towers all around him trying to change up the path as much as I could to keep the enemies and him at bay. It eventually successfully worked, even though he destroys all towers in one hit, or two hits and your repair can't stop him so repairing a tower he hit is useless because he'll attack it again very soon.

The game lacks a pause feature from what I am seeing. Sure, you can hit the escape button, but it isn't an in game pause, so that you can look at the map, and find a suitible pathing setup for your towers and plan ahead. It would also be nice to be able to build towers while the starting game talking is being done, maybe even with gold income disabled during that time just so you can have the towers built and ready, not that it is that big of a deal though.

Enemy AI needs to be able to destroy their own towers in order to rebuild or move them. I've noticed that the only way an enemy can build new towers is if you lightning them. And this is an advantage because I noticed he had no anti-air in one level so I sent nothing but air units because he couldn't rebuild towers. The enemy also isn't very good at planning ahead. If you start sending lots of air units, he still only keeps one air tower, nor does he do much upgrading. he's more focused on sending units. There should be a harder AI here that is better at predicting your attacks and able to hit you harder. The last two maps, weren't even as difficult as some of the others. The only thing difficult about them was their nearly invulnerable bosses. Otherwise, they'd have been easy.

I like the Majesty lore, I played Majesty Gold way back when it first came out even and still have the disk and the HD version on steam. They did well enough on the lore of this game to make it worth it, it would be nice if they would add more maps. That's really the only thing I can see right now making it worth the $10 it is currently costing. I think it's current worth would be more closer to $7.50, and the DLC would be $0.10 per added spell, $0.15 per added unit, $0.20 per added tower. Global spells count as one spell. This is just my opinion. If they were to make DLC to add new maps, I think it would be grand, much more worth it and a map editor? Hell yea that'd be way more worth it. Especially with workshop integration for ease of DLing and sharing maps.

New game modes could be fun too but alas, I'm not sure this game will change. If you see it on 50% sale, or better, then you might like it. It is beatable without cheating, I consider it an exploit to delete a tower and place one elsewhere to change the path but it is kind of part of the tower defense genre in some games so I guess it isn't that bad using this method if you want. :P It just doesn't offer you anything other than campaign maps. Skirmish re-uses these maps, and so does multiplayer.

Should you get this game full price? No.
Will I re-review if anything changes, or the game is updated, or such? Yes.
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( 0.1 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 14. November 2015
The SH*TTIEST Age of Empires RIP OFF EVER!!!

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Wan Poon Mon
( 1.6 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 10. November 2015
Slow and boring Tower Defence.

2 / 10.
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( 55.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 1. November 2015
Ich fand das Spiel jetzt nicht wirklich unbedingt schlecht, für den kurzzeitigen Zeitkiller ist das Spiel in Ordnung. Aber so richtig kommt auch keine Freude auf und der Spielspaß hält nicht lange an, zu eintönig das immer gleiche Prozedere aus Turmbau, Aufrüstung und Einheiten für den Gegenangriff entsenden. Viel Taktik ist nicht gefragt, sobald man einmal den Dreh heraus hat.

Witzig sind vor allem die Dialoge, die nicht nur viele Anspielungen auf Majesty und Majesty 2 besitzen, sondern auch diverse Filmzitate aufs Korn nehmen. Die Grafik ist recht farbenfroh und erinnert stark an Majesty 2, was als Ableger dieses Spiels auch nicht weiter verwundert.

Grundlegend empfehle ich das Spiel bedingt weiter, man kann sich diesen Tower Defense Ableger von Majesty 2 durchaus einmal antun. Allerdings sollte man auf einen Steam-Sale warten, wenn man das Game mit seinen DLC's zum Schnäppchenpreis bekommt. Den Vollpreis ist es eigentlich nicht wert.
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( 5.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 20. August 2015
Awful game. Lacks any character or sense of achievement from playing it. So many better tower defense games around! Don't bother with this one.
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( 0.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 8. Juni 2015
A lack luster Tower defense/reverse tower defense hybrid.
BUild towers, send units. The towers do al lyour fighting, the only purpose of your units is to take the enemy base.

Your soilders and oppent soilders don't clash, fight, or even bother to make contact it seems as they simply pass through each other on the same route just going in the other direction. The voice acting was decent. Just the game all in all is extremely forgettable.

So unless this game is a part of a multigame bundle like my copy is, it's better to pass this one for one of the MANY other and better TD/RTD games out there.
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( 0.3 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 30. Mai 2015
Good-looking tower defense. Nothing extraordinary.
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0.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Januar 2014
Ich hätte die Bewertungen vorher lesen sollen...

Dies ist eines der schlechtesten TD Spiele, die ich je vor mir hatte. Die Grafik ist bestenfalls auf "Age of Empires 2" Niveau und wäre vor 15 Jahren toll gewesen. Aber nun gut, Grafik spielt bei TD Spielen ja keine wirkliche Rolle.

Viel schlimmer ist die Steuerung via Tastatur und Maus: Schwammig, ungenau, viel zu schnell (selbst wenn ich diese Einstellungen komplett auf Null runtersetze. Am nervigsten aber ist, dass man nicht annähernd genug rauszoomen kann. Dies zwingt selbst bei den kleinen Einsteiger-Maps zum ständigen rumscrollen auf der Karte. Wobei man das eigentlich nicht "scrollen" nennen kann, eher "auf der Map rumruckeln".

Aber selbst wenn man bereit ist, dies alles hinzunehmen, bleibt, dass es keinerlei Strategie oder Tiefe gibt. Selbst die ersten Flash-TD's 2006 hatten mehr zu bieten. Es ist vollkommen egal, welche Türme man an welche Stelle baut. Das Geld geht einem nicht einmal dann aus, wenn man sich dämlich anstellt. Beim Gegenangriff öffnet sich ein weiteres "Fenster", in dem man die Einheiten auf die gegnerische Burg losschickt. Wenn dieses geöffnet ist, kann man nichts anderes mehr machen, man ist aber gezwungen dort zu verbleiben und elendig zu warten, bis man wieder weitere Einheiten losschicken kann.

Fazit: Inhalt, Gameplay, UI und Grafik sind schlichtweg eine einzige Katastrophe. Selbst wenn es Free2Play wäre, würden es wohl nur Masochisten spielen.
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0.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10. Dezember 2013
Hammer Game ^^
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10.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 6. Mai 2014
Set in the world made famous by Majesty, in Ardania, you are the king. Some arrogant noble causes trouble by sending militia to attack you, so you slash back by building towers to defend your castle and sending various troops to counter-attack. Campaign takes you through Ardania to find the culprit of the attacks on your cities. Sounds cool enough, but unfortunately, you probably shouldn't get too excited.

Defenders of Ardania is a mix between Tower Defense (TD) and Reverse TD. You can protect yourself by building towers, but ultimately, you win by destroying the enemy castle(s) by sending out troops. Troops are quite strong: a single tower can hardly destroy a wave of enemies, so you either need to build more towers in clever spots or, which is usually easier against AI, destroy the enemy castle quickly.

There are about 5 different types of units and towers, none too different from other games of the genre. Some units can attack other units (rather weakly) and others can attack enemy towers. There's some strategy involved in placing the towers, as you are limited in the number of towers depending on the level. You may also direct your troops using a waypoint (yep, a single one) or place bounties (akin to Majesty but costs nothing) to focus fire on certain enemy. What is interesting is that your troops gain experience: using certain type of troops makes them stronger.

Later on, this feels indifferent though: it was always easiest just to either (following is a couple of killer strategies for campaign) zerg-rush the enemy with cheap or fast troops or use a reverse scorched earth tactic building a couple of waves of turret-destroying magicians followed by bomb carts that insta-kill castles. This worked in almost every map: While AI can build towers to counter your troops, it's not up to these kinds of attacks.

Also, while there are three races, you can only play humans in the campaign, the rest restricted for AI and multiplayer (which I've yet to try: servers are empty though). Every race has its own towers, troops and spells, which is cool, but with mere single campaign, the game feels unfinished: there really should be a campaign for each race.

Story is quirky and and full of nerdy jokes, puns and references, so at least it does not take itself too seriously. You do have to endure some quite bad voice acting along the way (I'm looking at you, Kilia the Elf!). Playing it through lasts about 5-10 hours, probably less if you can come up with winning strategies faster. I guess it might be worth it for the amusing ending. :P

While not entirely bad, there are many better TDs out there: this one fails to fill its niche in the reverse TD. So if you just kind of like TD genre, stay away. If TD is your hot chocolate, by all means do get this one but do yourself a favour and do so when it's on sale or bundled.
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15.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. Februar 2014
Poor AI; no solo play except for campaign; campaign levels have locked towers, units, upgrades and spells; campaign is fairly short and only one of the 3 races, so no chance to get aquainted with either of the others races before playing multiplayer; poor interface; poor response to input; poor unit pathing updates; maps are limited to the campaign maps.
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8.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 6. April 2015
Defenders of Ardania (DA) can be summarized as a tower defense / offense game set in the universe of Majesty game series. As such, it can get a bit frantic, esp. when you add in spells and possibly multiple factions.

You defend your castle with towers, with the restriction that you are limited to 10/15/20 towers TOTAL, and each tower must be within 4 "squares" of at least one other tower (your first tower must be within 4 squares of your castle), subject to restrictions on the playing field (such as you must leave at least one path and so on). Some squares like mine, hill, and power, provides bonuses like extra income, better visibility, and more attack power. Some maps may provide additional bonus tricks.

You attack your enemies by building units, from common guardsman (swarm) and rogue (very fast but weak), to much tougher but slower units like swordsman, mages, and priests. Later you also get flying units and super-tank units. They emerge from your castle and attack enemy castle. If there are more than one, you can choose which one to attack. If they make it into the enemy castle, appropriate amount of life is deducted from that castle. The objective is, of course, reduce the other castle(s) to zero, which also destroys all his units and towers.

The resources you use, gold, is generated automatically, and you can spend them on towers, units, or buy some improvements for the economy like make all units 20% cheaper, make all towers 20% cheaper, and so on. Finally, there are some "spells" which lets you heal your castle (a little) or a spell such as a huge lightning bolt that strikes down an enemy tower.

The main problem with this game is the interface. You'd think the logical way to build those units (and there aren't that many of them) would be to leave some onscreen buttons, but no. The only controls are a pop-up "remote" where you click on one of four buttons (or cancel), which takes you to upgrades (for economy), units, spells, and attack target.

Towers are your typical shooter, artillery, slow, and later, energy. flame, sniper, and so on. There's a twist in that some advanced units CAN attack towers, and if one was knocked down, nearby units will change to shortest route if the tower's destruction opens up a new path.

Graphics are quite decent and has no problem going all the way up to 1680x1050 on my dual monitor setup. Sound is nothing special.

The campaign is a series of "missions" where the new King of Ardania must gather his closest allies and sail forth and solve the mystery of the rising tide of undead. There are also limited resource mode and survival mode if you need more of a challenge.

All in all, DA is a bit of also-ran in the RTS / Tower offense-defense game. As I found Tower Wars to be better, DA with its bad UI issues just doesn't have much going for it other than the name and a bit of shared universe. While the game does offer some unique challenges, the overall effect is a bit of "meh". It's playable, and it BARELY makes me want to recommend it... just barely.

UPDATE: Got to next to last mission, and all of a sudden the game dead-ended for me. You are up against THREE enemies, and once you destroy ONE enemy fort, that fort spawns a superchampion that will ANNIHILATE your fort... unless you can destroy it in time. The problem is you don't have enough room, and the only tower that seem to damage it is the ray (sniper) tower. According to the walkthrus I read, the only way to solve this is setup a stupid exploit... You setup two ray towers in his path, then you build and unbuild towers IN his path to force it back and forth, back and forth, past the two towers until it dies. WTF?!

That's just stupid.
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Verfasst: 4. August 2014
I should have read other reviews before purchasing.

Limited resolution settings. No option for windowed mode. This means on my 2560x1440 monitor, it resizes all my windows to make them smaller, and repositions them onto my 2nd monitor. Ugh!

The game itself is pretty lackluster, which is a shame because I really liked Majesty 2. The quality seems really poor and just shoddy all-around.

The official forums have been pretty much abandoned for two years (and the game only came out two years ago). Honestly I feel kind of ripped off. )c:

Buy Defense Grid instead. Or try Tower Wars. Or just about any other TD game.
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1.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21. Mai 2014
Picked this up since I am a fan of the original Majesty. Although Majesty 2 was fairly dissapointing, it wasn't totally terrible, and tower defense is a pretty easy genre to to reasonably well. I am not super-far through this yet, but so far it has been nothing but dissapointing, with boring non-interactive gameplay, sluggish lack of strategic decisions that matter, and even terrible voice acting (the advisor guy from Majesty 2 is all right, but some of the others are really cringe-worthy).

Do not try this at home.
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35.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11. Mai 2013
Defenders of Ardania is Paradox's new take on the Tower Defense genre. Although set in the same universe as the majesty games you probably won't notice as the majority of the lore, units and locations is of much the same generic fantasy staple as 99% of the rest out there.

Defenders of Ardania takes on the genre in a way we mostly see from PvP focused Tower Defense games by letting you not only manage the defense of your own keep through Tower placement and ability use but instead of making victory based on the simple passage of time you have to send units yourself towards the enemy keep and past his towers to secure victory. This a great mechanic for multi-player but unfortunately it hamstrings the AI in the single-player campaign quite badly as it simply does not build fast enough or responds fast enough making most of the maps a breeze to win by simply rushing fast units with little concern for your own defenses.

A rather weird income system that never lets you run out of money for more than a few seconds at a time and hard limits on both towers and units only compounds this problem, making the first 5 minutes of any map the only minutes that really matter and any game that progresses beyond that because a rather dull slugfest where you sit around with an impenetrable defense, spamming the same units over and over waiting for their experience to go up enough so that you can unlock a more powerful hero version.

Defenders of Ardania is not a very inspired game, the gameplay mechanics do not lend themselves to single-player very well and although some entertainment can be found in the game's multi-player component the lack of anyone actually playing it online means this is only viable if you do it with friends. There are many better Tower Defense games out there, Sol Survivor even has a multi-player mode with pretty much the same mechanics as this, only not quite as broken.
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19.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. Oktober 2014
The tower defense genre is well known and well understood, with many good games to serve as examples on how to get it right. With all of the good material available for study it's hard to understand how Defenders of Ardania managed to fail so hard. You'd think that, at the very least, the company would have been able to manage a mediocre game but Defenders of Ardania fails in nearly every aspect.

Although this game does require you to attack as well as defend, that isn't enough extra to save it from everything else. The voice acting is a crime against humanity; the tower selection isn't imaginative; the campaign is terribly easy - just spam cheap units as soon as the game starts and away you go. There's a lack of strategy and fun.

Multiplayer isn't much different. It also plays rather poorly on slower connections, despite the minimal amount of data that a tower defense game needs to pass back and forth. What is it doing to choke my friend's pipe? I don't know, but it's unnecessary.

I'd advise against a purchase even if it is deeply discounted and you're a tower defense fan.
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0.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Dezember 2014
Picked this up as part of the majesty collection. as much as i want to love this game for it being in such a great universe as well as one of my favorite genre...i hate it. the controls are awful. design is crap and it crashes unforgivingly with little regaurd to threats of death from yours trully. bottom line unless this is recives an overhaul update its not playable.

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