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Two heroes. One destiny. Nobunaga's evil scourge has now spread across time to affect the future. As Samanosuke prepares for battle, a new hero enters the fray: Jacques Blanc, French military officer. Together, this unlikely team must stop the King of the Demons.
发行日期: 2006年3月16日

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Two heroes. One destiny.
Nobunaga's evil scourge has now spread across time to affect the future. As Samanosuke prepares for battle, a new hero enters the fray: Jacques Blanc, French military officer. Together, this unlikely team must stop the King of the Demons. Starring Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Samanosuke, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege is the final chapter in the Onimusha Trilogy. Control the fate of both men as you journey from 16th Century Japan to modern day Paris and back to defeat the evil Nobunaga and his hordes of darkness. Let the battle begin.
    Character Samanosuke by © Fu Long Production, © CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2004, © CAPCOM U.S.A., INC. 2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Capcom and the Capcom logo are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. ONIMUSHA is a trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd. All other trademarks are owned by their respective owners.


      • 操作系统支持:Windows 2000/XP (仅限)
      • 处理器:Pentium III 1GHz,AMD Athlon 1 GHz (或更好)
      • 内存:256 MB 内存
      • 显卡:128 MB DirectX 9.0c-适用 AGP 或 PCI Express 显卡 (256 MB 或更高以支持高图像细节)
      • 声卡:DirectX 9.0c-适用声卡 (或更好)
      • DirectX 版本:DirectX 9.0c 或更高 (Direct X 9.0c 包含于安装盘)
      • 硬盘空间:最小 2 GB
      • 外设支持:手柄和头戴耳机
      • 其它要求:需要 Windows Media Player 9
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    这一切的一切,都让我对这部作品印象深刻。以至于几年后再玩我依旧是连宝箱位置和解密流程都记得,在公园场景里Michelle Theme再一次响起时我依旧是热血沸腾。

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    I'll say it straight, I love this game. I've played Onimusha's from 1-3 and Dawn of Dreams and it's by far one of my favourite game series, with Onimusha 3 being arguably the best in the bunch... For the PS2 anyway.

    With that said, this port is one of THE worst ports I have ever seen, and because it's a port of a game I really like it just feels like a slap in the face when I play it. The resolution is low by default and can't be changed for anything else but fullscreen (understandable for a game this old, but the fullscreen looks horrible if you have a widescreen), there's no way to rebind the controls (there's a "configure input" selection in the options menu, but it doesn't do anything) and there's no way besides trial and error to tell which keys do what because the game reuses the keymappings from the PS2 version of the game (eg. "push R1+X to fire arrows" or "use the right analog stick to swap targets"... yeah, thanks). It's a downright mess.

    If you REALLY need to get this game, if you ABSOLUTELY have to play it, then I suggest getting a PS2 and a copy of this game for that. It may be more expensive, but this port sure isn't helping the situation. I just feel like this PC port shouldn't be played. I mean, ok, some of the issues can be fixed through some complicated file editing or third-party programs, tools etc., but that's not the point. If this was a good port, none of that would be necessary. You should be able to play the game WITHOUT resorting to editing files or completely relying on third-party stuff. And even after you're done with all that complicated stuff, you still need to figure out and memorize the overly complicated and completely bonkers keymappings which, need I remind you, cannot be rebound. Some say that their gamepads work well with the game, while others, including myself, cannot even get the damn thing to work, which means we have to rely on JoyToKey and STILL have to figure out the damn keymapping.

    Seriously, that is just way too much stuff to do to actually enjoy a crappy port of a good game. It's just not worth it.
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    When someone mentions Capcom, Onimusha isn't usually the first game that comes to mind, and i feel like when the Onimusha series was first released on the Playstation 2, they were underrated, but they are actually all brilliant Samurai games, and while this may not be the best port ever, it works and it has nostalgic value. So i love it.

    If you've never heard of Onimusha before and are just stumbling upon this game, know that it is a bad port, and you'd be better off just getting a PS2 and playing it on there. BUT, if you've played Onimusha in the past, and put as much time into it as i did, you'll be able to put aside the fact that the port isn't very good, and have fun with this game again.

    Edit: Alright, people are being sore about the port now. So i'll say this, READ THE REVIEWS FIRST. There are plenty like mine that clearly state that the port is poor. If you buy the game anyway, knowing that the port is bad, that's your own fault. Like i said, there are people who will buy the game and enjoy it for it's nostalgic value and can get past the bad port. Me being one of them. So i've recommended it. Please don't write reviews butthurt because you bought a game for £3 and didn't like the port. Grow up.