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Data di rilascio: 7 giu 2012

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Questo contenuto ha bisogno del gioco di base Train Simulator 2016 : Steam Edition su Steam per funzionare.

Acquista Train Simulator: Northeast Corridor DLC


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The Northeast Corridor is the United States’ premier passenger railroad line, linking Boston to Washington DC and moving thousands of passengers daily through this extremely busy part of the country. It ia also North America’s only high-speed line operating at speeds up to 150mph. Now available for Train Simulator, the Northeast Corridor Expansion Pack puts you in the cab of the classic EMD AEM-7 locomotive along the 90-mile core section between Philadelphia and New York City.

The railroad known today as the Northeast Corridor was in place from the early years of the 20th Century, with electric services between New York City and New Brunswick beginning in 1932, and with electrification as far as Trenton by 1933. The line was operated by New York Central and the Pennsylvanian Railroad (merging to form Penn Central Transportation) for many years until Amtrak took over intercity services in the early 1970s. In the late 1990s the Northeast High Speed Rail Improvement Program (NHRIP) was implemented in preparation for the high speed Acela Express service. The EMD AEM-7 electric locomotives, as featured in this expansion pack, were produced by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors between 1978 and 1988, and the AEM-7 soon became a familiar sight as the workhorse of the Northeast Corridor.

The Northeast Corridor Expansion Pack is a faithful recreation of this bustling high-speed line, with fabulous skylines, miles of railroad to explore and hours of challenging driving for you to enjoy!

Key Features

  • 90-mile route from Philadelphia 30th Street Station to New York Pennsylvania Station, with realistic signalling and track work, stations, cities and scenery.
  • AEM-7 in Amtrak livery, with accurately recreated cab and controls including functioning in-cab signalling system.
  • Amfleet steel-bodied passenger coaches in Amtrak livery, including Coach and Cafe variants.
  • Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.


8 Scenarios:
  • Free Roam Scenarios
  • Go Newark
  • New Jersey Trenton
  • Spirit or Transportation
  • The Big Apple
  • Early Clocker
  • Evening Clocker
  • Lucky Northeast Regional
  • The Keystone

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7
    • Processore: 2.8 GHz o più veloce
    • Memoria RAM: 2.0 GB RAM
    • Scheda Grafica: Video 256 MB con Pixel Shader 3.0*
    • DirectX®: Versione 9.0c (Incluso)
    • Hard Disk: 6 GB di spazio + 3 GB per DLC
    • Scheda Audio: Direct X 9.0c compatibile
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5 persone su 5 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
Pubblicata: 30 giugno
I am very sad to see the AEM-7's being retired and scrapped. However, the route is very buggy, but it's still playable, disptie of the surpirse singals and speed limits.

Also, since this route goes out of NYC Penn, I don't liek the way to get trains into Penn in the scenario editor, it's a pain.

Overall I give this route a 11/17
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2 persone su 3 (67%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
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Pubblicata: 26 luglio
I love the actual train route, but I can name many things wrong with the simulator route. For one, Philadelphia, Newark, and New York are under the station but you can't see the platform or stations on most of the stations. You also derail a lot because the speed limits change. acela and aem-7 don't work with raildriver and shakes a lot when driving on the route. It is a nice route to have but if you are thinking about getting this route, get the NEC: New York -New Haven. it is waaayy better. I do not reccomend this route unless you want the aem-7 and the amfleets.
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1 persone su 2 (50%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
Pubblicata: 24 maggio
This route needs a lot if updates to the scenery and track work. I if I were you, I'd spend the $40 on the New York new haven line.
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3 persone su 6 (50%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
Pubblicata: 2 luglio
Rip off. Description of this product leads with the description of the NEC being between Boston and Washington, DC. It is only much later, and buried deep within the description that reveals this product only covers Philadelphia to New York. Completely false and misleading advertising and a complete rip off. We will be seeking a refund on this vastly over-priced and misleadingly labeled product.
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15 persone su 19 (79%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
Pubblicata: 16 luglio 2012
This only covers Philadelphia to New York, so you can't go to Boston or Washington. But hey, you can ride the Acela (sold separately)! Make of that what you will.
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