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Bienvenue dans l'univers des courses nocturnes et des concours de lowrider !
Date de parution: 4 nov 2013
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À propos du jeu

Bienvenue dans l'univers des courses nocturnes et des concours de lowrider ! Gagnez le respect de vos concurrents, et gravissez les échelons de ce milieu fermé pour vous imposer comme le maître de la discipline. Gagnez un max de blé lors de courses nocturnes et pimpez votre caisse dans les moindres détails : changez ses pneus et ses jantes, abaissez son châssis et installez des suspensions hydrauliques. Le jeu comprend 2 modes : course et concours de lowrider. Défiez d'autres accros de vitesse lors de duels effrénés, et pariez pour gagner un max de maille... ou la voiture de votre adversaire ! Installez un système de suspension hydraulique, et participez aux concours de lowrider comportant 3 modes uniques : Jump, Dance et Freestyle.

12 voitures américaines de légende
4 circuits et plusieurs modes de course Options de tuning avancées
Concours de lowrider dans 3 catégories : Jump, Dance et Freestyle
Des dizaines de pièces à modifier

Configuration requise

    • OS: XP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB w/ Pixel Shader 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 550 MB available space
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I'm just gonna make a list of the good things and the bad things in the game;

Good things
- Customization

Bad things
- Horrible handling on all cars
- Repetitive races (Drag races most of the times, or just some small track)
- Sometimes impossible opponents (They just have a faster car than you)
- No controller support
- Graphics are not that great
- Only a few car models
- Steam overlay doesn't work ingame
- The songs

Overall, I would recommend this game, if you like to customize old cars into lowriders.
But if you want to buy a game which has good car customization and decent races, you shouldn't buy this game.

The game is 5,99€ at the moment in Steam, personally I think that is a bit too much for this game.
If you get it for like an euro or two, then you should think about getting it.
Posté le : 16 avril 2014
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I really dont want to give this game a yes or a no recomendation as I am undecided.

The negative is the lack of controller options for the race mode with very twitch steering makes it very hard.

However the positive is I love the hydralics modes like hop and dance they are a refreshing change and add something new to the racing genre.

Overall I would rate it 3/5 as an average game with some interesting features
Posté le : 7 février 2014
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This game is a waste of money, I thought it would have a free-roam feature. Not only that, but gameplay, AND graphics are HORRIBLE. This game was probably made in 2 weeks by 2 coders. Just like E.T.
Posté le : 5 février 2014
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im a fan of racing games and car customization games, this game is not very good in either aspect. the gameplay itself is just meh, very bland and no depth. also if your not smart about which mods u make to your car your gunna get obsolete and smoked real soon. buy a cheaper car and give it all performance mods do anything cosmetic in the beginning of the game and u will regret it. the race winner is determined by who spent ther money better, not skill. save your money for real car games.
Posté le : 23 février 2014
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Its a decent game with customizing thats fun, but thats the only area where this game feels good. The driving is kind of hard since it wouldn't map to the Xbox 360 controller and I had to use the keyboard. The game felt very repetitive and each race was pretty easy if you just stay on the track and on the road. There wasn't really much competition or strategy. It was decent but I wouldn't fully recommend buying this at full price.
Posté le : 19 mars 2014
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The low riders in this game are so real I sold my car and drive this game to work every day.
Posté le : 1 décembre 2013
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