Invitandoti ad esplorare una grande isola deserta, Myst si rivela poco per volta in una trama indimenticabile, coinvolgendo una serie di libri che ti danno accesso a pianeti e realtà alternative. Con solo il tuo ingegno come guida, devi scoprire gli indizi nascosti nelle magnifiche ambientazioni 3D del gioco.
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Data di rilascio: 24 set 1993

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Riguardo questo gioco

Invitandoti ad esplorare una grande isola deserta, Myst si rivela poco per volta in una trama indimenticabile, coinvolgendo una serie di libri che ti danno accesso a pianeti e realtà alternative. Con solo il tuo ingegno come guida, devi scoprire gli indizi nascosti nelle magnifiche ambientazioni 3D del gioco. Attraverso il testo, le sequenze video ed i difficili puzzle scoprirai un mondo così realistico da convincerti della sua concreta esistenza.

Caratteristiche Principali:

Torna a far visita al mondo di Myst come non lo hai mai visto prima. Per la prima volta, il mondo surreale di Myst può essere goduto pienamente in 3D. Gli alberi ondeggianti e gli animali che vagano in modo indipendente aggiungono vita ai mondi di Myst, un tempo statici. Il gioco realMYST include la versione originale di Myst, insieme con una nuovissima "quinta era", chiamata l'Era di Rime, che fornisce un finale completo al mistero originale.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (supportato non ufficialmente)
    • Processore: Pentium 3 500 MHz o superiore
    • RAM: 256 MB
    • Hard Disk: 650+ MB di spazio libero
    • Scheda Video: compatibile con DirectX 9.0c o superiore
    • Scheda Audio: compatibile con DirectX 9.0
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c o più recente
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Pubblicata: 4 febbraio
realMYST is a remake of the original game Myst, re-rendering the entire environment in 3D and allowing for more normal FPS controls. For a game originally released in 1993, it actually looks and plays quite well - it will require a little bit of work (including one patch) in order to play properly on modern machines (the QT plugin isn't correct) so don't assume it will be plug-and-play.

Controls are a little floaty, and the puzzles are not changed at all from the original game, so people who have played Myst before won't find anything all that compelling about playing through again. For people who are on their first play through but don't want to pay for the Masterpiece edition, this may be more to their liking (Channelwood, in particular, is a lot less obtuse when you're actually walking around).

Beyond's Myst. It's a very good point and click adventure game that manages to balance being obtuse without being unfair. Worth a playthrough in some form, at the very least.
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Pubblicata: 23 febbraio
I ran realMyst on:
- Win 8.1 64bit
- Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
- GeForce GTX 980M
- 16.0 GB RAM
- compatibility mode set to Win XP SP3
- running as an administrator

The original Myst came out when I was a teenager. I loved it then and devoured not only the game and its sequels but also the novels and the soundtracks.

Now, many years later, I've revisited the island. realMyst ran well for me: no crashes or other issues on my modern hardware. Sometimes I saw some artifacting around the edge of the screen but this was minor. Navigation and clicking was a bit wonky at times but not too bad for what I expected. My only real complaints are that the Steam overlay never worked, I couldn't take any screenshots with either the Steam function nor the Print Screen key, and alt-tabbing was a bit finnicky.

The game shows its age texture-wise (I will probably buy realMyst: Masterpiece Edition for the updated textures later) but content-wise it still held together well. It's been long enough that I didn't really remember the puzzles (was even stumped a few times despite knowing I should know the answer) and even the content of the remaining journals in the library was only partially familiar.

The two sons evoke the right kind of emotional response—Achenar especially. For a game that isn't violent or frightening, it nevertheless has its disturbing moments, and this is perhaps made more potent because of the extra freedom of movement to get up close. There's a curtain in one room, and given the other paraphranalia present...I couldn't help but wonder...what's hidden behind that curtain...? Certainly not a window. And then I decided I didn't want to know.

I enjoyed what to me seems to be enhancements from the original. Stumbling across the grave marker for Ti'ana in particular was an "oh wow" moment that has me wanting to reach for the books again. The bats in one of the underground tunnels were a nice touch too. Discovering the additional content after the original "desired" ending was a real surprise and quite satisfying.

Definitely recommended.
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Pubblicata: 8 gennaio
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I've played Myst, the original, the Masterpiece Edition, but never had I played realMyst. This version offers a fully 3D rendered version of Myst where you can control the head and the legs of your character just like a typical shooting game rather than clicking on the screen to advance to another pre-rendered screenshot. This actually worked rather well and I thought that even by today's standards that the world still looked decent. Overall, the puzzles have not changed at all, neither has the story that the game tells. If you already have Myst, this game is not necessary, but if you're avid fan of the series, this is a must play.
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Pubblicata: 27 febbraio
This review is for the realMYST version and not the game Myst in general, that game is recommended many times over for any fan of adventure games.

This game is a full 3D remake of the original, with much better graphics that the original and I had it running in full 1080p resolution. Some people have complained about some texture issues, but I haven't noticed it, but it is possible that there is more graphics quality inconsistency than the original, but everything is still better than the original. I found that having fluid movement helped my immersion of the game.

Some people have complained about the game's controls, personally I found them better than the original. You can adjust several control settings such as mouse speed and dead zone size in the options to suit your needs. I found the game easier to play when using just the mouse and ignoring the keyboard, left clicking to move forwards.

Be aware that some people have had some compatibility issues with the game; you should be able to get the game running, except maybe with some bugs. Expect more issues if you have a 64bit system. I personally ran the game with Windows XP SP3 32bit and the game ran perfectly for me, so if you can fall back to an XP system, that will work for you. I will update the review when I upgrade to Windows 10 64bit.

I would recommend this version of Myst to any newcomer of the series. The only issue is that it doesn't cater to nostalgia as much as the original version, so if you are playing the game purely for a nostalgia trip; you might prefer the Myst Masterpiece Edition.
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Pubblicata: 11 marzo
Its a better looking Mist How could you go wrong?

Simplistic in nature compared to current games but you have to remember Mist came out in the 90's and @ the time was something I never experienced. They didn't change a thing just made it look better and thats the way to do it.
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