Desenvolva um complexo de luxo em Las Vegas, utilizando todo o dinheiro e as capacidades de gestão que conseguir. Os clientes da viva e agitada Las Vegas são notoriamente difíceis de satisfazer - consegue conquistar os corações e as carteiras de Vegas? Espantosos gráficos 3D em tempo real exibem o seu complexo no máximo esplendor.
Análises de utilizadores: Neutras (89 análises) - 68% das 89 análises de utilizadores sobre este jogo são positivas.
Data de lançamento: 21 Dez, 2006

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Acerca deste jogo

Desenvolva um complexo de luxo em Las Vegas, utilizando todo o dinheiro e as capacidades de gestão que conseguir. Os clientes da viva e agitada Las Vegas são notoriamente difíceis de satisfazer - consegue conquistar os corações e as carteiras de Vegas?

Espantosos gráficos 3D em tempo real exibem o seu complexo no máximo esplendor. Desfrute de vistas panorâmicas ou de vistas detalhadas para melhorar o interior e o exterior do seu paraíso perfeito em Vegas.

  • Satisfaça as necessidades de mais de 5000 convidados
  • Os mais de 500 veículos incluem carros, táxis, limusinas e helicópteros
  • 10 estilos de complexos, inspirados por culturas e temas fantásticos
  • As atracções relaxadas proporcionam uma agradável pausa
  • Crie uma capela de casamento no próprio momento
  • Percursos e atracções de tirar a respiração
  • Os controlos fáceis de utilizar tornam a construção do complexo uma tarefa simples
  • Totalmente personalizável - ajuste objectivos, a concorrência e o nível de dificuldade
  • Desenvolva não só o exterior do seu complexo, como também o interior
  • Contrate e despeça funcionários, com base em capacidades e qualidades reais
  • Ajuste as apostas a seu favor e "Make It Big!"

VEGA$: Make It Big © 2003 Empire Interactive Europe Limited. Concebido e desenvolvido pela Deep Red Games Limited. Empire, "E" e Make It Big são marcas comerciais ou marcas comerciais registadas da Empire Interactive Europe Limited no Reino Unido, Europa e/ou noutros países. Todas as outras marcas e nomes comerciais são propriedade dos respetivos proprietários. Todos os direitos reservados.

Requisitos do Sistema

    Mínimos: Pentium® III a 600 MHz, Windows® 98, placa gráfica de 16 MB, 192 MB de RAM. 500 MB de espaço livre no disco rígido. DirectX® 9.0, rato, teclado.

    Recomendado: Pentium® III a 800 MHz, placa gráfica de 32 MB, 256 MB de RAM, unidade de CD 8x, rato com roda.

Análises úteis de clientes
41 de 42 pessoas (98%) acharam esta análise útil
31 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
164.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 21 de Novembro de 2015
I paid £0.34 for this game. To put that into perspective, a packet of potato chips costs £0.55. I would not spend 164 hours eating a packet of potato chips, therefore I feel I must recommend.
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
6.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 Janeiro
This game stretches all the way back to my childhood and during that time I enjoyed the game thorougly.

Being young, I didn't notice the faults and imperfections in the game (which there are) such as the short campaign, inforamtive tutorials, and poor graphics, however if you love managment and tycoon games, you can't really go wrong for a price of $0.32, and there are some really good things to take away from the game.

The casino builder is really enjoyable and has alot of depth to it, more than the actual lot desiging. The campaign could prove challenging to people who have just picked up the game. The sandbox mode offers great fun, trying to collect the most money and build a good reputation on the strip.

Overall, the game is not perfect, however it has many more postives than negatives, so next time a sale pops up, you can't go wrong with spending some pocket change on a fun and entertaining game!
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
0.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 22 de Dezembro de 2015
I wanted to play this game, but could never get it to work. so I got a refund. buyer be warned game may not work for you!
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22 de 23 pessoas (96%) acharam esta análise útil
14.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 13 de Dezembro de 2014
This game has so many negative reviews and I've played enough hours now that I feel I should write my own review: a positive one.

Although the visuals are not as fancy and modern as other city-builders, I found this game was far more complex and detailed than Sim City Societies while having the same kind of fun aspect.

You have different screens to monitor things like income, reputation, which demographic of people a certain building or lot appeals to, the state of repairs of buildings and gambling machines. You can click on some staff buildings and see the employee's skills, speed, attention and charisma and how much their wage are, you can hire more employees and fire them. You can upgrade certain buildings so that they more attract the people you wish them to (e.g. you can add a bell boy to the hotel so that the VIPs are happier to stay there) . You can click on each individual visitors and see their line of thought, this will let you know of things like if your restrooms are too hard to find, if the place is dirty, if your guests would like to do some drinking while they are gambling etc. Clicking on the visitors also allows you to see what they prefer (gambling, activity, rest er whatever) and what demographic they belong to (family, tourist, high roller or else) and you can build your lot to target certain people specifically because you can't please every one (people who are looking to relax will not like a lot that has many loud buildings such as casinos and circus' that appeal to people looking for activities).

The game has the option of sandbox or campaign. You set the difficulty in the sandbox to be as you are comfortable with and it is useful for practicing in preparation for the campaign which gets pretty challenging. The campaign includes the tutorial which is a bit annoying to go through. Also, the game doesn't save automatically and you can't save before finishing each campaign chapter it seems, bit annoying. The second campaign is not a tutorial at all and has events that require actions that were not covered in the tutorial, a bit of digging and trying things out is required to win. The third campaign chapter is more challenging even and I haven't been able to win it but as I'm learning it's getting closer and closer to beating my competitor neighbour.

A few things I dislike about the game: there is no undo button, when you accidentally place a staircase a square away from connected to the upper-level floor, for example, your only options to correct the mistake is to sell the staircase for regain of a percentage of what it cost to place or to leave the staircase there. This makes it so you have to be very careful where you put down things and it's kind of hard to gauge where they'll go because there is no truly visible grid inside the casino.

Also this game seems to require a lot of management: Buildings will get in very poor state of repairs if you don't tell the mechanics to go visit them, slot machines will get nonfunctional because the cashier hasn't gone to empty them and this is on top of you having to monitor each building's reputation, income generation (which you can control by choosing within a range of fees charged and, on casino games, house advantage among other things).

Overall, I like the game. Quite a lot actually. It's definitely not a game everyone would like though but if you like city-builders and management-heavy games that have only okay graphics I would recommend this game.

I got it on sale and I have no regrets whatsoever 7.5/10
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13 de 15 pessoas (87%) acharam esta análise útil
2.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 28 de Junho de 2014
$0.74 of Summer Sale frustration... ;)

Honestly, if you're going to buy this, get it on one of the big sales. I personally like little crappy tycoon games like this (Lemonade Tycoon, Fish Tycoon, ect...) It's not a hard game, just has a lot of micro-managment that isn't explained well, and the interface isn't great. I kind of enjoyed it once I figured things out. Graphics aren't a big deal for me, but if they are for you, then definately stay away. I reccomend you at least get through the tutorial and a few das past before you give up on it.

Bottom line: Good, so long as you don't mind figuring things out on your own and some bad graphics. But once you understand it, it's not too horrible.
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