Guided by your spirit totem animal, assume the role of a young ursine brave whose fate has not yet been determined and embark on an astral journey into the dream world where the shadows of an ancient conflict are on the rise and destiny awaits.
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24 ENE 2017

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Juego con acceso anticipado

Obtén acceso inmediato e involúcrate con este juego mientras se desarrolla.

Nota: Este juego con acceso anticipado no está terminado y puede o no cambiar más adelante. Si no te entusiasma jugarlo en su estado actual, entonces deberías esperar a ver si el juego avanza más en su desarrollo. Más información

Lo que dicen los desarrolladores:

¿Por qué acceso anticipado?

“Developing on Early Access is a way to offset some of the challenges we face as a startup indie team, working remotely from around the world, and on such an ambitious title. To begin with, Early Access gives us the ability to break development into stages which speeds up our content delivery to players and helps us keep our targets reachable on a smaller scale/budget. It’s also a huge asset to interact with YOU, the players, to get regular suggestions/feedback, to keep our finger on the pulse of what you want to see in the game, and to help us make our game the very best rpg it can be. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to become our benefactors and partners, potentially bringing in a new source of funding to support the continued development of the game.”

¿Cuánto tiempo va a estar este juego en acceso anticipado aproximadamente?

“Witanlore: Dreamtime will be in Early Access for approximately 6-8 months to complete the core game. It is our commitment to you, our players, to maintain active development and regular content/patch updates during this period to prevent the game from ever languishing in Early Access.”

¿Cuán diferente será la versión completa de la versión de acceso anticipado?

“These bullet lists outline what is finished as of Day 1 on Early Access, and what features we would like to implement as we work through Early Access together over these months ahead. The majority of gameplay systems have at least some foundation in the current version at various levels of In Progress but this should give you a good idea of what’s playable and where we’d like to go next.

Early Access Feature List

  • Detailed, Realistic World to Explore - Episode One Region
  • Quick Role Play Menu - Build camps, go fishing, pass time
  • Totem System - Charm State, Level your totem for buffs & bonuses!
  • Physics based Decorator/Grab System
  • Activators - Sit, Sleep, Open Doors/Chests
  • Voiced, Lip Synched Non-linear Dialogue - WIP
  • First Five Chapters of the Main Story PLUS Side Quests
  • Rich Cultural Histories & Lore Books to Discover
  • Fauna, Flora, & Enemy Spawns
  • Basic Player Character Customization - M/F Blackclaw Race Only
  • Basic Combat - Shield/Sword, Paw to Paw, Bow/Arrow
  • Time of Day - Basic Weather
  • Equip Weapons & Armor - Multiple Types
  • Collectible Craft Materials
  • Potions & Inventory Items
  • Storage Containers
  • WIP HUD and UI Menus
  • Customize Settings Menus
  • Basic Mercantile System
  • Basic Save/Load - Functional but Still in Active Development
  • Basic Cinematics and Load Screens
  • Base Skills/Traits - WIP

Planned Features List

  • Fully Developed Open World + Dreamworld
  • Totem System - Spirit State, Summon your totem to solve puzzles & fight for you!!
  • Totem System - Companion State, Bring a companion totem into the physical world!
  • Symbiotic Magic - Use Druid technology to tap into the magic of creation!
  • Additional items, characters, and discoverable locations
  • Additional Puzzles with Totem Co-Op Solutions
  • Advanced Combat - Dual Wield, Staves, Blunts, and Archery
  • Stealth & Scouting System
  • More Weapon & Armor Types per Race
  • Advanced Player Character Customization - All Races
  • Improved Character/Creature Models
  • Recruit Companions & Allies
  • Additional Dungeons & Unique Rewards
  • Additional Save/Load Features
  • Improved Menus, HUD, and UI
  • Remappable Keys & Settings
  • Improved Optimization
  • Advanced Skill and Trait Systems
  • Improved Trading/Bartering
  • Mod Support

¿Cuál es el estado actual de la versión de acceso anticipado?

“The Early Access version of Witanlore: Dreamtime is the core game which contains the building blocks for all of the game's gameplay systems present and future. The current state of the game is beta playable. As outlined above, many features are still in development and will continue to be changed and expanded on with the collaboration of our players. The main quest is incomplete but new chapters will be regularly added in.”

¿Variará el precio del juego durante el periodo previo y posterior al acceso anticipado?

“Yes. In Early Access, the core game will sell at a 70% reduced price which will increase to full price once the game ships in the main store.

Future DLCs will be priced based on the level of content added and will also be reduced for Early Access.”

¿Cómo tienes planeado involucrar a la comunidad en tu proceso de desarrollo?

“As veteran modders we're quite accustomed to developing content hand in hand with the players who are as passionate about our projects as we are! This is a trend we would love to carry forward as developers on Early Access.

A Community of Creative Minds

We have an active community where players can join in discussions about Witanlore with other fans and the development team, hop in the chat to connect with other players, share their thoughts, post bug reports/questions for answers straight from the team. Because we really do care about our fans, every month, we’d like to showcase our players’ screenshots, artwork, fanfic, and content on our community as a way of giving back and showing our appreciation for the creativity and passion of our fan base which is such an inspiration for us.

A Public Roadmap

A public Trello board will provide a place where our players can more closely track our development progress, see what's planned for upcoming patches, leave notes for the team, and get an overview picture of the game’s development as a whole.

Live Development Streams

Our developers will take turns jumping onto our Twitch channel every month to share a new stream where players can tune in to watch the game develop live, offer feedback, interact with a developer in real time, and catch sneak peeks at upcoming content as it's rolled into the game.

Developer Meet Ups

Regular live chat meet-up events will continue to be scheduled every couple months to let players and developers gather together in a chatroom to get to know the team, ask questions, make suggestions, talk about all things Witanlore, and influence the direction of the game.”
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9 octubre

[MEDIA] New Cinematic Trailer!
Check out our new cinematic promo trailer for Witanlore: Dreamtime! Give us a LIKE and Subscribe to our channel to get notified on all future video releases!

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9 octubre

[Progress Report] Druid Gameworks Heading to IndieGoGo!

Hail Witanlore Fans, Cole here for another update on how things are progressing with the project and the latest Druid Gameworks news! I know some of you have been concerned by the lack of progress reports lately, never fear the game is alive and well. We’ve just been hard at work on the next build which is bigger than the previous updates and also had our hands full getting ready for IndieGoGo! So we have some updating to make up for, let’s dive right into what you want to know most: how’s the build coming along?!

Current Development Progress

Build 17 is progressing well, slowly but surely, with lots of new features and content getting ready to roll out. The programmers are working on AI for some of Dreamtime's most complicated and challenging enemies which can be found lurking in the Dreamworld. They're also bringing big improvements to combat! Level Designers have been adding additional settlements to the valley region, unlocking potential for more exploration, more new friends, and more questing! Artists are whipping up new creatures to encounter, new enemies, and new activators like crafting and ritual tables. We may be rolling out an update patch before 17 just to fix some of the bugs being reported in 16 so at least your games can get some fine tuning while waiting on 17, we’ll keep you posted if it looks like we have time to push a patch out before 17 releases. We’re very close to the next build so we’ll see how this next month goes!

Druid Gameworks is Heading to IndieGoGo

Starting tomorrow, October 10th, we’ll be launching a new crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to raise some much-needed funding to support/ promote the project and the dev team!! You can view our pre-launch page here:

As many of you know we’ve been chasing our dream of developing this epic RPG for almost four years now, working overtime with no pay, living on ramen noodles, and choosing our passion for making games over almost everything else! We love it of course, even the challenges, but to be honest we’re starting to feel some financial fatigue at this point. Folks are close to losing their homes, debts are mounting, we even took some hurricane damages, and the stress is enormous on top of having nothing but our collective pennies to cover development costs month to month.

We're really pleased with how far we've come from our early days and the current state of the game. The reviews on Steam have been quite good overall, sales increase weekly, but we’re still not getting enough exposure to be easily visible among the sea of games on the market. So, the purpose of running this campaign is three-fold: we hope the campaign itself will bring in more exposure for the game on Early Access, we need to give the team a piece of the pie to sustain key developers financially a bit longer so we can finish the game without having the power shut off, AND we hope to use what’s left of that pie to generate more PR including taking Dreamtime to some of the more notable shows like PAX and GDC next year.

To succeed, we're going to need many hands and many voices behind us and that's where we need your help!

We're reaching out to you, our ever growing fanbase of ursine warriors, to get behind the campaign and help us spread the word on social media and on gaming haunts across the web to help support the team to the finish line! With an injection of funds into the empty studio coffers we’ll be able to pick up the pace on our development schedule and get this game finished! The team has a ton of great content developing in the pipeline we just need to buy more time. We hope you’ll turn out tomorrow and cheer us on!

Media Keys and Interviews

Whenever we’ve done crowdfunding in the past there’s always a burst of media interest for keys and interviews. If you have a gaming channel, a vlog, a website, or fandom and you want to get in touch you can email us at support[at]witanlore[dot]com or shoot us a DM on Twitter @DruidGameworks we’d love to hear from you! Please supply a link to your page and use your official email/Twitter for contact so we can verify. If we can’t verify, we’re not able to help you out unfortunately.

That’s it for this progress report, we hope that all of you are keeping safe out there and we’ll post again soon! Remember you can always post on our forums here or join our community at to get in touch! Sometimes the notifications here on Steam are a bit hit or miss so if we miss your post, bump it, or shoot us a support email, we’re here for you!

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Acerca de este juego

In Witanlore: Dreamtime, you assume the role of a young Ursine brave whose destiny has not yet been determined. Guided by a spirit totem animal, you embark on an astral journey into the spirit world to stand before your patron deity and receive divine messages about your destiny. However, there is something far less benevolent than a goddess waiting for you in the mists...

Find yourself swept up in the chaos of an ancient battle for power, the outcome of which hinges on your decisions and a weapon that could lead us all to salvation or ruin. The path you take and the choices you make will determine the story’s outcome and alter the very fabric of the world.

Witanlore: Dreamtime is a single player, story-driven, Adventure RPG for Windows PC, being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

  • Detailed, Realistic Open World to Explore
  • Story-driven, Role-playing Focus
  • Totem System - Level Up Your Spirit Guide for Buffs & Bonuses!
  • Choices & Consequences - What Players Say & Do Matters!
  • Voiced, Non-linear Dialogue
  • Extensive Main Quest & Numerous Side Quests
  • Rich Cultural Histories & Lore to Discover
  • In-depth Player Character Customization
  • Recruit Companions & Allies
  • Unique Dungeon Diving & Rewards - No Pointless Loot Dungeons!
  • Multiple Weapon Styles with Tribal Bonuses

Please see the Early Access section for detailed lists of current game features!

Our pledge is to always be honest, transparent, and respectful to our growing community as we navigate the inevitable hurdles we’ll encounter on the road to completion together. We will listen to your comments, with an open and willing spirit, and keep communication at the forefront of our development so that each of you feels your voice is heard and that you are part of something awesome.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 10
    • Procesador: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster 64-bit CPU
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series or higher with 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Almacenamiento: 10000 MB de espacio disponible
    • SO: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 10
    • Procesador: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster 64-bit CPU
    • Memoria: 8 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series or higher with 2 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Almacenamiento: 40000 MB de espacio disponible
    • Notas adicionales: Subject to Changes

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