Spanning the most turbulent era in Western history, your quest for territory and power takes you through Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and even onto the shores of the New World.
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Release Date: Nov 15, 2006

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About This Game

Take command of your army and expand your reign in Medieval II - the fourth installment of the award-winning Total War series of strategy games. Direct massive battles featuring up to 10,000 bloodthirsty troops on epic 3D battlefields, while presiding over some of the greatest Medieval nations of the Western and Middle Eastern world. Spanning the most turbulent era in Western history, your quest for territory and power takes you through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and even onto the shores of the New World.
You'll manage your empire with an iron fist, handling everything from building and improving cities to recruiting and training armies. Wield diplomacy to manipulate allies and enemies, outsmart the dreaded Inquisition, and influence the Pope. Lead the fight in the Crusades and bring victory to Islam or Christianity in the Holy War. Rewrite history and conquer the world. This is Total War!
  • Bigger and better real-time battles. Improved combat choreography, larger armies, quicker pace, and spectacular finishing moves make this the most visceral and exciting Total War ever.
  • New epic campaign. The ambitious single player campaign will span three continents and let players sail across to the Americas to confront the Aztecs on their home soil.
  • Greater accessibility. An enhanced user interface and optional shorter campaigns make the Total War experience faster and easier to enjoy than ever before.
  • Over 40 new features. An advanced terrain system, enhanced weather effects, and more will help you divide and conquer.
  • Intense Multiplayer Battles. Wage war against other players in 8-way multiplayer games across the Internet and LAN.

NOTE: Because the Kingdoms expansion uses core game elements from the Medieval II: Total War game, it is required that you use the same method for purchasing Kingdoms as you did in purchasing Medieval II: Total War. If you purchase Medieval II: Total War from Steam, then please use Steam to purchase Kingdoms.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum System Requirements:
    • Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
    • Celeron 1.5GHz Pentium 4® (1500MHz) or equivalent AMD® processor
    • 512MB RAM
    • 11GB of uncompressed free hard disk space
    • 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound cardand latest drivers
    • 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible mouse,keyboard and latest drivers
    • DirectX® 9.0c
    • 128MB Hardware Accelerated video card with Shader 1 support and the latest drivers. Must be 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible
    • 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
    • Internet (TCP / IP) play supported; Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers; LAN play requires Network card.
    Important Note: Some cards may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Medieval II: Total War. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatibility.
    OS: 10.10.5
    Processor: 1.8 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Graphics: 256 MB
    Mac OS: 10.10.5
    Hard Disk: 32 GB
    Input: Keyboard & Mouse

    The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.
    OS: 10.11.2
    Processor: 2.4 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Graphics: 512 MB
    Mac OS: 10.11.1
    Hard Disk: 32 GB
    Input: Multi-button Mouse

    The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.
    Ubuntu 14.04
    Steam OS 2.0 (NVIDIA & Intel Only)
    Graphics Card:
    Nvidia 600 series+ with Driver Version 352.55
    AMD R7 with Mesa 11.2 driver*
    Intel Iris Pro with Mesa 11.2 driver*

    *IMPORTANT: AMD GPUS may require Ubuntu 15.10 or later. Mesa 11.2 driver still in active development.
    Ubuntu 15.10
    Steam OS 2.0 (NVIDIA & Intel Only)
    Graphics Card:
    Nvidia 700 series+ with Driver Version 352.55
    AMD R9 with Mesa 11.2 driver*

    *IMPORTANT: AMD GPUS may require Ubuntu 15.10 or later. Mesa 11.2 driver still in active development.
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Very Positive (169 reviews)
Overwhelmingly Positive (5,321 reviews)
Recently Posted
452.7 hrs
Posted: August 29
although created in 2006 but still a lots of players who played this game.
Multiplayer mode also working very good...

do some Online Siege Battle! recommended!
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69.9 hrs
Posted: August 29
Product received for free
Honestly what can i say, this is where the series i felt was at its peak! This game may have given us too much content, and hours of gameplay, and mod support. Even for its current graphics you can tell it was a game way ahead of its time back when it came out in 2007! To this day argueably the best of the Medieval Total War Franchise!
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Mk Foxbat
28.8 hrs
Posted: August 28
I took this game series in an odd order. Starting with Empire, then moving to this one.

Medieval 2: Total war and the kingdoms expansion are worth the price of admission. Your campaign will range from the conquest of the Holy land, the British Isles, The whole of Europe and the new world.
Mechanics are solid if a little finicky... My main concern sometimes being an issue with ordering issues to charge which may or may not be followed right away. These kind of issues are fairly uncommon and don't really impact the whole of the game.
OF course the modding community is strong and I began to log a huge number of hours after installing the planetwar mod.

In Summary, a solid game, the graphics and game itself will match your computer, a wide variety of units and play styles and modding adding additional time. easily an 8.5 out of 10
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8.3 hrs
Posted: August 28
good but dated
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118.2 hrs
Posted: August 28
Medieval II: Total War is the absolute pinical of the Total War series, I'll just sum up my experiences as all the factions....

England - Kill Scotland within the first 10 turns, take over the British Isles, go into near bankruptcy because of the amount of Mercenaries I bought, get kicked out of the Church because I wouldn't stop attacking France, Caen gets besieged by Spain, Spain and France ally, France sends reinforcements to Caen, I lose Caen, Robert tragically dies in the process, Willam the Conquerer dies cause he's morbitly obese, my kingdom crumbles, but I'm taken back into the Church so atleast I can spread the word of Christ across the British Isles

Scotland - Get r*ped by England and die within 60 turns

France - Get attacked by angry Germans and angry Italians then get invaded by England then get booted out of the church then a crusade gets called on my captial, King Louis gets r*ped by angry Christans, I go bankrupt and I give up

Holy Roman Empire - Die within 30 turns due to economic instability

Russia - Spend 24 turns trying to find civilistion and completely demolish the Hungarians, the Mongols invade and before you know it Russia is sucking Gangis Khans left testicle and civil disorder breaks out amongst my settlements

Milan - Take Venice and Eastern France, King Louis and his crossbow army besiege my capital, I rage quit lol

Spain - Take out Portugal within 14 turns, invade southeren France and take over Egypt *to be continued*


Egypt - Lol get invaded by all of Christendom

Moors - Get sh*t on by Spanish troops

Turks - Just don't be them...

Hungary - Ew

Poland - Ew


Venice - Get eaten by Milan

Portgual - Get skull f*cked by Spain and the Moors

Greek dudes(I can't spell it lol and I'm too lazy to copy and paste) - Conquer most of Eastern Europe but fail to discover gunpowder and get blown to pieces by everyone cause they have cannons....

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40.2 hrs
Posted: August 28

Love the game and very good for when it was made, and the DLC (Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms) really makes the game better and, if you want to, you can get mods for the game! Such as: Middle Earth, The elder scrolls Total war (my personal favourite), Planet war, Call of warhammer and much much more! P.S the game never gets boring!
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◆✠◆McVult◆✠◆ K
77.4 hrs
Posted: August 28
Herro, here is a haiku that God wills:

Truce with the Saracens
Recieves an excommunication from Church
Crumble in despair.
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Tankslayer - Für das Vaterland
0.9 hrs
Posted: August 27
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Mark Antony
85.4 hrs
Posted: August 27
Probably my second favorite; if not first favorite game in the Total War series apart from Rome II/Attila (I know this review will get some ♥♥♥♥ on for me saying that, but personally my Rome 1 is super choppy because it was made for a specific rendering processor unfortunately. I can tolerate Rome II and Attila and I understand they arent the greatest as people expected).

It's my grand wish that after perhaps at the writing of this review; the Creative Assembly will release a Total War: Medieval III after Warhammer, because now that like Warhammer's game engine, the developers will most likely use a 64 bit engine rather than a 32 bit for the optimisational parts.

The only pain in the ♥♥♥ part about this game in particular, but acceptable as is would be the cavalry smashes. In Rome: Total War, cavalry had amuch bigger impact whereas Feudal Knights/Mailed Knights/Crusader Knights (etc.) give out a rather awkward form of charging and flanking force. I kind of wish they would fix it, but then again, heavily armored men on horses does add a sense of slow movement, and I do not care that one small percent of the game's aspect does not change the astounding 99% percent other than this.

98/100 for me. I strongly recommend it.
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Valkyren Saga
10.7 hrs
Posted: August 27
Product received for free
"The Great Total War Review Collection" Part 2/6

Read the first review [here](


As a huge fan of the Total War game series, i decided to write a review about every game, starting from Rome and ending to Rome 2. As far as i've seen from the research i did, there has never been any other "Collection" of Reviews about the Total War games on Steam and thus this will be the first ever Collection of TW Reviews on Steam.

Just keep in mind that the Reviews will not be like the reviews you see usually but they will have a personal sense. By that i mean that they will be reviews/guides for the game which i think is the ultimate combination for anyone who wants to knows every perspective of a game before he purchases it.

In this review you will read a few common lines with my previous review about Rome Total War as the games are based on the same principles.

About the Game

Medieval 2 Total War is the title which introduced modding massively into the TW series. The game was released in 2006 by Sega, developed by Creative Assembly. In comparison with Rome, it introduced a fair amount of number and variety of new features in every category in comparison with the previous TW titles (Shogun and Medieval TW). It is a turn based strategy game with real time elements in the land battles.


Many common things here with RTW. In the Grand Campgaign the player is allowed to pick among a variety of factions. Your goal is to drive your faction to victory and success through the conquest of other factions' areas. A faction is a group of medieval people. The game is set in the Middle Ages of 1080 AD to 1530 AD in Europe. The factions you can control are the historical medieval people of that period. You can control the Byzantine Empire, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, the "Holy" Roman Empire, Hungary, Milan, Moors, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, Spain, the Turks and Venice. The number of factions, the different units of your army, the types of your agents and the types of your settlements are by far greater in numbers than the ones found in RTW. In M2TW you can choose whether your settlement will be a castle or a city. The castles hold better on defence, can create stronger units but deliver lower income from the taxes. On the other hand, the cities are easier to be conquered, offer weaker than the castles units but will give you far greater income. As the ruler of your faction you need to create a great army along with a strong economy to support your cause in order to conquer every other nation. In your effort you will face treacherous allies, sneaky agents and a clever Al which will be proven to be a worthy opponent.
In the beginning of the game you will be allowed to play with a few factions only and the rest of them will be unlocked as soon as you complete your first campaign. This has been done to help you understand the game better as the starting factions are the easier and most powerful ones. There is a way to overcome this legally but i wouldn't recommend it to newcomers.

More about the Campaign

As soon as you choose a faction, you begin by controlling a few settlements. These settlements are the capitals of the areas of the game. Each area has its own settlement. As soon as you conquer a settlement, you conquer the area it controls along with every useful and important resources it may have. The settlements are also commercial and administrative centers of the area they belong to and the place where units and agents are being created. You should always try to maintain the balance of the money on each settlement you own in a positive level in order to have a healthy economy.

There are many different types of land units. Each of them has its own traits and its own offensive and defensive values. Consider to check them all and decide which you will use to guard in your settlements, which you will use to attack settlements and which to defend them. In addition, there are 2 or 3 naval units (depending on the faction you choose) for the sea battles.

Then we have the Generals. Generals are the leaders of your empire and your army. Each of them has his own traits (some are positive, some are negative). Some are good at commanding armies, some at commanding settlements while others ... well they aren't good at anything. :) Use your Generals as leaders of your armies in order to give to your army the traits the assigned General has. It's very crucial the pick the appropriate General for your attacks and to keep behind in your capital or other important settlements the Generals who are good with administration. The addition from Rome is the fact that you can create new generals by winning battles. In order to create a new general take a flag of decent units and send them to attack the enemy. Pick an easy target (as without a general the battles are harder to be won due to the lack of morale from your troops) and win the battle. As soon as you win two battles with that army, the game will suggest you the adoption of a new General in your family. That General will be the one who had just won the two previous battles. This way you do not have to wait for your family members to grow up and take their position in the army.

Finally, there are the Agents. As a new addition here, there are not 3 but 5 types of Agents: the Spy, the Assassin and the Diplomat are already known from the previous game. Now there are also the Merchant and the Priest. You will use your Spy in order to spy the enemy's armies and settlements. Your Assassins will be used for the assassination of enemy Generals, destruction of certain buildings in the enemy's settlements or for the cause of casualties to enemy armies. The Diplomats are being used for diplomatic purposes such as the trade agreements, the NAPs, the Alliances or the exchange of Map Information. The Merchant is used to bring revenue to your faction by trading valuable goods which are spread around the map and to also take another already used valuable good from a foreign Merchant or to counter one who tries to throw you away from a resource you already take advantage of. Finally, the Priest is there to spread your religion. The religious buildings are no longer capable of spreading your religion in your areas by themselves. You are now in need of Priests. Create priests and send them to spread the religion of your faction in your areas. Once you have are done, consider to send them to your enemy's areas in order to have them influence the areas of your enemy. An area which has the majority of its population believing in a different religion from the faction that controls the area will become unrest and will eventually cause a rebellion.

For similar reviews and our popular giveaways (including hardware) please consider checking out .
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70.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
Now let me tell you, I am a great builder, the best in the buisness, I'm great, I know how to build things. But you know what's not great? Our country. We don't win anymore. We used to have clear victories, but we don't have them anymore. Our country's in serious trouble. I mean, when do we beat France in war? In an even battle, they kill us. When do we beat Scotland at the border? They're laughing at us, at our stupidity. We invite people from all over the world, including Syria, and we have no idea of who these people are. They are spies, they are sneaky diplomats, they are naffatunes, and some, I assume are good people. But we need a total and complete shutdown of Muslim immigration to England. We also need to build a great wall between us and Scotland, and it will be a beautiful wall with a big fat door where people can come in LEGALLY. Islam hates us, they really do. They exterminate and sack our villages, and I'll be sure to protect the Papist community from them. The pope questions my faith sometimes, but it's a disgrace to do so. I sent 4 cardinals into Ireland, I really did, and I built a great cathedral in York. Soon the Moors will declare a jihad on London at this rate. Anyways, when do we beat Venice at trade? They get 40 florins per turn on a resource, and we get 10! Let me tell you, if you crown me king, I'll bring back Blood Eagle and I'll bring back a hell of a lot worse. It'd be a pretty picture to see the Polish Queen on her knees. She's hot, just like my daughter, the future princess Ivanka. If she wasn't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her. Our country is weak! Our military is like number 20 on the turn report. At least that's what the experts tell me. I get a lot of pro players, they're calling me, they're saying "king, you're gonna do something that's gonna be so tough". And it's true. That's why I am officially running to be monarch of England, and we're gonna make our country rich again, we're gonna make it strong again, we're gonna take care of our knights, and it will all be great. Oh and I'll bombard the ♥♥♥♥ out of the Turkroaches with my trebuchets!
t. Donald John Trump
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33 of 35 people (94%) found this review helpful
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23.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 13
-buy game
-start as the empire of hungary
-take rebel settlements in East
-establish large economy
-buy a bunch of mercernaries
-fail to realize mercernaries are killing my economy
-go bankrupt
-retry campaign
-repeat steps 2-4
-Venice now hates me for stealing a rebel settlement
-meet the Holy Roman Empire
-marry my princess to their heir
-meet Poland
-marry Polish princess to my heir
-start upgrading military
-spam croat axeman
-spam bosnian archers
-first crusade called
-fail to join crusade causing pope to hate me
-Venice takes Vienna
-steal Vienna from Venice
-steal Venice from Venice
-Blockade Venice's last port
-Venice begs for mercy
-gives Venice mercy
-start trading with France, Milan and Turks
-pope dies
-elect new pope from sicily
-get my first Feudal knights
-form alliance with turks
-declare war on Byzantines
-get new crossbowmen
-start taking northern byzantine empire
-Turks take south byzantine empire
-Byzantines are ded
-golden age upon the sons of Hungary
-use resources stolen from venice and vienna to build a better nation
-start importing goods from the black sea, Italy and Asia
-construct St. Lazlo's cathedral in Bucharest
-Pope you?
-Hungary is a land of prosperity and plenty
-get one of my cardinals elected as pope
-start a new rivalry with Russia
-preparing to invade
-my pope suddenly dies
-new threat in the east
-NAW can't be too bad
-Mongol invasion
-see five full mongol stacks take Kiev from Russia
-start fortifying eastern border
-bring all the troops
-bring my king for morale support
-try bribing the mongols to leave me alone
-Mongols happily accept, then attack
-Mongols take Iasi wiping a full stack
-Mongols attack my three full stacks at Bran
-Mongols kill my king in the battle but they lose
-Well, looks like the worst has blown over...phew
-another full stack of Mongols shows up and takes Bran due to tactical incompetence on my part
-most of my army is ded
-I build more troops, and send my new king in a last ditch push against the mongols
-push the mongols back for now
-Mongols return to ♥♥♥♥ my houses and burn my women
-withdraw my battered armies
-Mongols conquer my southern territories without much resistence
-Poland dies
-in a desperate attempt of survival I begin to expand westward
-reluctantly declare war on holy roman empire
-get excommunicated by church
-Milan attacks
-start making guys with guns
-#rekt Milanese army
-steal some territories
-steal more territories
-♥♥♥♥ around
-Mongols begin following me
-Mongols conquer my capital Budapest
-I start to invade central Europe
-become overly dependent on Mercernaries again
-start losing money
-become roaming blood thirsty conquerors
-France, Milan and Holy Roman empire form an alliance
-begin last desperate push
-combine French/German/Milanese forces defeat last of my armies
-Other people march on my territory
-economy is almost gone due to mercernary abuse and lack of trade
-Fall back to Italian and remaining Balkan holdings
-lose two more cities
-beg for mercy
-begging accepted
-pope reconciles me
-but now we have to worry about Mongols
-can't expand anymore
-offer to assist HRE, France an Papal states againt Mongols
-maybe one day the lands of old will once again belong to the sons of Hungary
-take a break from campaign
-forget about campaign
-rediscover it two weeks later
-decide I'm to poor to keep playing on that campaign
-now Hungary is a disgraced, scarred and fractured empire
-Hungarians are now known as simply two-time losers
-and I wouldn't have changed a thing

11/10 would watch my empire crumble before my very eyes again!
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49.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
- Play custom battle
- Select Timurids
- Give your team a lot of money
- Select elephants
- Fully upgrade them
- Select weakest unit for enemy
- Use elephants to make enemy juice

11/10 Would feel superior again
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39.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
So I decided to start as France because I LOVE heavy cavalry and I doubt anyone has done it so far.

I started my campaign by absorbing the nearby rebel settlements into my empire. The first battle goes poorly, I only just barely win and only from capturing the center of the town, I am beginning to doubt if France was the right choice. The second battle, however, goes very well. I use proper cavalry tactics and completely descimate the rebel settlement, adding it to my glorious French empire. After that I begin dominating the map, settlement after settlement, battle after battle. Finally, My empire is the largest, the strongest, the richest, the most advanced, and the most populated in the world. I have also allied with the British, the Polish, and the Holy Roman Empire, with dreams of conquering the British Isles.

I am soon given that chance when I recruit a mercinary fleet of ships. I get Military access from the foolish British and set my armies in key strategic locations. The next turn, I execute order 66. The British are taken off guard and I kill all but two of their generals, king included. I then turn my eyes to their last territory, where their pretender king awaits. My king's army marches forth to this English coward, and just when we have our siege equipment ready and our swords drawn, the other British general attacks us from the west. Nevertheless, we have the advantage and as my my ballistas are aimed for their gate and my horses crush their western army and my troops storm their city and kill their king, but at a cost, my king is bravely killed as well. Which is good, because we had been excommunicated from the church just prior and were finally let in at news that my "heathen" king had been killed.

Just as I make preperations to incorporate these accursed Islands into my empire I am betrayed. As it turned out, HRE actually hated my Polish allies and decided to attack me as well. I am enraged to see their sorry yellow and black hides besiege my forces in Metz. I quickly show these traitors whose boss and wipe out their troops. But then, their leader, alone, attacks some of my forces near Metz. I am surprised he beat me with few casualties as he charged DIRECTLY INTO MY LINE OF SPEARS! He then retreated directly into the stygnian depths of Germany where I could not reach him. No matter, revenge can wait till he's watched his country burn. I begin hitting him, hard, and end up splitting their empire in half. Unfortunately, In my viscious assault I am, again, excommunicated from the church. Thankfully the pope dies and I am reconciled, and to top that, the new one is polish so HRE is then excommunicated. Sadly the pope calls a crusade on Cairo, and if I don't send my leader, I'll be excommunicated. So, I do what I must, and before too long, have a crusading army worthy of many gasps.

The crusade goes poorly, to put it mildly. I end up, for no reason, having my men continuously desert to "find another party that will be more on track to the destination". So I end up wasting thousands of florins on disloyal mercinaries who constantly desert me. By the time I make it to Cairo, the crusade is over and I am lacking in any reasonable army. So I start back to paris. On the way there I reach Constantinopel and notice it is lacking in any good military, and just can't resist taking it from the Byzantines. Back in Europe I have finally taken over the British Isles and was attacked by Spain, who happened to be allied with the HRE. Now I am in a war on three fronts and have the number one military in the entire world. And one more thing. Word has reached me that the mongols have risen so now I seem doomed.

Nevertheless, I manage to take two spanish cities and most of Byzantium. After that, all that happens are pointless bloody battles that leave thousands dead in their wake. Finally, gunpowder is made, and France is pushed into a new golden age. I conquer the Spaniards and the Moors, I take all of Germany and exicute their king, and I destroy the rest of the Byzantines. It seems france will never be beaten. Then, just as I attack Jerusalem (my victory region), The Mongols attack me and a hopeless battle is fought. My troops fight like true men, and for every dead Frenchman, 5 more Mongols die. I loose the battle and swore vengeance on the Mongols.

I start World War 1 with all of Europe facing against the mongols. And after years of costly battles, me and my allies make it to their main capital city which, ironically, is Cairo. We barely win the battle. For years the world is at peace. Then, the Timurids attack, and it all goes awry. They take over the Papal states, and much of eastern Europe (including Byzantium). My troops are barely able to defend what is left of France, and I do not know if any other European nations survived. The Pope betray's me and takes Cairo to start a new eastern catholic civilization.


-Europe and Asia are controlled by only three major nations (France, Timurids, and Papal States), all of which are constantly at each others throats.
-America is where the capital of France lies, and is slowly being taken from the Aztecs.
-There are unconfirmed rumors that Milan survived and currently owns part of south-east Asia.
-I hope for luck and divine intervention as the Timurids are slowly closing in on the America's.
-The world is plagued with inquisitors and pagans, all whom corrupt the lands and murder people.
-No one's faith is seen as "satisfying" from the Pope's perspective, and crusades/jihads are constantly being called on me.


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27.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 10
Military Access
Trade Rights
Single Payment: 1000


NPC: Sorry but we have to refuse this offer

New offer



We accept!

20 turns later:
I took one of their castles

would betray again
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203.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 5
If you want the definitive Total War experience Medieval 2 is it. Unlike new Total War games, Medieval 2 is much more complex in its gameplay mechanics. From maintaining merchants and diplomats to army management. Medieval 2 feels more of an empire building simulator than newer games such as Rome 2.

Battles feel much heavier and units tend to react more realistically to commands. The sense of weight makes battle feel much more organic than Shogun 2, Rome 2 or even Fantasy Warhammer.

If you do choose to buy this game, be sure to install Stainless Steel as it provides a much more historical early and late game era campaign. You can check out some footage of it on my YouTube channel.

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128.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 23
Hands down the best total war game.
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Posted: August 19
Open Steam apps:

Medieval 2 Total War





Imperial campaign


cut and paste army you want to play from unlockable to playable (keep in alphabetical order, not sure if it makes a diffrence but best to play it safe)

300 + hours of Danish campaign, on diffrent difficulties.

10/10 Smashing thousands of vikings against thousands of mongols fighting for the holy land.
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Posted: August 16
One of the very best games ever made. Some of the old, great games perhaps do not age very well, but a few are timeless simply because of their quality. No frills, no gimmicks, no set pieces, no cover systems or achievements - just gameplay and game design in it's purest, most endearing form. Medieval II is one of these games.

The game, in typical Total War fashion, involves economy, politics and army management with the ultimate aim of meeting certain victory conditions, which will vary for each faction. A world map acts as the main user interface of the campaign, but the majority of gameplay will happen in the series' trademark - the battles.

In my opinion, this is the greatest game in the Total War franchise. Rome I had more varied unit rosters and was truly groundbreaking for it's time, but Medieval II is just Total War perfection. Hitting the "sweet spot" for complexity, political obstacles and size of the campaign map, the game has, whether by design or accident, remained the most (obssessively!) playable Total War to date. The difficulty levels of the campaign feel "just right", whether you are new and play on easy or normal, or want more of a challenge and pick legendary. This was the first Total War game I played, and increasing the difficulty felt organic and like a real progression.

Everything just comes together in a way which will be evident if you have played any other Total War titles, but regardless of that fact, the campaign is the best experience Total War has to offer. Battles are at their best in the series, with a level of strategic depth which keeps a dedicated online battling community alive to this day, but with an accessibility and satisfaction which makes you want to learn. Winning a campaign, defending a castle against the odds and winning online battles are some of the most rewarding feelings I've ever felt in games.

The battles here are Total War at it's best. Every unit has a purpose and a counter, and winning a battle feels truly tactical. Unit speeds feel perfect, and units engaging each other feels crisp, unlike the floaty cluster effect seen in later games in the series. Losing a battle will always be down to a tactical error which will have you wanting to learn and coming back for more. If they managed to break your infantry lines with a clever charge strategy, you will feel like you were outsmarted. There are no gimmicks.

The atmopshere of the game is good - the medieval setting and campaign map match the visuals and the soundtrack well. Despite being an old, outdated game, there is a certain charm to the graphics, which makes it stand the test of time as opposed to Rome I, which has poor visuals to the point where it intrudes on the gameplay. Very few games have charming visuals which can stand the test of time, and this is one of them. To illustrate what I mean, others might include the Pokemon series and the Jedi Knight series. Whilst not the strongest point of the game, it does not, however, detract from the gameplay, which is the important part.

The only one gripe I can think of is that the armored knights and cavalry might be too cliché and similar for some. A conquistador in full plate armor and an English Knight in full plate armor look similar, with only the heraldry and colours making them identifiable. Personally, however, I never minded this, but it is one issue people have when discussing why Rome I might be better - Rome I had very varied and visually distinct units.

An extremely engrossing game, one of the best of all time, I can't hesitate to recommend this. While not as groundbreaking for it's time as Rome I, which is the darling of the series, this is the better, more refined and perfected title.
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Posted: August 7
SUPER FUN. hours upon hours of gameplay as you can see from my hours and ive only just started multiplayer.
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