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Cliquez, pivotez et associez en 4 ! Clickr, la nouvelle génération de puzzle/action ! Venez voir le pack cadeau d'Andromeda Galaxy, plein de jeux d'action et de réflexion. Pendant toute l'aventure, faites la compétition avec vos amis et les autres dans des rencontres pour devenir le maître Clickr de l'univers !
Date de parution: 23 déc 2010
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“If you’re a puzzle gamer or even just a casual gamer who likes to play a bit of Bejeweled, give this one a look, as all the elements come together here to create a unique and, more importantly, worthwhile experience.”
8.5/10 – Harry Hughes, MMGN

“Clickr is charmingly addictive, and gets better the longer you play it, as you brain works it all out better and gets nippy at finding those combos.”
Michael Rose, IndieGames

“In terms of design and presentation, I got a kick out of the weird, annoying “It’s A Small World”-on-crack music and SFX, the smooth vectors graphics and sugary Harajuku animation. Don’t have much to complain about.”
4/5 – Indie Game Freak, Indie Game Reviewer

À propos du jeu

Cliquez, pivotez et associez en 4 !
Clickr, la nouvelle génération de puzzle/action !
Venez voir le pack cadeau d'Andromeda Galaxy, plein de jeux d'action et de réflexion.
Pendant toute l'aventure, faites la compétition avec vos amis et les autres dans des rencontres pour devenir le maître Clickr de l'univers !

Comprend :

4 modes principaux : Puzzle, Battle, Push, et IQ
De nombreux modes secondaires et missions pour des expériences de jeu variées
  • 3 modes alternatifs pour le mode Puzzle : Point Challenge, Combo Challenge et Stage Challenge avec 50 niveaux
  • 16 missions et modes autonomes pour les modes Battle et Push Modes
  • 200 puzzles pour le mode IQ
Multijoueur disponible : rencontre un contre un en modes Battle et Push
3 thèmes différents : Basic, Africa et Zombie avec différents personnages, effets, skin et sons !
Plus de 70 succès à débloquer
Options supplémentaires : tutoriel, contrôle pour les gauchers et classements globaux

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Processeur : Processeur 1,4 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo, 16-bit ou 32-bit
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c ou postérieur
    • Disque dur : 415 Mo d'espace disque
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
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Comme l'amour, Clickr est simple sur le papier et suprêmement dur en application... Comme en amour, Clickr est un puzzle game où il va falloir tourner les choses suffisamment longtemps pour pouvoir former des blocs solides. Comme l'amour, Clickr possède plusieurs modes, plutôt riches, ingénieux et (vraiment) casse-tête. Comme l'amour, Clickr est violemment frustrant, dur et injuste et pourtant, comme l'amour, Clickr est indéniablement addictif et sait récompenser les tenaces et les ingénieux.

Malheureusement, comme en amour, Clickr est certainement plus marrant à plusieurs, et de ce côté là, il faut avouer que le multi est aussi fréquenté que le carnet de bal de Mère Théresa... Dommage, vraiment dommage...
Posté le : 27 janvier 2014
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Posté le : 27 janvier 2014
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I got this one as Steam Key (2x). Ask me for trade.
Posté le : 18 mars 2014
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*Multiplayer is buggy but still working. Both of you need to restart the game each time if you want to rematch. Otherwise the game will stuck on "starting" or "loading", or you will get empty black box on opponent's space.
*You can change to windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter.
*If you liked songs or BGMs of the game, you can find it on Data/Sound_Default foulder with "BG_~" names.

The game rule is really simple.
You can remove a block by clicking it, and you need to make a big (2x2) block in order to get points or attack to your opponent. Also, you can rotate the board to change a direction blocks move.
On earlier stages or easy difficulty you can enjoy the game at your own pace. But as you continue the game, you will be required to search for a best block to remove as fast as you can. Both of clicking speed and perfect combo.

There are 4 modes. Puzzle, Battle, Push, IQ.
Puzzle is a stage clearing mode that contains 50 stages. You need to do some certain things like "XXXX points within XX seconds" or "XX combos within XX seconds". Each stage has unique board that will give you challange and fun.

Battle and Push modes are play against AI with different way. It's better to see the trailer how those modes are different.
Above normal or hard difficulty, AIs are really tough. So I'm sure you won't be bored by easy and liner AI.

IQ mode is a classic puzzle. There are pre-made boards that need correct solution to remove all blocks.
If you are looking for a puzzle game that can be played without any hurry, probably this mode is best for you. Other modes have time limit or opponent.

At the beginning of this game, you only have Puzzle mode to select. You need to unlock other modes or skins by collecting "CUBE"s.
CUBEs are gained by beating the stage or AI, so if you want to unlock another mode or difficulty, you have to play well. I think this is nice motivation to play, at least it won't disturb or annoy you from playing the game.

Graphics&Sounds are cute, that makes you to feel relax while playing.

Since Clickr has some bug on multiplayer and difficulty is not acceptable for everyone, I think this game won't be a best choice from all of the puzzle games.
But forusing on singleplayer and bit hard difficuly, cute looking, this is a nice puzzle game that is able to spend 10+ hours.
Also, the dev decreased price to half ($5 from $10) later 2013, and included it in a indie bundle and added trading cards now, so you can expect some newcomers.

If you are looking for some puzzle game that is different from old-fashioned style and tough enough to annoy you, I think this game is worth the price.
Posté le : 24 janvier 2014
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"Not your usual match3."
In this game, you match 4 small blocks into 1 big block which can then be linked to other same colored small blocks. Constantly popping the blocks net you a combo bonus. However, instead of just matching elements, you can turn the board around to create big blocks. Clockwise or anticlockwise - it's all up to you. In doing so, you can achieve Magic Turn.

You can see from the screenshots, there are red, blue and green blocks. There's also star and stone blocks. Star blocks act like a wild card. Popping it beside any normal block will turn it into the same color. Forming a big star block and popping it will clear the whole board - useful in sticky situations. Stone blocks are basically obstacles. You can only get rid of them if you form a big stone block and pop it. That will clear the whole board of stone blocks - but the reprieve is short.

"Clickr is many games in one."
There are four different modes: Puzzle, Battle, Push, and IQ. Each of them has different sub-modes as shown below:-
PUZZLE: Stage, Combo, Point
BATTLE/PUSH: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, Geekplay, Self
IQ: Easy, Normal, Hard

For stage mode, there are 50 levels. Fifty set tricky levels that will take a lot of head-scratching to clear them all. More so if you are aiming for no. 1 clears. Combo and Point modes are like their names, you aim to get the most number of combos and the highest points with a random board.

Battle and Push modes are also available to play via multiplayer*. For the single player mode, you play them versus the AI.
In a twist, for Battle mode, the blocks you pop become your minions which you then send out to "battle". If your opponent's minions reaches your home base, you get damage and when you reach zero hp, you lose. Big star blocks here will cause all your opponents minions to fall on the battleground. Big stone blocks will turn into mines which will eat up the first opponent minion that dare step on it.
For Push mode, the idea is simpler. Each of you has to try your hardest (and fastest) to cause the blocks in the middle to fall on your opponent's side. Constantly popping red blocks for example, will push the red block out towards your opponent. Stone blocks are use to 'hold' the block in place - very useful when you are in danger.
The self modes of each, are basically you playing against a 'ghost' of yourself. Ie. your previous runs. Geekplay is particularly horrifying and shows how sadistic the devs are. They are almost impossible to beat unless you are a pro at this game.

Lastly, IQ mode. Basically awesome enough to standalone by itself as a game. The levels are set and your aim is to pop every single block on the board.

The conclusion is this is one epic game. It is casual enough for those 5 minutes play sessions and also challenging enough that you will get hooked for hours trying to beat that mode and still not beat it. Not everyone will love all the modes - I for one particularly dislike Push mode but you will definitely find something to like - IQ mode for me.

*Multiplayer mode is buggy. Has been since the start and will likely always be. It does work...with some patience. Rematching (or playing two matches in a row) is known to NOT work until both players restart the game entirely.
Posté le : 28 avril 2014
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