Titan Quest™: Immortal Throne™ is the action-packed expansion to the 2006 RPG hit, Titan Quest. Brian Sullivan, award-winning co-creator of Age of Empires and Titan Quest, continues the epic story across the dark and more sinister Underworld of Hades.
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Release Date: Mar 5, 2007

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Titan Quest Immortal Throne requires the Steam version of Titan Quest to play.

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Includes 10 items: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, Darksiders™, Frontlines™: Fuel of War™, Full Spectrum Warrior, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, MX vs. ATV Reflex, Red Faction Guerrilla Steam Edition, Red Faction®: Armageddon™, Titan Quest, Titan Quest - Immortal Throne


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July 31

BETA Patch Update 15 - Technical Bugfixes

As a follow up to the original message we did some further updates on the multiplayer mode and the game which is currently available in the beta branch:
To access the beta please do the following:
Follow this guide http://ds.nordicgames.at/SteamBetaBranchGuide.jpg
Under Step 1 select "Titan Quest Immortal Throne"
Password for step 4 is: nordictqitbeta
The branch for Step 6 is named publicbeta

Update #15
31st July 2016

Technical bugfix update

- Fixed bug where items could be placed out it the inventory grid.
- Fixed bug where "toggle voice chat" key triggered when entering a text in the chat window.
- Fixed unintended display of debug information.
- Fixed bugs related to game stability.
- UPnP backend for more reliable network connectivity updated


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July 18

BETA Patch Update 14 - Voice chat and enemy encounter improvements

As a follow up to the original message we did some further updates on the multiplayer mode and the game which is currently available in the beta branch:
To access the beta please do the following:
Follow this guide http://ds.nordicgames.at/SteamBetaBranchGuide.jpg
Under Step 1 select "Titan Quest Immortal Throne"
Password for step 4 is: nordictqitbeta
The branch for Step 6 is named publicbeta

Update #14
18th July 2016

This patch adds an in-party voice chat function and larger health bars in the current UI scheme. Also after all the hero improvements it was time for the enemies to step up their game with better AI and some heroic reinforcements.

The full list of changes can be found here: http://titanquestgame.com/pcchangelog/TQ_Beta_Patch1.25_ChangelogFull.txt


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About This Game

Titan Quest™: Immortal Throne™ is the action-packed expansion to the 2006 RPG hit, Titan Quest. Brian Sullivan, award-winning co-creator of Age of Empires and Titan Quest, continues the epic story across the dark and more sinister Underworld of Hades.

In this epic quest of good versus evil, players will encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. Along with new foes, players will find new allies. Players will interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus to conquer this dark new adventure.

  • 10 Additional Character Levels - allows players to bring existing and new characters to new heights, along with higher level equipment and skills
  • 8 New Character Classes - The expansion pack features an entirely new skill mastery, which combines with existing skill masteries to create eight new exciting character classes.
  • New Exotic Monsters and Locations - Quest through exotic locations in the Mediterranean area and ultimately descend across the river Styx into the heart of Hades. Defeat terrifying new monsters on your way to victory!
  • Artifacts & Enchanters - A new type of rare equipment that gives the player characters a powerful bonus. Plus, new non-player characters that can create artifacts from recipes.
  • More Unique Equipment - Uncover hundreds of powerful new unique items and use Caravans to store them as you quest through the Underworld of Hades.

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows® 2000 or XP, 1.8 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent , 512 MB RAM, 5 GB free hard drive space, 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 3 or equivalent or ATI Radeon 8500 series with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent, DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card, Keyboard, Mouse
    Recommended: Windows XP, 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or ATI Radeon X800 series or equivalent, Soundblaster X-Fi series sound card
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Very Positive (42 reviews)
Very Positive (2,207 reviews)
Recently Posted
3.2 hrs
Posted: August 26
As someone who has been a huge fan of the original Diablo game and the sequels, I was so ecstatic when I first bought this game many years ago. To this day, it is still extremely enjoyable and has a high replay factor. In short, it is pretty much exactly like Diablo. However, I find myself ALWAYS going back to this game much more often than I go back to Diablo. I love mythology and this game certainly delivers a broad spectrum of mythological beasts. On top of that, the soundtrack for Titan Quest is so epic and gorgeous. If you quit this game for a few months or even years, you will always come back to it and it'll always feel so fresh and exciting. I'm currently replaying it for the 6th time or so, and, I find myself still as captivated with it as I was so many years ago.
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41.4 hrs
Posted: August 22
I remember playing this game all day ages ago at my grandmothers house insted of doing my homework.
Titan Quest sets you on an amazing adventure where you fight a massive collection of divers enemies and bosses.
Collecting loot and finding the best armors,accessories,weapons, and loads more.
With a HUGE skill tree of several unique masteries where you aquire spells, skills, upgrades. The masteries are all very unique and adapte to your playstyle.
Like sneaking up on an enemy and backstabing him while setting a trap, go with the Roque class.
Like slowly killing your enemies with a massive collection of debufs, go Dream class.
Like sending out a massive rock monster to distract your enemies from your powerfull fire spells, go Fire class.
The game also has re-play value, every time you beat the game you unlock a new difficulty, these add a bigger challenge but reward you with amazing and interesting loot and new enemies.
I would Collect every armor set, weapon, artifact, ring, ect.
With the TQVault, I could store all my collected items and it was always an amazing experience.
I simply cannot find an excuse not to buy and play throught this game.

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Low-E Bear
10.9 hrs
Posted: August 22
Fun and addicted old RPG game.
Nice battle mechanic, decent storyline, Lots of skills set and items

Worth every penny, totally recommended
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Pokey McFork
55.6 hrs
Posted: August 21
Neat ARPG in the vein of diablo with a relatively free-form skill system set in ancient greece and elsewhere.

Also the devs started updating it again outta no-where awhile back.
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4.0 hrs
Posted: August 19
This game is great. As old as it may be, the graphics still hold thier own compared to current releases. I love the historical aspect, not just another fantasy game in a made up world.
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185.0 hrs
Posted: August 19
Opa! let's smash some plates and kill some gods!
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56.0 hrs
Posted: August 17
Cause you know Hades always has to be the bad guy, dude probably just wants to claim his dead souls and chill in his Undercrib, but yall gotta make him the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

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1.5 hrs
Posted: August 17
Worth Every Nugget.
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45.3 hrs
Posted: August 16
Amazing game, you can get so much out of it for this little money. Thanks to the great people at Nordic Games this little gem still recieves updates nearly a decade after its release, they even reactivated the multiplayer, making it gamespy independent.

It is a must have for Hack n Slay enthusiasts and I would recommend it any action rpg player.

The working multiplayer is a blessing, you can have a blast with friends and strangers, strifing through the lands of ancient greece and asia.

Be sure to buy Titan Quest Gold, it includes the basic game and its add on Immortal Throne.

Overall 9/10
For me, it is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.

Thank you for this great game and the excellent support.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: August 15
Good game.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
12 of 15 people (80%) found this review helpful
51.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 13
A Very Refreshing Diablo 2 Clone With A Slight Mythological Twist

-A Great Game For Hack & Slash Fans Who Enjoy Building Their Own Character Classes
-A Very Fimilar Feel To Diablo 2 (Act 1 / Act 2 are similar Themes in Both Games)
-Choose Two Different Build Classes & Combined Them To Make The Ultimate Character
-Tons Of Beautiful Landscapes & Monsters
-Mythological Lore Well Tied Into The Gameplay
-Almost Endless Replayability For The Genre
-A Few Extra Bosses For Those Playing A Second Or Third Playthrough (I.E. Nightmare or Hell Mode In Diablo)
-Enjoyable Music & NCP Dialogue

-Some People Find It Hard To Connect Using The Multiplayer Servers (They May No Longer Be Functioning)
-Maps Are Not Randomly Generated Like Diablo 1 & 2

I Personally Recommend Playing With Xmax Monster Mod - This Makes The Most Possible Enemy Spawn In Game
However, You Will Level Faster & Eventually Be Higher Level Then The Monsters But It Evens Out Later

If You Are After A Great Hack & Slash I Highly Recommend Giving This Game A Go
I Personally Think Its Closer To Diablo 2 Than The New Diablo 3 Release
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
67.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 4
Just still best in 2016
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
164 of 168 people (98%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
1,060.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2014
In my humble opinion, this is the greatest ARPG ever created, enhanced by the fantastic mod support that the community has used to the fullest. The class system is amazing, allowing you to combine two out of nine mastery trees to make your own unique class with an incredible amount of customization. You have the fully offensive, close-quarter mastery Warfare, which revolves around duel weidling weapons and becoming a whirlwind of AoE and single target damage, at the cost of defence. Ranged masteries like Hunting which allows you to deal huge amounts of damage from a distance, and debuff your enemies defences. Magic masteries such as Spirit, which allows you to drain the life from your enemies! And 6 other unique and exiting masteries.

The world is vibrant and beautiful, starting in Greece, them moving to Egypt, then China, and with the DLC, even into the domain of Hades himself! The quests while perhaps a little generic, are very fun and easy to follow, and often give satisfying rewards along with a nice chunk of EXP and Gold! Not to mention the amazing loot you will find along your journey.

All in all it is a wonderful game, one of my all time favourites, I highly reccomend checking it out. And if you enjoy it, keep an eye on Grim Dawn, a game being developed by many of the same people that made Titan Quest, it promises to be an equaly enchanting ARPG set in the Victorian times!
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128 of 139 people (92%) found this review helpful
79.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 10, 2013
Hours of fun gameplay, especially with friends. For a 2007 game, the graphics are impressive. Still enjoyable. A huge variety of skills and passive skills to build your character. If you ever played games like Diablo, Torchlight, you might want to try this game out.
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111 of 122 people (91%) found this review helpful
22 people found this review funny
1,920.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2015
No matter how long I stay away I always come back.
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89 of 96 people (93%) found this review helpful
118.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2013
Titan Quest, and its worthy expansion Immortal Throne is, imo, part of the holy trinity in ARPG's along side Diablo and Dungeon Siege. Titan Quests theme is unique, and the gameplay is so faithful to the principles that made diablo so great.
There is a massive, diverse world covered in several acts. In combination with tons of loot in the suspected qualities to keep the flow of the game intact. On top of that, the game also follows the model of increased difficulty (normal, epic, legendary), remeniscent of Diablo's normal, nightmare and hell. Each difficulty features harder monsters and better loot.

If at one point, you would get tired of the original campaign, you can try some of the fantastic mods available, especially Lilith: Battle for Jalavin (a totally newly created world which will take you up to 20 hours to complete). This mod in combination with other well known TQ mods such as Masteries mod (skill overhaul mod), gives more than enough incentive to go through the whole experience all over again with a fresh new slate.

All in all, if you are a fan of ARPG's it is a genuine crime not to have this masterpiece. The majority of the now-closed TQ studio (Iron Lore) are in the process of making a spiritual succesor named Grim Dawn (by Crate Entertainement). Given their history with TQ, this is a title to keep in mind as well and currently available through early acces on steam.

Closing advice: go spend money on this, preferably as soon as possible, you will not regret it.
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77 of 80 people (96%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
18.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 20, 2015
For me this was a game that managed to carry on the torch after Diablo 2. It has the same well known structure through acts, a great leveling and skill system, and loot a-plenty. Even now in 2015 the game still plays well and feels smooth and fun to play. It has indeed aged well, and the graphics still does the job satisfactory today, as the aestethics makes the world a bautiful one to spend your hours in.

You should pick up this game if you like games like Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, Sacred, Dungeon Siege and I would even say Borderlands.

The multiplayer community seems to thriving even after all these years, so you shouldn't have too hard a time to find comrades there if that is your playstyle.

For my taste this is one of the best rpg games I've ever played.
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239 of 313 people (76%) found this review helpful
287 people found this review funny
1,867.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 27, 2015
Чет не затягивает
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70 of 74 people (95%) found this review helpful
42.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 8, 2014
Titan Quest is a refreshing experience after Diablo 3. Make no mistake: I liked Diablo 3 a lot but it was certainly a bit too casual for my taste. Titan Quest brings back the good old skill tree concept. There are no races here - you just pick the skill tree at the beginning and after several level-ups you can pick another one (the game refers to these as masteries) and as a result of this combination you will have a class.

I'll give you an example: you want to be the expert of close-combat, an expert of swords and other melee weapons. You pick the mastery called Warfare for this purpose. At the same time you would like to summon spirits to aid you in combat and throw molten rocks at your enemies or utilise other earth magic spells. You pick Earth and there you go you have just become a Battle Mage. Overall, you have 9 masteries so you can guess how many combinations you can have. This gives us quite a high replayability value.

Other than this the formula is pretty much the same as in Diablo:
--the story is divided up into various Acts which all end in a boss battle
--you have places full of enemies but you can rest in towns; these give you opportunity to pick up quests and visit vendors for purchasing / selling items you acquired by looting
--you kill then you loot: rinse and repeat!
--you level up and spend points on your main attributes and skills points on your skills offered by the masteries you picked
--you get to loot many items and weapons' strength is indicated by their colour; you have legendary and set items here and you can further enhance your weapons by inserting charms and relics into them
--while you are getting stronger you are expected to find items that add to your elemental protection

One of the criticism regarding Titan Quest was that it was too similar to Diablo. But if you have a decent system that works quite well why is it an issue to have it copied? The creators simply thought these were quite good in Diablo so they only changed the skill variety which I believe is commendable.

Also, the environment is a bit different as the game takes place in ancient Greek so you can expect monsters from that mythology. Act 4 is simply jaw-dropping with its River Styx and the City of Lost Souls.

The game was released back in 2006 and its expansion pack a year later. Still, the game looks good and it utilises Havok physics quite well. One interesting thing, though: the game does not generate a new environment once you restart it, not like in Diablo. So, should you replay it with another class or on another difficulty (these get unlocked after game completion - again, a similarity with Diablo) all environments will look similar.

I liked Titan Quest. I played it after Diablo 3 and for me it was refreshing. I liked its environments with all the mythological creatures. With the 4 Acts you have at least 40-50 hours for one walkthrough on normal difficulty. I say that's quite long considering the high replayability and the multiplayer option available.

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56 of 57 people (98%) found this review helpful
57.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 23, 2015
Titan Quest is almost ten years old, but it's still one the best action RPGs out there.

Great skill system offers a TON of replayability
Good in-game mythos based on real life mythology
Excellent variety of enemies to fight
Well-balanced loot drops (not too much, not too little)
Some uber-bosses only in appear in harder difficulties giving you incentive to play through again

No map randomization
No instanced loot in multiplayer
Game stutters once in a while even on modern computers

If you like action RPGs grab it next time it's on sale, or hell, grab it now! It's worth every cent.
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